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What do we mean by anglo?

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Having to do with Britian, its people, or its culture Urban Dictionary

The white man's version of an afro hairstyle. My hair is long, thick and curly, and when I don't take care of it, it puffs out like an afro. But I am white so it is called an anglo. Urban Dictionary

Non-Hispanic white person. It is used in the American Southwest and is not pejorative. Urban Dictionary

White, having to deal with white people Urban Dictionary

Short for Anglo-Saxon. A white man's rounded poofy hairdo. It is analogous to the Afro. However due to the fact that owner of the hair type is not African American, the designation Anglo is used instead. Can also be shortened to glo. Urban Dictionary

Derived from Anglo Saxon. A derogatory name to call an grumpy old, but not elderly, man. Typically when he is trying to enforce his own outdated value system and becomes hostile. Urban Dictionary

Eternal Anglo is a meme term to designate Britain and anglosphere Based on "the erernal Jew", Eternal Anglo is presented at any level in different economic, social and political situations of the world throughout history, to ruin potentially great things for other countries and nations, most notably Germans and Slavs. Urban Dictionary

A school in ingastone. You will find lots of strange things walking around. A mr Seager who walks round looking like he has a stick up his ass. Sometimes if your lucky you may spot him looking at you with his slight smirk and detentions list in his hand. Occasionally you will see them rocking cleaners on there motor bikes in the morning. When you exit the school the only people you will see is old men and women as there are no youths living in the village. I do wonder why there is a school in such a small innocent area. Urban Dictionary

The mental cage inhabited by westerners who are stuck operating on 17th century british-empiricist metaphysics. Residents of the Anglo-Box will often have trouble understanding the social, cultural, and psychological depth that underlies objects of sense. Urban Dictionary

Noun. A derivative of Anglo-Saxon and an afro hairdo. Basically any Caucasian person with a fro; that being a hairstyle in which the hair is allowed to grow naturally and to acquire a bushy appearance (first popular circa the late 1960s). Also denotes unruly, unkempt hair that behaves wildly regardless of attempts to control it; usually a problem for someone of Irish/Celtic descent, especially in inclement weather. First known usage is attributed to the Dublin area in 2006. Urban Dictionary

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The word "anglo" in example sentences

It is perfectly acceptable in anglo-american culture to use lethal force against unjustified force that places one’s person in imminent threat of greivous bodily harm and/or death. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Ecuador IS prettier and notice her fair skin - no one's more racist than the Latinos where beauty is light skin or hair, "anglo" features ❋ Unknown (2009)

To speak with only words derived from the english lineage, such as anglo-saxon-jute, old english, middle english, is practically impossible for modern americans. ❋ Unknown (2006)

And given that my mother is from France, where the "Anglo Saxon" British burned French heroine Joan of Arc to ashes, and her birth being 39 miles from mom's house, isn't it a bit inflammatory and preposterous to call me an "anglo"? ❋ DrJ3 (2010)

I could care less if one calls me an "anglo" or better ❋ Unknown (2010)

For starters, I don't believe Steve is 100\% "anglo" white. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I think the view on Japan's story in the last years will become more positive as the extent of the disaster in the "anglo" model becomes clear. ❋ Unknown (2008)

It's all about the unfair way in which "anglo" (meaning all people of any European descent) society has colonized the world. ❋ Unknown (2008)

link I think the recent kerfuffle over writers from non-western cultures has done a lot of interesting things, but then again, I wonder where 'anglo' stops - with what generation and with what country. ❋ Mikandra (2010)

7. Italians - Yes, what kind of anglo-centric redefinition can erase the romans? ❋ Unknown (2006)

I "m with the folk who think it's just a little off having a family of" anglo "folk carving out of the sacred Black Hills the image of a Lakota insurgent leader of whom there may be no image recorded during his lifetime, one who actively resisted being photographed. ❋ Unknown (2009)

anglology-study of [Britian], its people, or its [culture]anglonics-British [speaking]anglophobe-lover of Britian, its people, or its cultureanglophile- fearer of Britian, its people, or its culture ❋ This Website Is Ruined (2006)

[Jim's] [sporting] an anglo today. Check out [Mark's] anglo! ❋ Corwin (2004)

An [Anglo] is a [European-American]. ❋ Dchamil (2005)

Wearing [shorts] when it's 40 [degrees] outside [is mad] anglo ❋ Sunrayye (2008)

[Bob Ross] had one of the most [infamous] Anglos known [to man]. ❋ Chiggyhiggy (2007)

That guy was [freakin'] Anglo, man! We just [popped] kissed while waiting in line and he [flipped out]! Who was he anyway? I dunno, fuck that Anglo. ❋ DannyAnnieBeauFanny (2010)

[Russia] would destroy [turkshit] [empire] in 1853 if it wasn't for Eternal Anglo ❋ Person|Man (2017)

There are some [nerds], they [must be] from [Anglo European] ❋ Jgghtdgfkv Fashion (2019)

No, I can't define "God" before I [begin] the [sermon]. [Get your head out] of the Anglo-Box! ❋ LenaRiver (2022)

While hiking along [the misty] Cliffs of [Mohr] in County Clare, Audrey couldn't control her raging anglo fro, which ballooned above her like a dense, tawdry forest of red [ringlets]. ❋ Littlegreyhound (2007)

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