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Definitions of "armor-plating"

  • The protective sheets or masses of steel which are used to cover the hull of a war-ship or cruiser, in whole or in part, to resist the perforating impact of projectiles. noun

The word "armor-plating" in example sentences

Vanadium is a steel-hardening agent used for armor-plating in warplanes and weaponry.. [Judy Pasternak's Navajo uranium study "Yellow Dirt," reviewed by Ann Cummins]

Ronnie Barrett is best known for the invention and civilian marketing of the 50 caliber sniper rifle: a military weapon used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan that can penetrate armor-plating from a mile away and down airliners on take-off and landing, but under federal law is sold with no greater restrictions than a standard hunting rifle.. [Josh Sugarmann: NRA, Board Members, Have Financial Stake in Stopping Ban on High-Cap Magazines]

And sarcasm, as CS Lewis put it, "builds up around a man the finest armor-plating ... that I know.". [Skye Jethani: Is the Church Abetting a Generation of Sarcasm?]

They should be engaged in institution-building, not armor-plating the clenched fists of African dictators.. [Alemayehu G. Mariam: J'Accuse!]

The package, described by analysts as "economic armor-plating", is unlikely to be required in its entirety, but provides a buffer against unexpected volatility or currency speculation.. [Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - August 1999]

The current government announced "economic armor-plating" several months ago, including credit guarantees of some 23 billion dollars from the U.S. and international financial institutions.. [Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - January 2000]

At least the worsening crime wave is swell news for the armor-plating shops.. [ Blog Articles » Print » Mexico Battle Lines — There and Here]

"When I do a job, I don't do it halfway, and I rather like armor-plating.". [Burning Water]

(Compare the terrestrial octopus, which makes armor-plating out of calcium urate instead of excreting urea or uric acid.). [Uller Uprising]

Building at the Centennial the eight-inch armor-plating made by Cammell of Sheffield, tested in one case by nine spherical shots overlapping, making an indentation of 3.12 inches with balls from a seven-inch gun driven by thirty pounds of powder at a range of seventy feet.. [Lippincott's Magazine, December 1878]

Until 1858, the navies of the world were wooden vessels, but, in that year, the French applied armor-plating to the steam frigate La Gloire, whereupon the British admiralty speedily constructed the 9200-ton iron steamship, Warrior.. [Chapter III]

He enjoyed, however, enormous advantages in every other respect, owing to the vastly superior resources of the North in marine engineering, armor-plating, and all other points of naval construction.. [Captains of the Civil War; a chronicle of the blue and the gray]

Japanese machine-guns, and although the shots from the latter were powerless to affect the walls and the armor-plating, still they worked havoc among the men.. [Banzai! by Parabellum]

Modified with bulletproof glass and armor-plating, Hummers are often used in gunbattles and seized by Mexico's military after raids.. [SFGate: Top News Stories]

About 1,520 autos were protected with armor-plating in Mexico last year, a 20% drop from 2008. [HispanicTips]

This tells us nothing about how complex features like armor-plating evolved in the first place - it just shows something we already knew: that Darwinian evolution is great at losing functional genetic information.. [Evolution News & Views]

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*RPG pierces 3 inches of armor* MBs: wow it went all the way through the armor plating! Hubs: NO SHIT that's what i…


@zee_zok Get a shoulder blade tat to match the armor plating of a jaeger

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