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Definitions and meanings of "Arabians"

What do we mean by arabians?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word arabians. Define arabians, arabians synonyms, arabians pronunciation, arabians translation, English dictionary definition of arabians.

A person originating from an arabic speaking country in the Middle East or North Africa. They are people of any religion. Not all arabians/arabs are terrorists, not all arabians/arabs are Muslims, and not all Muslims are terrorists. Arab-Americans are actually one of the most educated ethinic groups in America. don't hate on them because of crazy mother fuckers like bin laden and saddam. and don't ever call them a-rabs, or ay-rabs, saying it like that is a racial slur, and only shows your ignorance and intolerance. Urban Dictionary

A breed of horse that is known for having a dished face. Came from Saudia Arabia but are now all over the world. Also the oldest pure breed that is said that all other breeds originate from. A shortened name for an Arabian horse is an Arab Urban Dictionary

"Arabian" is the adjective that relates to the Arabian Peninsula. "Arabians" are not an ethnic group; "Arabian" is not a synonym for "Arab". If "Arabians" were used as a noun referring to people, it would refer to people from the Arabian Peninsula (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan. Urban Dictionary

A flip similar to a front/back tuck, but the legs are spread apart and brought inward while holding the shins Usually preformed by gymnasts on Floor- can be used on Vault and as part of an Uneven Bars dismount Urban Dictionary

When an Arab who has a headwrap has their cell phone lodged into the headwrap so they may talk hands-free. I have actually seen this. Urban Dictionary

The act of dipping your testicles into a bowl of Fizzy Soda. Urban Dictionary

The act of when a man jerks off onto his stomach and then proceeds to belly flop onto his partner causing the cum to spaltter. Urban Dictionary

The act of forcefully injecting a lollipop into someone's rectum while simultaneously slurping it. Urban Dictionary

The act of thrusting the air (usually when you have just got out of the shower and have a towel around your waist or are free balling in basketball shorts) so your balls and dick slap back and forth against your ass and stomach creating a clapping noise. It's a good move to pull when you want to break the ice with someone you've never met before. WARNING! When Arabian Clapping intensely, going more than 5 seconds can cause serious trauma to the testicles. Urban Dictionary

When a girl is sucking a guys testicles and the guy farts into her nostrils to suffocate her. Urban Dictionary

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The word "arabians" in example sentences

Well I live in Africa, and I the only cultures in Africa who were able to make palaces where the arabians, the nubians and the egyptians, and sadly we dont have good remains of the nubians buildings. ❋ Unknown (2009)

So by “Persian” the film really means blacks, asians, arabians, and homosexuals. ❋ Unknown (2007)

And the flowing script on the sandblasted wooden shingle read, -kendrick's bal-a-sar stables-fine arabians. ❋ Lackey, Mercedes (1992)

How a warrant was obtained when a vet visited the property shortly before hand and found nothing wrong why only the EXPENSIVE arabians were taken and not all of the horses. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Ancient arabians faced Mecca several times a day and prayed to al-ilah. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Adam Hyman · April 7th, 2007 at 11:33 pm omg omg omg a random nobody congressman went to a dinner party and met the head of a sunni militant organization that’s funded by bush’s buddies, the saudi arabians. for shame, for shame, that’s infinitely worse than banking with wahaabists and financing terror operations across the middle east. clearly you have identified the greater of two evils — nancy pelosi in a hijab. ❋ Unknown (2007)

a [lebanese] muslim is an arabian/arab and a muslim a [palestinian] christian is an arabian/arab and a christian a [pakistani] is NOT an arabian/arab, and isn't necessarily muslim, but most likely is. ❋ Arabian Queen (2006)

That is a [goregous] [Arabian horse] ❋ Michelle Eubanks (2006)

The three traditional components of the Arab World are the [Maghreb] (North Africa), the Mashriq (the [Levant]) and the Arabian [Peninsula]. ❋ HallOfMirrors (2009)

[Samantha] Pezsek prefomed an Arabian [Double Front] in her Floor [routine] ❋ Repoed2 (2009)

You: Wtf that guy has a cell phone sticking out of his [turban] and he's talking on it! Me: Yeah that's the new [arabian bluetooth]. They're not very expensive, [all you need is a phone] and a towel. ❋ Pureglaucoma (2011)

Man 1 - "She grabbed [my balls] and [dunked] them into her Coke!" Man 2 - "[Wow dude], I love the Arabian Bubbles!" ❋ The Coxdogg (2010)

Man #1: “You wont guess what I did last night. My girlfriend let me do an [Arabian bellyflop] after we got back from dinner” [Man #2] “[That’s awesome man]” ❋ Guierrmo Geese’s (2019)

Dude my asshole is so sore, [Trevin] [Arabian] Lollipopped me for [two and a half] hours last night. ❋ Boyardeeboyz4lyfe (2017)

Friend: Dude, are you ready yet? You: Yeah, hold on I just got outta the shower, check this Arabian Clap real quick tho, "[CLAP CLAP] CLAP" Friend: Ahh shit man that was nuts ([no pun intended]) Friend: Hey everyone, I want you to meet my friend Becky You: Hey Becky, listen to this (puts the controller down) , "CLAP CLAP CLAP" Becky: Whoah, awkward... (secretly wants [to bone] you now) ❋ 34thncrenshaw (2012)

I gave michelle the narliest [arabian desert] and she [gagged] [on my balls] which felt good! ❋ Rammies (2010)

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