Definitions of "Arc"

Something shaped like a curve or arch. noun

A segment of a circle. noun

An electric arc. noun

The apparent path of a celestial body as it rises above and falls below the horizon. noun

A progression of events suggesting narrative cohesion, especially one that rises to a climax and settles to a final conclusion. noun

To form an arc. intransitive verb

To move or seem to move in a curved path. intransitive verb

Obsolete form of ark. noun

An abbreviation of Associate of the Royal College of Organists. noun

In geometry, any part of a curved line, as of a circle, especially one which does not include a point of inflection or cusp. noun

In astronomy, a part of a circle traversed by the sun or other heavenly body; especially, the part passed over by a star between its rising and setting. noun

In architecture, an arch. noun

The word "Arc" in example sentences

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The main arc is a murder mystery around an original Melrose character, Laura Leighton's Sydney Andrews. Beyond the top 10: The other premieres

Most of the arc is there, buried or only mentioned or simply still in my head instead of on the page. Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Layering in Depth of Character

The peak of the arc is the revelation, where the character experiences the most significant transformation. Use Michael Bay as Your Writing Muse | Write to Done

On viewing from the opposite edge of the lentil, forming the division of the two great scaly plates, a sac or canal, k. proceeding from the posterior part of the lentil, there is distinctly visible the body u, which we call the arc; where there are five transverse hairy bands of a yellow colour, while the rest is white. New observations on the natural history of bees

Tying it into The Avengers arc is probably the only reason I'd watch it. blog comments powered by Disqus Possible Synopsis for The First Avenger: Captain America Sounds a Lot Like…Captain America | /Film

Their political arc is now in descent, and their leaders are distancing themselves. Think Progress » National Tea Party Convention falls apart: Bachmann and Blackburn announce they are pulling out.

Anon: The next story arc is called "Family Reunion". Doing the Hokey Kokey

This subplot/sub-arc is going the other way instead. Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

This subplot/sub-arc is going the other way instead. mrissa: Structure: against Euclid

The character arc is intriguing, if tragic – how a closeted 40 year old transformed himself into such a public advocate who made a difference in American policies in the span of less than a decade. Righteous Milk : Bev Vincent

The first arc is starting to come to an end, but the second arc is much more open-ended, so lots more stories to come. Q & A

The first 5 seasons were top notch, had they ended off then 24 would have gone out on top. (6-8 have been terrible, but I agree with you that Anil Kapoors arc is pretty interesting) The Last Season of 24? | /Film

All the Sherlock Holmes references in this arc is making me want to re-read my SH books, particularly the incident at Reichenbach Falls and his return. Detective Conan: Manga File 700 to 704 – The “Target Located” arc « Undercover

What does arc mean?

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