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Definitions of "arithmetical"

  • Pertaining to arithmetic; according to the rules or methods of arithmetic.
  • Of or pertaining to arithmetic; according to the rules or method of arithmetic. adjective
  • See Logarithm. adjective
  • See Mean. adjective
  • See Progression. adjective
  • See Proportion. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to arithmetic, particularly the functions of arithmetic adjective
  • relating to or involving arithmetic adjective

The word "arithmetical" in example sentences

"The worst sort of pretentious posturing," said the professor of counting and arithmetic at the University of London, adding "that for all this Newton's so-called arithmetical expertise, there is just nothing in this book that indicates that it has any relevance at all to the real data of astronomy.". [Monty Python it is not - The Panda's Thumb]

St Paul's greatness is not, however, constituted by this rationalism -- for such we must term the arithmetical manipulation of the death of Jesus -- but by an entirely new appreciation of the Crucifixion.. [The Beginnings of Christianity. Vol. I.]

As C himself takes the slate, her dark eyes, lifted an instant to his, are large with painful meaning, for she sees at a glance she must travel -- if the arithmetical is the true answer -- more than the whole distance now between them.. [Bonaventure A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana]

But on what the author of the Autocrat calls the arithmetical side, -- in the power of judging particular men and not general principles; in deciding who were the good men and who were not, he fell short of the ideal suggested by his legislative career.. [The Reminiscences of an Astronomer]

The Maya practiced a kind of arithmetical astronomy and so thought in terms of numbers rather than the geometrical orientation of western science.. [The Books of Chilam Balam - part one]

The Maya practiced a kind of arithmetical astronomy and so thought in terms of numbers rather than the geometrical orientation of western science.. [The Books of Chilam Balam - part one]

And his 'arithmetical' increase of food is nowhere explained or justified, nor supported by any data.. [Malthus on population, with contempt]

_On the contrary, _ The Philosopher says (Ethic. ii, 6; v, 4) that the mean of justice is to be taken according to "arithmetical" proportion, so that it is the real mean.. [Summa Theologica, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae) Translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province]

He gives a kind of arithmetical measure of the decline of the devil's power by pointing out that 'he who was once equal to the angel who killed eighty thousand men in one night, is not able now, without a new commission, to take away the life of one Job.'. [Hours in a Library, Volume I. (of III.)]

"arithmetical"; and when a high degree of each is demanded, the separation between knowledge and information is complete.. [What Is and What Might Be A Study of Education in General and Elementary Education in Particular]

"Nature has provided us with a kind of arithmetical instrument more generally used than is commonly imagined; I mean our fingers.. [A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels — Volume 13]

In a purely arithmetical sense, this combination of high losses and low gains has produced the near-catastrophic falls in mainline Protestant adherence that we described in the previous chapter.. [American Grace]

As Bopara walked off, the heavens opened for the last time and the Rain Gods of Duckworth and Lewis, who will surely spend eternity perched on a threatening black cloud, devising arithmetical tables, further ruled that Bopara had failed to win the match.. [Ravi Bopara left frustrated as England tie with India to win series]

The word prove is usually reserved for mathematics: “to verify the correctness or validity of by mathematical demonstration or arithmetical proof” Random House Unabridged Dictionary.. [The Sacred Promise]

What Mr. Delahaye probably meant was that the puzzle is not arithmetical.. [The Numbers Game]

The problem, at its base, is simply arithmetical: The three-year, €110 billion joint EU-IMF bailout was never enough to carry Greece through three full years.. [Greek Woes Spur Tough Options]

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It is not the job of #mathematicians... to do correct #arithmetical operations. It is the job of bank accountants.


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