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Opposition to copyright or anti-copyright is opposition to the current state of copyright law, or perhaps copyright as a concept. Opposition groups often criticize philosophical, economical, or social rationales of such laws and the laws' implementations, the benefits of which they claim do not justify the policy's costs to society. Adherents advocate for changing the current system, though different groups have different ideas of what that change should be. Some call for remission of the policies to a previous state—copyright once covered few categories of thing and had shorter term limits—or they may seek to expand concepts like Fair Use that allow permissionless copying. Others seek the abolition of copyright itself. Opposition to copyright is often a portion of platforms advocating for broader social reform. For example, Lawrence Lessig, a free-culture movement speaker, advocates for loosening copyright law as a means of making sharing information easier or addressing the orphan works issue and the Swedish Pirate Party has advocated for limiting copyright to five year terms in order to legalize the majority of its members' downloading of modern works..

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I'll be explaining the submarine effect of ACTA, the anti-copyright trade agreement, which contains three strikes 'provisions in leaked drafts, and which would be adopted by all participating countries in a manner that would have the effect of law.. [Copyright Holders May Kill Public Wi-Fi « PubliCola]

Everyone, that is, except the public interest groups that are concerned about 'free speech' only as it relates to their anti-copyright agenda.. [Rick Carnes: Free Speech is About More Than Copyright Issues]

Their mantra is the same oversimplified canard spouted endlessly by the anti-copyright crowd: "Information wants to be free.". [Rick Carnes: Free Speech is About More Than Copyright Issues]

I know you have a lot of anti-copyright lawyers and free-culture advocacy groups telling you that you can prevail in this case, but these folks have their own agenda.. [Rick Carnes: Advice for Jammie Thomas-Rasset]

The organization that I helped found, Creative Commons, is named by Helprin as the leading anti-copyright organization.. [Lawrence Lessig: The Solipsist and the Internet (a Review of Helprin's Digital Barbarism)]

It is instead because none of us are anti-copyright.. [Lawrence Lessig: The Solipsist and the Internet (a Review of Helprin's Digital Barbarism)]

To hear Helprin tell it, there is an extraordinarily powerful anti-property, anti-copyright movement (or "anti-copyrightists" (160)) sweeping across the Internet, and bleeding into real space as well.. [Lawrence Lessig: The Solipsist and the Internet (a Review of Helprin's Digital Barbarism)]

But to say that someone is "anti-copyright" because they argue for a more "limited" term is as fallacious as arguing that someone is in favor of a perpetual term merely because he argues the term should be longer.. [Lawrence Lessig: The Solipsist and the Internet (a Review of Helprin's Digital Barbarism)]

So many people premise their arguments on this utterly spurious concept -- people arguing on ALL sides of the debate although I have my doubts about the veracity of "anti-copyright" folks who ascribe to it -- that frankly I shouldn't be surprised that people aren't able to grasp what the "other side" is saying.. [Speaking with the Enemy]

I'm clarifying this since I seem to be getting lumped in with an anti-copyright position by virtue of the fact that most people take a pro-or-anti side v. copyright and you've read my posts that way.. [Steal This Movie!]

The logical result of the collectivist anti-copyright theories is for the economics of intellectual property creation and invention to get less equitable and egalitarian.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Government Regulation and Copyright, Plus the Word “Always”]

Coming from a subculture where the anti-copyright idea was part of the ethos, I felt it should apply to the Internet.. [Blog Wars and the Silencing of Women of Color]

I need to put that anti-copyright notice on my blog actually.... [My life as the little match girl and a thank you]

The Pirate Bay was started by the Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyrån ’The Pirate Bureau’ in early 2004, but since October 2004 it has been a separate organization.. [Uncensored Image Hosting Service | Impact Lab]

But isn't it funny how these anti-copyright free-everything law professor types are always railing about big corporations but at the same time they're so good at shaking those corporations down?. [One thing the Journal almost got right]

The defiance follows the politics of the Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyran, which founded The Pirate Bay in 2004, but has since gone it own way.. [Pirate Bay Bloodied But Unbowed]

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