Argue Into

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Definitions and meanings of "Argue Into"

What do we mean by argue into?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word argue-into. Define argue-into, argue-into synonyms, argue-into pronunciation, argue-into translation, English dictionary definition of argue-into.

Arguing is when typically two people have different beliefs and take turns asserting what the truth really is. Urban Dictionary

Give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one's view. (In the 3rd person Forum) Urban Dictionary

A long, pointless, repetitive and annoying waste of my fucking time. Urban Dictionary

When you ask why and your mom considers it as fucking arguing because she doesn’t know the fucking definition of arguing Urban Dictionary

Retarded way of 'arguing'. Urban Dictionary

Adj: great at everything; superior to all others; indestructable and cannot be touched Urban Dictionary

A disagreement between two or more- Dude this is Urban Dictionary, write something better. Its my definition, shut the hell up. Not until you write something better. Urban Dictionary

Always arguing Urban Dictionary

A fat stupid piece of shit, who like sucking old man cock Urban Dictionary

A Horny Bastard Urban Dictionary

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The word "argue-into" in example sentences

John believed that flowers die once [uprooted] and cast in a fire but Jane asserted that they simply [evolve] to a new form of existence so they began adding their supporting evidence to each other for hours and [rumor has it] they are still arguing to this very moment. ❋ Comidois De’America (2022)

He [argues] so much, his family [started] [to hate] him. ❋ Argues (2017)

All we do is [argue]. ❋ Oaktree (2016)

Me: why [Mom]: STOP FUCKING [ARGUING] YOU LITTLE [PEICE OF SHIT] ❋ Fuckyomomma3000 (2020)

"I [WAZ] LYK [ARGUEING] WITH M ENYMZ AND LULZ XD" "Its arguing, [fucking retard]." ❋ Likamawa (2009)

[Wow] your really [getting] argus at this [game]! ❋ Hybridarc (2004)

[Fuck off] man. [WRITE] A BETTER DEFINITION! I CAN'T IF YOU [ARGUE]!! ❋ Stfu_Carl (2015)

Why [are you] being so arguative? Because [I love] to [argue]! ❋ Noob Chick (2010)

Boy, that [guys] a [real] [Argu] ❋ N/a (2004)

He is being an Argus ❋ Horny_Bastard (2021)

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What does argue into mean?

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