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Definitions and meanings of "Antiquating"

What do we mean by antiquating?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word antiquating. Define antiquating, antiquating synonyms, antiquating pronunciation, antiquating translation, English dictionary definition of antiquating.

Does anyone use this word anymore? If you do, you're a nerd. And why are you looking this up on Urban Dictionary? Urban Dictionary is not an actual dictionary, you know! Urban Dictionary

Getting beat up with flour. Urban Dictionary

The use of flour thrown in a sleeping victims face to make them appear to be a dusty old antique. Watch "Jackass" for origin. Urban Dictionary

The act of taking balls of flour and throwing them at a sleeping defenseless victim. This results in extreme discomfort (itchy eyes, rough skin, a pale look, etc.) for the victim but extreme humour for the persecutor. Urban Dictionary

Pouring white powder (baby powder) all over someone (preferably their face) and is most commonly done while the person is sleeping. Urban Dictionary

To take a handful of flour and throw it in somebody's face while they are sleeping (preferably with a hangover). With the addition of recent technology, documentation of antiquing has increased tenfold. Popular doumentation methods include photography, but better yet, video. Urban Dictionary

Bender's least-said word Urban Dictionary

To fling a fistful of powder in someone's face when they are sleeping. Usually, flour is used, but other types of antiquing include: granulated sugar, confectioner's sugar, cayenne pepper, black pepper, pancake mix, cinnamon, and chocolate milk mix. Urban Dictionary

Throwing flour on your roomates face while he is asleep. Urban Dictionary

Old-fashioned, outdated Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Antiquating

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The word "antiquating" in example sentences

It's outstripping our capacity to cope, antiquating our laws, transforming our mores, reshuffling our economy, reordering our priorities, redefining our workplaces, putting our Constitution to the fire, shifting our concept of reality and making us sit for long periods in front of computer screens while CD-ROM drives grind out another video clip. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I typically sit about 15 feet away from my rapidly antiquating 27″ CRT TV I stepped it off just now. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Likewise, men no longer belong to women, thus antiquating monogamy, marriage, commitment and human affection. ❋ Marty Beckerman (2004)

Of Chatterton's method of antiquating something has already been said. ❋ Thomas Chatterton (N/A)

Thank you for antiquating a device I plan on purchasing in a couple months., ❋ Unknown (2009)

"One would represent me as attempting to undermine our native tongue; another, as modernizing; a third, as antiquating it. ❋ Various (N/A)

Person 1: "It seems a bit [antiquated] to me." Person 2: "What the fuck does that mean?" Person 1: "[Old fashioned] or outdated." Person 2: "[Fucking nerd]." ❋ Mickey_G_ (2019)

[Joe] [got] antiqued [yesterday]. ❋ K-dizzle (2004)

That picture of Pat getting [antiqued] is [a laugh] [riot]!!! ❋ Patrick D (2002)

That idiot [Yawn] [antiqued] us at the party...i want [to kill] him ❋ Applechunkz (2004)

getting [baby powder] all over [my bed] was [worth it] when my friend woke up and realized she had just been antiqued. ❋ NekroNightshade (2011)

1. Let's go [antique] his ass! 2. Frank got [antiqued] SO bad, we even got it on video! Oh shit lemme see. 3. Person1: Oh shit I can't believe you guys did this... shit man. Person2: You got yo ass [ANTIQUED] frizank! ❋ Noodles (2003)

[is it] antiquing?...[boom]. ❋ Andrew K (2004)

Time to [antique] that [worthless] [shitfuck]. ❋ Schuyler (2003)

[Shultz] [antiqued] David while he [slept on] the floor. ❋ King Cow (2003)

She stated she thinks the [siren] is antiquated and [overdue] to be [disconnected]. ❋ Bigfoot99 (2015)

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What does antiquating mean?

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