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Anesthesia or anaesthesia (from Greek "without sensation") is a state of controlled, temporary loss of sensation or awareness that is induced for medical purposes. It may include analgesia (relief from or prevention of pain), paralysis (muscle relaxation), amnesia (loss of memory), or unconsciousness. A patient under the effects of anesthetic drugs is referred to as being anesthetized. Anesthesia enables the painless performance of medical procedures that would otherwise cause severe or intolerable pain to an unanesthetized patient, or would otherwise be technically unfeasible. Three broad categories of anesthesia exist: General anesthesia suppresses central nervous system activity and results in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation. Sedation suppresses the central nervous system to a lesser degree, inhibiting both anxiety and creation of long-term memories without resulting in unconsciousness. Regional and local anesthesia, which block transmission of nerve impulses from a specific part of the body. Depending on the situation, this may be used either on its own (in which case the patient remains conscious), or in combination with general anesthesia or sedation. Drugs can be targeted at peripheral nerves to anesthetize an isolated part of the body only, such as numbing a tooth for dental work or using a nerve block to inhibit sensation in an entire limb. Alternatively, epidural or spinal anesthesia can be performed in the region of the central nervous system itself, suppressing all incoming sensation from nerves outside the area of the block.In preparing for a medical procedure, the clinician chooses one or more drugs to achieve the types and degree of anesthesia characteristics appropriate for the type of procedure and the particular patient. The types of drugs used include general anesthetics, local anesthetics, hypnotics, sedatives, neuromuscular-blocking drugs, narcotics, and analgesics. Risks during and following anesthesia are difficult to quantify, since many may be related to a variety of factors related to anesthesia itself, the nature of the procedure being performed and the patient's medical health. Examples of major risks include death, heart attack and pulmonary embolism whereas minor risks can include postoperative nausea and vomiting and hospital readmission. Of these factors, the person's health prior to the procedure(stratified by the ASA physical status classification system) has the greatest bearing on the probability of a complication occurring. Patients typically wake within minutes of anesthesia being terminated and regain their senses within hours..

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Definitions of "anaesthesia"

  • Variant of anesthesia. noun
  • A method of preventing sensation, used to eliminate pain. noun
  • Loss or prevention of pain, as caused by anesthesia. noun

The word "anaesthesia" in example sentences

Try to imagine that fear, the fear of being wounded before the word "anaesthesia" was coined.. [Battle scars]

Poetry serves as a sort ‎ of "anaesthesia", keeping the body alive.. [Lara's Theme]

We are currently experiencing shortages in family practitioners, and in many of the specialties such as anaesthesia, obstetrics, paediatrics and psychiatry.. [Shaping Health Care for the Millennium]

It was almost more than I could bear, and I felt the coming on of that anaesthesia which is our refuge from the excess of moral sufferings as from those of the body.. [The Diary of a French Army Chaplain]

Yet the vivisector would have us believe that in all cases of his "anaesthesia" the dog is unconscious.. [An Ethical Problem Or, Sidelights upon Scientific Experimentation on Man and Animals]

"anaesthesia" arises from ignorance of its innumerable degrees.. [An Ethical Problem Or, Sidelights upon Scientific Experimentation on Man and Animals]

Imagine, I had extra pages added to my passport just before moving here, so copying it is actually painful without anaesthesia, if you get my drift.. [FM2 And Passport Information]

He rarely used anaesthesia and almost never took a fee for his services.. [Mary Cappello's "Swallow"]

So, while a patient is still under anaesthesia following the removal of the tumour, a series of gentle X-rays are administered to destroy any remaining tumour cells at the cancer site.. [Coming Soon, One-Shot Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer | Impact Lab]

It's rather out of fashion now, but I believe that my late partner was administered some form of it when an emergency caesarian had to be performed without prior anaesthesia.. [Archive 2009-03-01]

"There is no dispute that the asphyxiation caused by pancuronium [bromide] and the caustic burning sensation caused by potassium [chloride] would be agonising in the absence of adequate anaesthesia.". [Executed man's mother urges ban on exports profiting from death penalty]

There is such a thing as anaesthesia of pain, engendered by pain too exquisite to be borne.. [Chapter 14]

Comparative effects of ketamine on Bispectral Index and spectral entropy of the electroencephalogram under sevoflurane anaesthesia.. [Deepak Chopra: End-of-Life Brain Activity - A Sign of the Soul?]

NASCI PENA: anaesthesia had mercifully done something to vitiate that dogmatic assertion.. [She Closed Her Eyes]

She fought hard to introduce anaesthesia before castration of cattle and tried to set up a system of travelling slaughterhouses.. [Rothschild, Dame Miriam.]

I might just have to rethink what I think of America, and that I compare to a root canal sans anaesthesia.. [Still More Polls Confirm McCain's Bounce]

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