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So, as the only way to save the other animals from being all killed, _God has made some special animals to fight those deadly animals_.. [The Wonders of the Jungle Book One]

We say _lower animals_, because man is really an animal, a member of the great animal kingdom, though not a beast -- at least he should not be a beast, though some animals in human form approach very closely to the line that separates humanity from brutes.. [Plain Facts for Old and Young]

And _All elephants are sagacious_ does not limit sagacity to elephants: regarding 'sagacious' as possibly denoting many animals of many species that exhibit the quality, this proposition is equivalent to '_All elephants are_ some _sagacious animals_.'. [Logic Deductive and Inductive]

Once again, Sokwe teaches Barrington Bear the names of all of these animals in Swahili as well as some of the animals´ behavioural patterns and idocycrisies.. [American Chronicle]

Under the systems of older naturalists the thick-skinned animals were lumped together under the order UNGULATA, or _hoofed animals_, subdivided by Cuvier into _Pachydermata_, or thick-skinned non-ruminants, and _Ruminantia_, or ruminating animals; but neither the elephant nor the coney can be called hoofed animals, and in other respects they so entirely differ from the rest that recent systematists have separated them into three distinct orders -- _Proboscidea_, _Hyracoidea_ and _Ungulata_, which classification I here adopt.. [Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon]

Maybe that’s what happened at the end of the Mesolithic: Maybe one group decided that it was immoral to eat animals and started trying to cultivate grains maybe even to mimic animals…. [Are we meat eaters or vegetarians? Part I | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.]

Hydrostatic shock in animals is an extremely twisted notion.. [Bucking Slug Recoil]

A drug, which has only been previously tested in animals, is given to a small number of healthy and disease-free people, mostly men, often unemployed, who then undergo painful, embarrassing and risky procedures? for money.. [The unacceptable face of medical research]

The implied suggestion seems to be that observation of homosexual behavior in animals is the same as the observation of homosexual behavior in humans.. [Think Progress » ACLU will sue high school that canceled prom to stop lesbians from attending.]

Throughout all of the history of the study of genetics, finding genetic defects in animals is unheard of.. [Why are South Indians so smart?]

"Elephants," in which the title animals alternate between stampeding and lumbering, skronking through their trunks all the while.. [The Orange County Register - News Headlines : News]

To him, affinity and kinship with the other animals is a repugnant thing.. [The Other Animals]

I know people may consider this a minor issue but I really feel how we treat our animals is a sign of the type of society we are – how does he feel about protecting wildlife and ensuring that domestic animals are treated humanely?. [Blitzer: What would you like me to ask Barack Obama?]

What distinguishes man from all other animals is his rich potential for fiascos, defeats and débâcles.. [Plot | strategic design & innovation agents:]

June 19th, 2006 at 6: 54 pm moonbat patrol says: yes of course men have sexual urges but supposedly what seperates us from the animals is the ability to use reason, judgement and forethought.. [Think Progress » Court expands review of ‘partial birth’ abortion.]

SANCHEZ: In fact, these men are so convinced what they do is natural, God's way, as they like to say, they willingly demonstrate what they call the animals 'combative nature.. [CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2006]

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@VHartfield12: Texas breed different animals under them lights.


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@AleZ2016: Animals do not know about species. They only know how to be themselves. Look at this dog and dolphin having a good time!!!!❤❤…


We got wildlife crossings already in The Netherlands for some time, but now also in Thailand, a very...

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