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Paintings from the National Gallery's collections, including a "Judith With the Head of Holofernes," attributed to Mantegna, and a portrait of a Venetian gentleman on which Giorgione and the young Titian both worked, at once suggest the currency of Tullio's distinctive approach in the early cinquecento and how that ­approach was formed.. [Tenderness Out of Stone]

Laura Ling's sister, Lisa Ling, told CNN Friday night that she feels the change in approach is significant, and could aid negotiations for the women's freedom.. [U.S. seeks amnesty for two held in North Korea]

The guiding principle of a spreading-oil-stain approach is that it allows the counterinsurgent force to concentrate in part of the country and then slowly pacify the rest, using time to substitute for numbers.. [The Right Way]

Somewhat more creationist in approach is the Nerve-Wracking Ball: a bowling ball on a rope, dangling from a tall tree branch.. [04.04]

My choice of approach should depend upon a knowledge of who you are and where your own interests lie for the difference in approach is one of emphasis only.. [What is the Objective in Instalment Selling]

This approach is actually a good example of a trend that ought to be disturbing.. [Let me tell you how it will be (Jack Bog's Blog)]

With the documentary sources mined to exhaustion, this approach is a new way to try to understand what really happened.. [Return to the Hyatt]

The Kremlin is moving according to a utilitarian, short-term approach, which is tainted by a number of potential risks.. [Ferghana.Ru news agency]

The labels approach the Net with the command and conquer approach - "Sue the hell out of whoever dares to host music online, then cut a deal with them that brings in millions of dollars in penalties and fees" - and a second approach, which is, says the story, "what Total Music is all about".. [p2pnet news]

I would say that's part of a term approach to it, and as you said in the last call, and I know its got about previously.. [ Home Page]

On the other hand, his promise that: "We will agree with business a long-term approach to the taxation of foreign profits," will have had many chief executives clamoring for his ear.. [Keep Those Exodus Plans Locked Away]

It would be a temporary fix while regulators continue to review a long-term approach to their formula for assessing backup capital for such mortgages.. [Life Insurers Win a Capital Reprieve]

A new global movement of planetary healing needs both a short-term approach addressing the urgent need to act swiftly, but at the same time, a long term approach with action steps people can take in their everyday life.. [Deepak Chopra: Eight Actions for the Gulf and Beyond]

His long-term approach was not only yielding results, but it also carried implications far beyond the "Af-Pak" theatre.. [Frankie Martin: Stanley McChrystal's Departure a Blow to US-Muslim Relations]

"Throughout his tenure he's been a huge proponent of investors thinking of themselves as owners of companies rather than investors, [which fits his] extremely long-term approach," said Jonathan Rahbar, mutual-fund analyst at Morningstar, about Mr. Buffett.. [Buffett's Gains Beat Every Mutual Fund]

When markets are shifting suddenly from relative stability to high volatility and back again, as they have lately, "our strategy, since it's using a long-term approach, adapts more slowly to those changes," says. [Bruised Quant Funds Seek a Human Touch]

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