Definitions of "Apps"

Plural form of app. noun

The word "Apps" in example sentences

Have you used any free iPhone apps that generate revenue for their creators by running small ads above or below the apps\ 'primary content? David Colbert: Publishing's Next Big Thing and Its Next Big Headache, Part I

May 31, 2009 at 3:44 PM as the developer of Growl for Windows, the single biggest complaint i get is that "it doesnt support enough apps". actually, GFW supports any app that sends it a notification, just like Growl on Mac. not that many *apps* support GFW yet, but i am working hard on it. when Lifehacker featured it earlier this month, i think only 4 apps had support, now that list is 3x the size only a few weeks later not to mention the command line interface, Snarl support, and all of the programming interfaces in a number of languages. Growl For Windows Updates, Adds Gmail Notifications | Lifehacker Australia

But until 2007, nobody used the term apps except the people who wrote them - - Articles related to South by Southwest Interactive explores the future of television

There's a new apps section (odd that MSFT went with the term apps) with some varied content. GartenBlog

You wrote: "odd that MSFT went with the term apps …" GartenBlog

But until 2007, nobody used the term apps except the people who wrote them - - Business News

What I love most about it and that it has head and shoulders above the other apps is a nice crisp tiny font (it now even gives you a choice of 3 different fonts so you can find just the right one in the size you most prefer – I like ProFonts in the smallest size). iPhone SSH review: iSSH v. pTerm v. TouchTerm v. SSH : #comments

(The audience, though, liked Nitobi the best.) 80legs is building a platform for "Web-scale" applications, which it defines as apps that deal with the ocean of data and transactions, just like a search engine (like Google) does. Original Signal - Transmitting Web 2.0

As last time I used a software solution on a Symbain S60 phone the playback was terrible but maybe I'm still judging apps from a 5 year old software decoded experience. Opera 9.7 Beta Brings Turbo Mode To Windows Mobile Phones | Lifehacker Australia

Yankee Group forecasts an explosion in apps in 2014, up to 11 billion. Mobile Search | Managing Greatness

I prefer software (and my framed page) on the HDD and Flash RAM not just because I prefer certain apps, but because internet access isn't available on every computer at work, only some of them. Chunk Your Most-Visited Sites To Cure Browser Tab Addiction | Lifehacker Australia

One of the apps is used by staff in the state's Hop Inspection Program to report any insect problems in real time, so workers can quickly respond. Business Tasks Bring Out Serious Side of Apps

In addition, the array of content and services available through apps is exploding. Amazon's App Attack on Google

Best Comic-style apps is Manga Studio and Corel Draw (Media Brushes!!!) gives you great looking inking. The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics » Comics Worth Reading

The premise of these two apps is the same: Take a picture of a room and apply color to the walls in the image to see how it looks before you paint. With smartphone apps, design assistance is always at hand

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