Character 8
Hyphenation arranged
Pronunciations /əˈɹeɪndʒd/

Definitions and meanings of "Arranged"

What do we mean by arranged?

To set up; to organize; to put into an orderly sequence or arrangement.

To plan; to prepare in advance.

To prepare and adapt an already-written composition for presentation in other than its original form.

To give oral sex. Can be done M to M, F to M, F to F, or M to F Urban Dictionary

To give oral sex. Can be done M to M, F to M, F to F, or M to F Urban Dictionary

The subtle art of arranging for two people to meet at the same place in the hope that they will begin a romantic relationship. Urban Dictionary

Arrangements are made when you don't have the cash flow to pay your bill(s) on time and are at risk of being shut off at some point in the near future. Arrangments can be set up as a one time payment or as a series of payments over a set period of time. Urban Dictionary

A preemptive plan in which a closet gay purposely marries a woman in order to create a veil of heterosexuality. In well-planned arrangements, the wife of the closet gay is well aware of her husband's sexual needs and satisfies her own accordingly as the husband does the same, all in secret. Arrangements are prompted by familial, religious, or cultural pressures that look down on homosexuality. See wonky. Note: marriages in which men come out of the closet and separate from their wives are NOT arrangements. Urban Dictionary

Arranging a woman's labia like the petals of a flower; adding the hand of Man to Nature's beauty Urban Dictionary

The pleasurable and highly erotic act of female masturbation. Urban Dictionary

Euphemism for prostitution. Phrase that originated from the dark satirical comedy show Jam created by Chris Morris in the sketch Sex For Houses, where words such as session and arrangement are distinct euphemisms for selling sex. Urban Dictionary

It's like being forced to choose between like moldy cheese or sick flavoured ice cream even though you want the actual good ice cream Urban Dictionary

When a woman is so amazing,so attractive,so complete,she makes you hard, you need to "adjust" yourself before you could possibly talk to her. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Arranged

The word "arranged" in example sentences

The label arranged all the trappings of a full-fledged tour — hotels, food, promotions and the itinerary — but the best part of the experience by far, the three agree, was the fans. ❋ Unknown (2007)

My label arranged for me to sing "Ave Maria" and jet. ❋ Patterson, James, 1947- (2007)

Boggs had called in to remark that he should withdraw the capital he had lent as soon as the term arranged for had expired. ❋ Linn Boyd Porter (1883)

Among other things, it teaches and practices polygamy, breaks up families and marriages, and has engaged in arranged and forced marriages. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm betting most women in arranged marriages aren't quite so instantly smitten. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I also wanted to write about what it was like for Chinese women who came to America in arranged marriages. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Martin arranged to meet him next day, and went on to the hotel. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Lakes wines were arranged from the driest of the dry to the not so dry of the dry. ❋ Unknown (2008)

However, the text illustrations are herein arranged in chronological order so as to represent the way language divergence played out within central-east Tanzania from early to later times. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Until now the FLDS have operated on a directive from imprisoned church leader Warren Jeffs to “answer them nothing,” believing the UEP takeover was part of a government campaign to persecute the FLDS for their religious beliefs, which include the practice of polygamy in arranged marriages that sometimes have involved underage girls. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Also, looking at the order of Japanese consonants, the way they're arranged is very sensible, too. ❋ Tragic_elegance (2007)

"dang [homie dizzle], come over here so i can [arrange] your weenie." "thats right, biatch. arrange me." Lisa:"oh i love it when you arrange raul" Raul:"You're welcome [baby cakes]." ❋ Puhbertee (2009)

"dang [homie dizzle], come over here so i can [arrange] your weenie." "thats right, biatch. arrange me." Lisa:"oh i love it when you arrange raul" Raul:"You're welcome [baby cakes]." ❋ Unlamo15 (2009)

"So, I hear they're having a [Picasso] exhibition at the Art Gallery" - John "OMG! I MUST GO!" - Sandra "So, I hear there's gonna be a bunch of [naked women] paintings at the Art Gallery" - John "OMG! I MUST GO!" - Chris "Lolz, I am [arranging] them." - John ❋ SauronSeesYou (2011)

e.g. My [cable] was going to get [shut off] but I called the cable company and made [arrangements] to pay my bill next week. ❋ Dshep (2010)

Jay: Bro, I think my parents are going to find out [I'm gay] and [disown] me. Rob: No, dude! You can be happy [in the closet] and keep your parents in the dark. Just get an arrangement with that skank Jessica! ❋ Farshed Kerpal (2010)

Lover 1: Was there, for you, any [special moment] last night? Lover 2: Yes - [my moment] of flower arranging; seeing your cunt at its most beautiful, then kissing your flower like your lips [in your face]. Lover 1: Wonderful for me too. ❋ Hammerklavier (2013)

[Sonja]: Where did Mary go? Has she been in her room all afternoon? Does she have a test to study for? Carla: No. She's in there Arranging the Drapes. Sonja: [Ohhhhhhh]! [Mmmmmm] that's hawt! I think I will go Paddle the Canoe myself. She ya about 30. ❋ Eaton Holgoode (2015)

I didn't have enough cash to pay my [pusher] for my drug [habit] so we made a sex [arrangement]. ❋ Sal1981 (2008)

Damn I only had two crappy [options] to [choose] between for my [arranged marriage] ❋ Koogi Woogi (2020)

She was so amazing,when she smiled at me,I needed to [turn] [away] and "arrange the bamboo" before I could [approach] her. ❋ Wiseowl... (2010)

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