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Aside from city center and the apartments, it seems to me that the current and previous so called antidevelopment commissioners approved several important projects in either site plan or recommendation to city council that you would suggest they did not.. [Blueweeds]

There are also interesting distinctions between the religious traditions, even when we also account for our set of demographic variables and attitudes toward the construction of a Christian church—which controls away any antidevelopment or antireligion sentiment.. [American Grace]

Long Island, for years a bastion of antidevelopment sentiment, is warming up to rental-apartment projects as demand for them grows from people either unwilling or unable to buy single-family homes.. [Long Island Warms Up to Apartments]

But the mayor of the suburb where it sits, who is staunchly antidevelopment, has fought it at every turn.. [Ailing Greece Tries National Tag Sale]

But what we really fear is that this is part of a much broader agenda at play (directed by the antidevelopment Environmental Protection Agency) to shut down increased domestic oil and gas production even in places like the NPR-A.. [The Gulf Spill and Alaska]

Even before the BP disaster, some of America's most promising oil deposits, such as in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and much of the outer continental shelf, remained untouched due to antidevelopment policies.. [Obama Follows Nixon On Oil Spills]

"The Uwa issue for them is part of a broader, antidevelopment strategy to shut down oil exploration around the world," he says.. [Earth's Blood]

There were no environmental impact studies in those days, no antidevelopment litigation, only the sense that in America you could get important things done quickly, and the whole job, from the first planning to the last toll booth, was accomplished in less than two years.. [The Prize]

This is consistent with Oxfam's antidevelopment bias all over the world.. [The Politics of Latin American Poverty]

The word around town is that this is either payback for some of the antidevelopment stands taken by the gringo-dominated town environmental association, or, just as likely, some say, the final year in the electoral terms of officials eager to pocket the fines.. [Gringos in Paradise]

"You remember some trouble involving a radical antidevelopment group on a colony world called Longtunnel?". [Mid Flinx]

The auction is the unlikely result of a water meter moratorium imposed by antidevelopment forces here in. [NYT > Home Page]

I got it that they don't fit neatly into a box, but to characterize anyone as antidevelopment based on two or three votes that didn't please you is political spin.. [Blueweeds]

"Our stance is not antidevelopment," USI President Linda Bennett told Courier & Press Editor Mizell Stewart III on this week's "Newsmakers," a weekly public-affairs television program co-produced by WNIN-PBS9 and the newspaper.. [ Stories]

For sheer audacity, you've got to hand it to Egypt's Samih Sawiris for planning a $500 million development in the antidevelopment Swiss Alps. Andermatt, a sleepy village in the Uri canton of Switzerland perhaps best known for producing the champion Olympic skier Bernard Russi, commands a strategic post in the Alps. Three passes -- Oberalp, Furka and the famous St. Gotthard -- all meet in Andermatt's bucolic valley 4,737 feet above sea level, historically a mountainous choke point for travelers trying to cut through the Alps en route from Italy to Germany or vice versa.. [Alpine Pharaoh]

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