Definitions and meanings of "Artistic"

What do we mean by artistic?

Of or relating to art or artists. adjective

Sensitive to or appreciative of art or beauty. adjective

Showing imagination and skill. adjective

Pertaining to art in any sense, or to artists; characterized by or in conformity with art or with an art; displaying perfection of design or conception and execution; specifically, pertaining to or characterized by art in the esthetic sense; pertaining to one of the fine arts.

Of or pertaining to art or to artists; made in the manner of an artist; conformable to art; characterized by art; showing taste or skill. adjective

Having or revealing creative skill adjective

Relating to or characteristic of art or artists adjective

aesthetically pleasing adjective

Relating to or characteristic of art or artists adjective

Aesthetically pleasing adjective

Satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities adjective

Having or revealing creative skill.

Relating to or characteristic of art or artists.

Aesthetically pleasing.

Slang for "autistic", usually used in games and forums where saying autistic would get you moderated, or is filtered.  Urban Dictionary

Being artsy or having the ability to create art in the form of paintings, songs, dance, ect.  Urban Dictionary

Mildly retarded  Urban Dictionary

One who has the ability to transfer life onto any surface by the magic of brain/eye to hand coordination.  Urban Dictionary

A person or being that identifies themselves as a creator of artof any sort  Urban Dictionary

Coffee addicted freaks who can draw good.. the insane one are the talented ones... the hot ones aren't that good...  Urban Dictionary

An incredibly talented person who dedicates the time and hard work to creating a beautiful work of art, be it a sculpture, music, literature, or a painting. This person has dedicated years of work to mastering his craft, and deserve as much credit as any other professional in a field. They generally have a higher level of creativity and imagination. Contrary to stereotypical belief, they do not have to forego an education or be on drugs to be an artist.  Urban Dictionary

Anyone who uses their creativity to express themselves. Whether they believe they are an artist or not.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who is anti-social, loves expressing themselves on paper and are never proud of there work. They are usually the funniest people on the planet and they dont like any of the "popular" things of today. They wear what ever they want and dont care what anyone thinks. They ALWAYS have sketchbook and pencils with them. When you see one, say 'Hi' and ask them to see their art. They will feel proud of what they have done when they get positive feedback from others  Urban Dictionary

Artist (ar-tist) 1. Most common definition, a depressed, underpaid, sad person in their early twenties or late teens, although they can be many ages. They cannot afford art supplies, cry themselves to sleep, lack inspiration, and draw about once every 3 full moons. When asked what they want to be, they answer an artist, but they know that like everything else in their miserable lives, that is a lie. They hate their art style although their friends love it, and have no self confidence whatsoever. 2. Anyone who practices a talent involving creating something without outstanding functionality other than to entertain or inspire. 3. Sarcasm used to describe someone lacking skills in art.  Urban Dictionary

The word "artistic" in example sentences

How to use artistic in a sentence? Example sentences with the artistic, a sentence example for artistic, and how to make artistic in sample sentence, how do I use the word artistic in a sentence? How do you spell artistic in a sentence?

I was too young to know the term artistic license, but I understood the concept.   ❋ Eileen Cook (2008)

No, because there is no fixed definition for the term artistic or creative?   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Rather touchingly, inspiration does return in his final years, but Mr. Houellebecq can only describe at a distance the saving graces of what he calls "artistic emotion"—his own cold, clinical writing is never able to activate it.   ❋ Sam Sacks (2012)

Only once you have carried out what I call an artistic marketing evaluation I don't mean the design, looking at the web site through the eyes of the customer, and done all you could to improve the value to that customer, should you attempt to use SEO tools to polish the site's technical aspects.   ❋ Larry MacDonald (2011)

I was afraid you might point out inconsistencies, because my memory is a bit foggy, but hey let's call it artistic freedom, right?   ❋ Nathreee (2010)

Lauding what he described as the artistic and technical genius behind the model, Scott said: "This is a magnificent work of art, make no mistake about it."   ❋ Unknown (1996)

How little of the artistic is there in 'Canada, and, yet the Arts and Crafts Society is collecting from the foreign colonies out in the west their artistic products, that we of the native stock can only admire and cannot imitate.   ❋ Unknown (1911)

It is not merely the special endowment of eye, ear, hand, not merely what we call artistic talent, which is exceptional and vested in individuals only.   ❋ Vernon Lee (1895)

She first explored what she calls artistic "in-between-ness" a couple of years back with   ❋ Unknown (2010)

If institutions teaching design are only looking to take in 'artistic' people, this problem will probably worsen.   ❋ Jonathan (2007)

It is imperative that a clear, long-term artistic plan and an operating budget be developed before the creation of architecture.   ❋ Michael Kaiser (2011)

With the introduction of commercial or manufactured goods, they have been able to produce more elaborate designs and brighter colours, along with greater expansion and flexibility in artistic concepts and execution.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

This country has been laid low through poverty and oppression but has risen in artistic nature through their time ...   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I adore Ebert's written film reviews and agree with him about many things, but he is not very artistic, and this is a film dripping in artistic merit.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm a big believer generally in artistic license ...   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Rob sure is artistic, almost cost us the game. ❋ Sarysa2 (2015)

The painter is very artistic and created a beautiful mural. ❋ Smartlady (2007)

Our neighbor is kind of retarded, you know artistic ❋ Wendell Young (2008)

Those who can paint realistically or not are artists for they transfer life onto a surface such as paper or canvas. Drawing is a form of artistry. ❋ RuffledRaven (2013)

Duchamp; el greco; stanely kubrik; lydia lunch; ray bradbury (you get the point) ❋ Stacy (2004)

Example: me my lust for isolation my only friend is a cat coffee Artist can art ❋ Vapor_95 (2017)

Lynda marveled at the sculptors skill as she gazed at the realistic deer, soldered out of pieces of scrap metal. Dr. Smith was quite surprised and blushed when he realized that the artist he had been talking down to was also a doctor. Ralph, an aspiring artist, worked long and hard on his painting and was proud of the result. ❋ Qazsw23 (2011)

I'm don't think of myself as an artist, just a person with some shit on his mind that needs to get out. ❋ JeremiahTwine (2011)

Guy 1: Her art is really good. She is a natural born Artist Guy 2: Yea, that musta took forever ❋ Luna_Nekophy (2019)

1."I am an artist!" "But you never draw?" "I know..." (cries in corner) 2. Poets, authors, and dancers deserve the title of artist. 3. "That two year old is a real artist, proper Picasso! Smeared paint all over my new Lamborghini!" ❋ Bee.the.glorious.weedsnack (2019)

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