Ash Blond

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What do we mean by ash blond?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word ash-blond. Define ash-blond, ash-blond synonyms, ash-blond pronunciation, ash-blond translation, English dictionary definition of ash-blond.

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The word "ash-blond" in example sentences

Exactly the same, with his wonderful beaky nose and his ash-blond hair pulled back in a casual ponytail and his keen gray eyes. ❋ L.J. SMITH (2010)

He was hunkered down against the wall, tears streaming down his pale face, the wind tousling his ash-blond hair. ❋ Boyd Morrison (2010)

“We have an appointment,” Ric told the ash-blond receptionist in rimless glasses. ❋ Carole Nelson Douglas (2010)

Emma, a skinny, waiflike girl, perhaps ten, with lank ash-blond hair and smudges like bruises under her pale blue eyes. ❋ Joseph Wallace (2010)

A clip here, a cut there, and short ash-blond hair landed on a bed of faded purple flowers. ❋ Jack Canfield (2009)

Alyssa had jumped up and down, her ash-blond ponytails bobbing. ❋ Jack Canfield (2009)

His hair was ash-blond, streaked with red, like iodine, gelled and combed straight back so that his high forehead had a polished look resembling the prow of a ship. ❋ James Lee Burke (2009)

So a dark, Arab-looking Sicilian is “white” but an ash-blond, blue-eyed Tunisian is “Arabic”? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Then I pressed Send just as Nicky reappeared, deep in conversation with an ash-blond woman with coltlike legs in gold sandals. ❋ Hester Browne (2008)

An ash-blond interrogator wearing a headset peeked out of a door. ❋ Karen Quinn (2008)

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What does ash blond mean?

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