Character 7
Hyphenation ar ti cle
Pronunciations /ˈɑːtɪkəl/

Definitions and meanings of "Article"

What do we mean by article?

An individual thing or element of a class; a particular object or item. noun

A particular section or item of a series in a written document, as in a contract, constitution, or treaty. noun

A nonfictional literary composition that forms an independent part of a publication, as of a newspaper or magazine. noun

The part of speech used to indicate nouns and to specify their application. noun

Any of the words belonging to this part of speech. In English, the indefinite articles are a and an and the definite article is the. noun

A particular part or subject; a specific matter or point. noun

To bind by articles set forth in a contract, such as one of apprenticeship. transitive verb

To state in detail; particularize; specify.

To accuse or charge by an exhibition of articles or accusations.

To bind by articles of covenant or stipulation: as, to article an apprentice.

To agree by articles; stipulate.

That part of the proceedings which corresponds to the charge in our English bill in chancery to set aside a deed. The answer is called articles approbatory. noun

A joint connecting two parts of the body. noun

One of the parts thus connected; a jointed segment or part. noun

In botany, the name formerly given to that part of a stalk or stem which is between two joints. noun

A separate member or portion of anything. In particular— A clause, item, point, or particular in a contract, treaty, or other formal agreement; a condition or stipulation in a contract or bargain: as, articles of association; articles of apprenticeship. noun

A distinct proposition in a connected series; one of the particulars constituting a system: as, the Thirty-nine Articles; the articles of religion. noun

A separate clause or provision of a statute: as, the act of the six articles (see below). noun

A distinct charge or count: as, articles of impeachment. noun

A piece of nonfictional writing such as a story, report, opinion piece, or entry in a newspaper, magazine, journal, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.

An object, a member of a group or class.

(grammar) A part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun (a, an, or the in English). In some languages the article may appear as an ending (e.g. definite article in Swedish) or there may be none (e.g. Russian, Pashto).

A section of a legal document, bylaws, etc. or, in the plural, the entire document seen as a collection of these.

A genuine article.

A part or segment of something joined to other parts, or, in combination, forming a structured set.

A person; an individual.

A wench.

Subject matter; concern.

A distinct part.

A precise point in time; a moment.

Articles AR-tuh-kleez n. The Greek god who protects all paper and printed documents stored within the Clouds around Mt. Olympus. Urban Dictionary

1. A wench or exceedingly attractive woman for whatever reason. 2. A hell of a good goer (sexual). 3. A fancy piece of clothing. Urban Dictionary

Quite possibly the most insane copyright measures to be conceived, Article 13 would pretty much kill fair use and all manner of other copyright exceptions on the internet while making it so that you need to buy individual licenses for all copyrighted materials you want to feature in your works, whereas Article 11 would institute a link tax that would require you to pay just that in order to link news articles, or pretty much any other kind of article or page. These measures which are being pushed in the EU parliament will thoroughly cripple the internet if they go into effect, which could happen in 2021 if not enough people tell the EU to reject them in a final vote early next year. Don't think just because you're not in the EU that you won't be affected by these measures, given how broadly and incompetently they have been constructed. It's also not helped that they're next to impossible to enforce, and could lead to internet companies operating in the EU to withdraw from there, including and surely not limited to Urban Dictionary. Live within the EU? Get under your MP's skin and demand they oppose them. Not in the EU? Spread the word as far as you can. Urban Dictionary

When the EU obtains Thanos's infinity gauntlet and erased half of memes from existance. Urban Dictionary

The worst thing on earth to happen in europe Urban Dictionary

The result when all the politicians are 50+ years old and decide how to control the internet Urban Dictionary

The great depression with a twist Urban Dictionary

The act of 'accidentally' forgetting an article of clothing or object to give yourself a reason to come back to someone's place and fuck. Urban Dictionary

The death of YouTubers. Urban Dictionary

An imaginary written article of an employment agreement or policy, wherein one certain employee gets to dictate their own terms with regard to scheduling, overtime, time off, and other workplace rules, usually to the detriment of other employees. Urban Dictionary

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The word "article" in example sentences

An article is placed before a substantive to limit or determine its meaning; the articles are _a_, _an_, and _the_; _a_ or _an_ is called the _indefinite article_, because it does not point out any particular object: _the_ is called the _definite article_ because it determines what particular object is meant. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

The Berlin article is about how liberal (and the best among us!) wind up illiberal. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The title article calls for “retrenchment” in the “humanitarian missions” abroad that are consuming the country’s wealth, so as to arrest the American decline that is a major theme of international affairs discourse, usually accompanied by the corollary that power is shifting to the East, to China and maybe India. ❋ Noam Chomsky (2012)

No where in article is TDK mentioned, so I can't imagine why the haters would bring it up. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The main article is by Simon Kernick, chair of this year's programming committee. ❋ Maxine (2008)

The entire article is not available online, although one can buy a PDF file of the article from the Foreign affairs website (click on the title link above). ❋ JDsg (2007)

Thanks [to the power of] Articles, I never have to worry about [Titans] wiping out my important [documents]. ❋ DrD4zzl3 (2012)

1. She sure is a prime article wearing that [red skirt] isn't she! 2. Owing to innate sexual prowess and skill with her tongue Leslie was article of the year in my book after last night, that's for [god-damned] sure. 3. She jumped on top, then slowly [peeled off] her frilled pink panties and stuffed the soaking article in my waiting open mouth. ❋ Postertheif (2020)

Article 13/Article 11 in action: *posts a meme image containing a car, some copyrighted shirts, and various buildings and [fixtures]* *image gets banned* *[Sorry, but] this image cannot be allowed unless you buy [dozens] of licenses for everything contained within it.* ❋ AVeryBigDeal (2018)

[hEy jiMmY] dId ya hEaR [arTiCle 13] jUsT [paSsEd]! ❋ G4m3rG1rl (2019)

I [feel bad] for those [in Europe] because of [Article 13]. ❋ Gocommitnotfeelingsogood (2019)


[OOf] for [article 13] ❋ Ttv.bounzl (2019)

When Jeremy left his hat at her house, she was convinced that it was a [sexcuse article]. This was proven [a fact] when he asked to come over to collect his hat because he wanted a [bootycall]. ❋ Josefiend (2011)

Article 13 is gonna [ruin] YouTube and its [followers] cause if its new stupid [laws] that can kill a person ❋ Alien Weed (2019)

The clear language of Article 26 allows him to [bump] anyone from their [day off], regardless of any other policies in place. While anyone else would have been suspended, Article 26 protected him from all [discipline]. ❋ Doctorsnote (2016)

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