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Asiatic refers to something related to Asia. Asiatic may also refer to: Asiatic style, a term in ancient stylistic criticism associated with Greek writers of Asia Minor In the context of Ancient Egypt, beyond the borders of Egypt and the continent of Africa to the east, but only of western Asia, or of what may now be considered the Middle East Asiatic (journal).

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    Killer bees, Nutria, Norway rats, Snakehead fish, asiatic deer, fire ants, cain toads are all examples of importing exotics gone wrong.. [On Hunting Pythons in Florida]

    Interesting observation about Russians being asiatic rather than european, I can see that being the case.. [Korea heating up]

    Whilst Buff is always the first, this red asiatic from a mixed bag is always second to open here.. [First Lily Blooms « Fairegarden]

    The most numerous type of Liliums at the Fairegarden, Longiflorum asiatic L.. [First Lily Blooms « Fairegarden]

    No name for this one, but it is most likely an asiatic due to time of bloom and lack of fragrance.. [First Lily Blooms « Fairegarden]

    BTW any advice on when to buy Lilium bulbs asiatic. [A Royal Fantasy « Fairegarden]

    I am usually not a fan of asiatic lilies, but you have made me a convert.. [A Royal Fantasy « Fairegarden]

    Sure, get a more asiatic looking huge-dude if you don't like Dante, but anyone who thinks he's too "big" is nuts.. [More casting tidbits]

    Isaac khal drogo isn't going to look "native american" or "asiatic". they're shooting in morocco so they'll use middle-easterners to play the dothraki. who wants to see a distinctly japanese dude leading a middle-eastern horde? i can't tell this guy's ethnicity but with the right wig i think he'd be fine.. [More casting tidbits]

    The Mediterranean is a bigass melting pot of genetic code, though, so perhaps they can find enough people with somewhat asiatic features and the right skin tone.. [By George, I think we got it!]

    New this spring are the bamboo teepees in the centers planted with one each of Lilliums Chinese trumpet ‘African Queen’, ‘Lady Alice’ and asiatic ‘Tiger Babies’.. [Follow The Foliage « Fairegarden]

    Other asiatic, oriental and orienpet lilies will join the fun soon.. [Dealing With The Daylily Hill-It Is Imperative « Fairegarden]

    If you want to see an asiatic in a leading role got to japan or china, i dont want to go to the cinema to see a movie without being able to relate to any character, it seems like minorities are starting to discriminate "majorities".. [Marketing Up’s Asian-American Lead Character | /Film]

    She lies about her experience, inflates her resume, has an excuse why she can't bother to vote in elections (although she apparently exceeded the record for mammalian gestation in her difficult pregnancy, the asiatic elephant only has a 22 month gestation).. [Sound Politics: Re: Seattle Times Endorses Reichert]

    Here's a video of a rare asiatic lion cub recently born at a japanese zoo.. [ April 2008 Archives]

    These are the buds from a tall, robust dark orange asiatic hybrid lily.. [First Lilium and Other Tidbits « Fairegarden]

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    (i)., (s). Asyalı; (s). Asya kıtasına veya halkına ait.(i)., (s). Asyalı; (s). Asya kıtasına veya halkına ait.

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    @naval You cannot imagine any US/EU/asiatic city overruling its government in this fashion. Nobody with the credibi…

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