Character 8
Hyphenation ar ma ment
Pronunciations /ˈɑː(ɹ)məmənt/

Definitions and meanings of "Armament"

What do we mean by armament?

The weapons and supplies of war with which a military unit is equipped. noun

All the military forces and war equipment of a country. noun

A military force equipped for war. noun

The process of arming for war. noun

A body of forees equipped for war: used of a land or naval force. noun

Munitions of war; especially, the number and weight of all the guns which a ship of war carries. noun

A body of forces equipped for war; -- used of a land or naval force. noun

All the cannon and small arms collectively, with their equipments, belonging to a ship or a fortification. noun

Any equipment for resistance. noun

A body of forces equipped for war. noun

All the cannon and small arms collectively, with their equipments, belonging to a ship or a fortification. noun

Any equipment for resistance. noun

The act of equiping with weapons in preparation for war noun

Weaponry used by military or naval force noun

A body of forces equipped for war.

All the cannon and small arms collectively, with their equipments, belonging to a ship or a fortification.

Any equipment for resistance.

The process of building up military capacity.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Armament

The word "armament" in example sentences

Again, not knocking it or anybody's taste in armament, just wanting to better understand. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Emmanual: While I believe that nuclear armament is the most illogical concept ever devised by mankind, the statement above makes nuclear arms logical. ❋ Unknown (2007)

KELLY: Founder Hendrick Slabbinck kept the company going during World war II, when many Belgian workers were used in German armament factories as forced labor. ❋ Unknown (2000)

The non-governmental sector is just as qualified as the "experts" or those who have a vested interest in armament and war. ❋ Unknown (1974)

Just as the questions relating to disarmament are usually left to military experts and to those with a vested interest in armament, these questions are also usually regarded as the exclusive prerogative of men. ❋ Unknown (1974)

After some resesigning for counterinsurgency warfare and changes in armament, the craft was rechris - tened A-26A. ❋ Unknown (1968)

If more and more irritations are ameliorated by negotiation, the evidence of adequacy in armament becomes cumulative. ❋ Unknown (1953)

The main armament of a submarine, of course, is her torpedoes, but they are big valuable things of which one may not have more than a dozen or so on board and heaven knows when it will be possible to get back to harbour to replenish them. ❋ Unknown (1943)

The only policy which would allow you to do without armament is the policy which England will always respect as on opinion-I mean non-resistance -- (and I remind you that it was respected throughout the last war as an individual opinion, of what we called the conscientious objector,) but it will never be followed as a policy. ❋ Unknown (1937)

Now, armament is a term and the military armaments I speak of is just one particular part of this whole munitions question and when we hear a great deal of complaint raised these days about munitions makers, the complaints certainly mean the armament makers because if they use the broad term, then they must include everybody who makes anything that an army can use. ❋ Unknown (1935)

Competition in armament, both land and naval, is not only a terrible burden upon the people, but I believe it to be one of the greatest menaces to the peace of the world. ❋ Unknown (1929)

And under them deep and real suspicions office sinister purpose of other nations readily take possession of a people, who become ready to believe that an attack by their own country is the only recourse to guard effectually against an attack upon their country by others, and that patriotism requires them to outstrip other countries in armament and preparation for war. ❋ Unknown (1912)

This heavy armament is carried nominally for protection against pirates, but its chief use is for the production of those stunning noises which Chinamen delight in on all occasions. ❋ Isabella Lucy (1883)

The Wilmington expedition has also been dispatched at last, and the description of the armament is very imposing. ❋ Unknown (1864)

Its armament is eleven heavy guns and several mortars. ❋ Unknown (1863)

The naval armament is under the command of Captain Dupont, and the troops under that of Brigadier-General Sherman, an old and experienced officer. ❋ Unknown (1861)

a hostile armament from the country which afforded the daily subsistence of the Roman people. ❋ Unknown (1206)

Israel’s military and armament is reportedly precise and among the best (much of it is ours) yet, they are saying that the UN building was hit by stray artillery. ❋ Unknown (2006)

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What does armament mean?

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