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What does the word antipolitician mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word antipolitician in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with antipolitician and anagrams of antipolitician.

Definitions of "antipolitician"

  • Someone who is the opposite of a typical politician noun

The word "antipolitician" in example sentences

As the two men head for the runoff, Mr. Santos, an experienced political infighter and political horse trader is likely to have an insurmountable edge over Mr. Mockus, a philosopher and mathematician turned antipolitician who has made his personal honesty and a refusal to do business as usual one of his top campaign issues.. [Santos Leads Colombian Elections]

I am not ‘antipolitician’, merely in favour of MPs removing one of the obstacles to their being restored to a position of respect.. [Tories Ceauşescu Moment?]

‘Naïve antipolitician populist’ is not something I have been called before and in any event it is nonsense so to describe those who would introduce a system of full disclosure and accountability into the lives of MPs.. [Tories Ceauşescu Moment?]

But this should not mean hair-shirted self-denial, where MPs who do not employ staff and pride themselves on low expenses, such as the Tory Philip Hollobone, are applauded by naive antipolitician populists.. [Tories Ceauşescu Moment?]

She was the complete opposite — an antipolitician.. [Farewell to the Mother of ‘People Power’]

This antipolitician is in fact a career politician: a tough-as-nails practitioner with an instinct for opportunity that helped him win four elective offices during his first nine years in public life.. [The 'Uncandidate': How Pure Is Paul?]

The political blackout is all pervasive, and flows from the intoxicating polemics of the previous generations†™ culture war that eclipse most public discourse about the shifting boundaries of our social geography and economic life. “Ideology is a specious way of relating to the world, ” writes Vaclav Havel former antipolitician later turned President of the democratic Czech Republic.. [Think Progress » Fox News Slams Colbert: ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Over the Line,’ ‘Not Very Funny’]

His campaign has wrestled with how hard to attack without sullying his antipolitician appeal, but his sharp words Sunday illustrated the seriousness of the potential for damage posed by his own remarks.. [Obama Goes on Offense After Fumble]

The slow dribble "hurt him slightly," because it made him look like an ordinary politician in scandal mode, not the antipolitician people believed they voted for, said Ron Bonjean, a Republican consultant who dealt with scandals affecting then-Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and then-House Speaker Dennis Hastert.. [Report Arrives on Obama-Blagojevich Staff Contacts]

Simon, he predicts, will cast himself as the "fresh-faced, antipolitician," to draw the contrast to Davis'splodding apparatchik style.. [Bill Who?]

During dinner in the Pittsburgh Hilton restaurant, Carter sounded exactly like the antipolitician he was running as.. [No Excuses]

He was the face of the political establishment in a place that had given nearly a quarter of its presidential vote to the antipolitician Ross Perot.. [No Excuses]

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Top Line: Palin as 'The Anti-Politician'
Top Line: Palin as 'The Anti-Politician'
Thiessen: This is the anti-politician election
Thiessen: This is the anti-politician election
Sharad Pawar slapped: Has the anti-politician rage gone too far?
Sharad Pawar slapped: Has the anti-politician rage gone too far?

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