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Hyphenation ar dor
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What do we mean by ardor?

Intensity of emotion, especially strong desire, enthusiasm, or devotion. synonym: passion. noun

Intense heat: as, the ardor of the sun's rays. noun

In pathology, a feeling of heat or burning. noun

A bright or effulgent spirit. noun

Warmth or heat, as of the passions and affections; eagerness; intensity. noun

Synonyms Fervor, fervency, vehemence, intensity, impetuosity. noun

Heat, in a literal sense. noun

Warmth or heat of passion or affection; eagerness; zeal noun

Bright and effulgent spirits; seraphim. noun

Great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion. noun

Spirit. noun

 Intense heat. noun

Intense feeling of love noun

A feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause) noun

Feelings of great warmth and intensity noun

Great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion.

Spirit; enthusiasm; passion.

Intense heat.

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The word "ardor" in example sentences

July 22, 2006, 8: 49 am levitra says: levitra remonstrating Deutsch dodecahedron Robbin ardor ❋ Unknown (2004)

In both, they seem to compete with us, and in ardor and activity they even surpass most of our savans. ❋ Unknown (1939)

Death’s ardor is returned by a young woman who must decide, as the end of his stay nears, whether love is stronger than death. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He made Jerry Lee Lewis's panting musical rants of wolf-calling ardor look like a Sunday Comics installment of January Jones. ❋ Bill Crider (2007)

He gestured to the space between them, as if their ardor were a tangible entity. ❋ Judith O’Brien (1994)

Her ardor was a trifle dampened by his voice, but she found new thrills in the gas-stove, a most dramatic instrument to play. ❋ Rupert Hughes (1914)

The seeds of my ardor were the sparks from that divine flame whereby more than a thousand have kindled; I speak of the ❋ Willa Sibert Cather (1910)

Their ardor is their crown, before which the languid and the passive bow. ❋ Orison Swett Marden (1887)

Whether because of the noise we made and their seeking safety in flight, or because they were off "taking holiday" {1} as the negroes claimed, no hares were found, and after a half-hour our ardor was a little dampened. ❋ Thomas Nelson Page (1887)

I made barely eight miles, and my ardor was a good deal dampened, to say nothing about my clothing. ❋ John Burroughs (1879)

Unconditional loyalty in love only gets you so far, especially when the object of your ardor is a depraved, brain-damaged slut like Archie. ❋ Unknown (2009)

My dear, I must acknowledge that my ardor is a little lessened since I began this piece of work, for then I had not only a vision of the poor soldiers to be aided by my labor, but I also fancied that this warm wrapping, instead of adding a new lustre to the carriage of some luxurious lady, might perchance fall to the share of some poor widow; and these beautiful embroidered leaves and blossoms might delight some sickly child, whose best covering had hitherto been a faded blanket shawl, and whose mother was too poor to afford the indulgence of real flowers, purchased from some collection of exotics, or plucked by the pale fingers from some fragrant country wayside. ❋ Various (N/A)

The portrait progressed, and was likely to be good, for the painter had reached the state of emotion that is necessary in order to discover all the qualities of the model, and to express them with that convincing ardor which is the inspiration of true artists. ❋ Unknown (2003)

She perceived in him again a certain relationship to herself, a relationship due not only to his past good fortune, but also to something in his character -- perhaps some likeness of enthusiasm, or even some identical kind of ardor, or else some weakness that had ruined him but had not yet ruined her. ❋ Stephen French Whitman (N/A)

Barrymore has evoked, so we may call it, a cold method -- against a background of what could have been overheated acting or at least a superabundance of physical attack -- the warmth of the play's tender sentimentalities; yet he covers them with a still spiritual ardor which is their very essence, extracting all the delicate nuances and arranging them with a fine sense of proportion. ❋ Marsden Hartley (N/A)

She threw over it the faithful ardor which is akin to miracle: the simplest twig in her hand budded; her dewdrops were filled with all the colors of the rainbow, because with her the sun always shone. ❋ Rose Hawthorne Lathrop (1888)

Warsaw is excellent, but the upper class are making use of their influence to calm the ardor which is prevalent in the middle classes. ❋ Unknown (1830)

Yeah [Ardor] is gonna go read [DNF] [I guess] ❋ RatsInMars (2022)

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