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Definitions of "arts"

  • Plural form of art. noun
  • studies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills (rather than occupational or professional skills) noun

The word "arts" in example sentences

Another theory which is a corollary to that of the limits of the arts, falls with them; that of the _union of the arts_.. [Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic]

a list and 'muster-roll of the arts and sciences'; -- stopping to tell us plainly that he knows what he is about, and that he has not brought in '_these private and retired arts_,' with so much stress, and under so many heads, in connection with 'the principal and supreme sciences,' and _the mode of their tradition_, without having some occasion for it.. [The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere Unfolded]

Bacon, who laid out the plan of a universal dictionary of sciences and arts _at a time when there were, so to speak, neither sciences nor arts_. "]. [The Eve of the French Revolution]

He graduated in arts from the University of Alberta, then enrolled in the university's law course where he won graduate fellowships that enabled him to take further degrees in law at the University of Toronto.. [Tax! Tax! Tax!—The Canadian Tax Scene]

The question of how politics have been marginalised in relation to the arts is another matter altogether.. [Something concrete « Squares of Wheat]

The greatest of the arts is the conquering of men.. [CHAPTER III]

An appreciation for the arts is also necessary, so immigrants will be required to sit regular written examinations on 'Coronation Street', 'Eastenders' (see above), 'X-Factor' and 'Britain's Got Talent'.. [Archive 2009-01-01]

Its second function was as a placeholder, demonstrating the symbolic value of what we call the arts, rather than their full impact.. [A grand display]

Nathalie Jonas , who opened the Living Room, which she calls an "arts and wellness center" at 103 Main in June, says she and her boyfriend moved from Brooklyn to Cold Spring three years ago anticipating a quiet life of reading and cooking.. [Cold Spring Adds to Mix of Shops]

Anyone expressing himself in the arts is always carrying his mother around with him, listening to her trying to get her two words or more in there.. [norbert blei | mother love « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground]

Appreciation of what goes into the arts is a prerequisite for a positive reception and every artist depends upon responses of the audiences, whether good or bad, that does not matter so much as responses of all kinds give orientation.. [hatto fischer | politics and the arts « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground]

It has been my understanding that training in the arts is a rigourous apprenticeship and that first of all the student is taught to draw.. [A Glance At The Future]

Men love life so much, Helen dear, that they cannot ever have enough of it, and to keep it and build it up they make what we call the arts; this thought of mine is about one of them, about music, the art that you and I love most.. [King Midas: a Romance]

The true or golden rules constitute the body of applied science which we call the arts; the false are magic.. [The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion]

You will not be very happy; but you will be interested and amused by the novelty of the world; and your companions here will teach you how to keep up an imitation of happiness during your four years by what they call arts and sports and pleasures.. [Back to Methuselah]

Craig Sharp, 21, shows me his film, in which the camera pans across a dense web of trees until settling on brass letters that spell the word "arts", embedded among glossy leaves.. [The Guardian World News]

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