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To explain something Urban Dictionary

When a group of friends are taking tequila shots, someone named Abdul yells, "All of it! All of it!" Funny thing is he's the only one not taking shots on his birthday. Urban Dictionary

That's it. You can't say anything else/more about it. That's all you know. Urban Dictionary

To be totally committed to something. Possibly originating with gambling games such as Texas Hold 'em style poker, where the maximum 'raise' is to bet your full stack of chips. Urban Dictionary

When you place all your eggs in one basket. Urban Dictionary

If someone isn't all there, they are a little bit stupid or crazy. Urban Dictionary

An amazing friend who is always at your side when you need her. Accepts you for who you are and is never exclusive towards other people. She has a great personality as well as a great figure that everyone wishes they could have. Urban Dictionary

Top quality, admired. Really hot shit. So good your shit even smells good. A person who thinks they are “all that” believes they people should buy them lunch and open doors for them. They think they are so hot and sophisicated that they can attract anybody. Urban Dictionary

Alle is a funny person who will always make me feel good about myself. Her stunning appearance and personality make her someone to look up to. But what makes Alle, Alle is her use of TikTok emojis in every chat. Urban Dictionary

A British idiom for "As well" or "Too". It's not entirely clear what the origin of this phrase is. Urban Dictionary

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The word "and-all" in example sentences

A warts - and-all view of the NFL, with a very fit Jamie Foxx. ' ❋ Unknown (2007)

Within sight of this building itself are some of the finest examples of what I mean-the subway, the city hall, the new complex reaching for the sky on King Street, and-all about this great metropolitan area-steel, visible and invisible, making possible the simplest as well as the most spectacular accomplishments of a dynamic people. ❋ Unknown (1965)

Museum; and this difference had promised to result in an open quarrel between a few Belgian savants on one side and-all Europe and Great ❋ Unknown (1899)

How strangely his heart was softened towards himself and-all the world And ❋ Hall Caine (1892)

It can mean bigger class sizes, understaffed academic departments, and-all else being equal-worse education. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We're in an economy where heads need to be looking forward. tpaine wrote: The issue I have with Zinn is not that he wrote "wart - and-all histories", I actually applaud him for that. ❋ Unknown (2010)

When this happens, when we finally stop assuming that God really enters into history and-all the laws of nature and everything we know and everything we can do notwithstanding-stop assuming that God is still the subject of history, acting in history; when we transform God into an indeterminate horizon, which somehow solemnly makes up the whole: then we are the only ones left to act. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[All in all], [Donald Trump] needs to fix [the economy] and get out. ❋ CrimsonSun_FTW (2018)

Thomas: "Alright guys, cheers!" *Everyone takes a shot of [tequila] except [Abdul]* Abdul: "[All of it]! All of it!" ❋ Tac1991 (2011)

-Monica is [moving to London]. -Why? -I [don't know]. [That's all there is to it]. ❋ Handgrenade (2014)

If we're gonna [do it], let's do it. [I'm all] in. ❋ Honor (2004)

Jim: Yo John, how much money are you going to [put in] that [stock] John: [Hey buddy], I'm going all in by selling my wife, house, car and kids Jim: Cool ❋ John Kennington (2021)

[Thomas] is [not all there]. ❋ Teacher Pascoal (2009)

Damn look at that [Alle] she's [so pretty] and nice [I wish] I could be just like her ❋ Kimballishous (2015)

In [the old days] we'd have a saying for women who thought they were "all that" -------- Miss Fine [Thang]. The whole block would be in on it -- little kids would follow her down the street ridiculing her "Oh my, you walk [SO FINE]". And people would be calling her that all her life. ❋ Bill Peters (2006)

Alle [proud] is [amazing] ❋ Cassidy14 (2021)

[Begbie]: (referring to [jewellery] he robbed from a shop) It's supposed to be fucking solid silver; it's [fucking garbage]! Young couples invest all their fucking hopes in that stuff and all. ❋ Gunderson (2013)

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