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Pronunciations /ˈɑː(ɹ)ɡən/

Definitions and meanings of "Argan"

What do we mean by argan?

A thorny tree (Argania spinosa) of southern Morocco, producing fruits containing seeds that yield an oil rich in vitamin E, prized for cooking and used in cosmetics. noun

A tree (Argania spinosa) of southwestern Morocco, particularly prized for its oil. noun

The fruit of this tree noun

A tree (Argania spinosa) of southwestern Morocco, particularly prized for its oil.

The fruit of this tree.

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The word "argan" in example sentences

Moroccan-sourced product ingredients such as argan oil, myrrh, and black soap are also building steam. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The bathroom was stocked with fluffy towels, argan oil and a stool for seated sponge baths. ❋ Hannah Karp (2011)

Use it as you would a fancier olive oil, for finishing dishes—a drizzle on pasta here, a swirl atop a bowl of soup there—but, with a few exceptions, like argan oil, never for sauteing. ❋ Sara Dickerman (2011)

Supermodel Josie Maran packs her eponymous makeup line with organic and age-defying argan oil. ❋ Jennifer Grayson (2011)

Breakfast started with fresh bread, homemade yoghurt, coffee, argan oil and jam, along with some olives and fruit. ❋ Karin Kloosterman (2011)

John Lyons/The Wall Street Journal Aveda is used to dealing with small farmers; its network of supply relationships includes buying argan nut oil from Berber women and sandalwood oil from Australian aborigines. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal, Styling by Anne Cardenas ARGAN Less familiar but no less delicious, argan oil is pressed from the nut of a Moroccan tree and has a nutty brown-butter flavor with a hint of musky herbaciousness. ❋ Sara Dickerman (2011)

To wake up and have as the morning's duty the challenge of trying a new surf board, with a group of cheerful British girls--on green waves that curled on a long dry rock beach, nestled in a desert grove, with cacti and salt-dried argan trees in the background the source, I learned, of a massage oil only to be found in Morocco -- is quite nice. ❋ Karin Badt (2011)

As for extra-virgin olive oil, I do use it quite often but its ubiquity serves to overshadow many wonderful oils like pistachio, walnut, argan and even grapeseed. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Berber breakfast of mint tea with flat bread and amlou (a spread made from honey and argan nut extract) is "to die for". ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the environs you'll see lush fruit trees that bear cherries, apricots and the famous fair-trade argan oil, while lodge owners give a portion of their profits to charity for educating girls who would otherwise not be able to afford school. ❋ Karin Kloosterman (2011)

The hike revealed argan trees, the tree which produces the argan nut, traditionally digested first by a goat before being split open for oil. ❋ Karin Kloosterman (2011)

It buys argan nuts from Berber women in Morocco and sandalwood oil from Australian aborigines. ❋ John Lyons (2011)

The argan-oil-infused hair treatment makes hair shiny and strong. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The result: A potion for the face containing 11 essential oils including those from jasmine, argan and rose hip seed. ❋ Unknown (2012)

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