Word ASK
Character 3
Hyphenation ask
Pronunciations /ˈask/

Definitions and meanings of "Ask"

What do we mean by ask?

To put a question to. intransitive verb

To seek an answer to. intransitive verb

To seek information about. intransitive verb

To make a request of. intransitive verb

To make a request for. Often used with an infinitive or clause. intransitive verb

To require or call for as a price or condition. intransitive verb

To expect or demand. intransitive verb

To invite. intransitive verb

To publish, as marriage banns. intransitive verb

To make inquiry; seek information. intransitive verb

To make a request. intransitive verb

To invite (someone) to a social engagement. phrasal verb

(it/trouble) To persist in an action despite the likelihood that it will result in difficulty or punishment. idiom

To request; seek by words to obtain; petition for: commonly with of, in the sense of from, before the person to whom the request is made.

To demand, expect, or claim: with for: as, what price do you ask, or ask for it?

To solicit from; request of: with a personal object, and with or without for before the thing desired: as, I ask you a great favor; to ask one for a drink of water.

To require as necessary or useful; demand; exact.

To interrogate or inquire of; put a question to.

To inquire concerning; seek to be informed about: as, to ask the way; to ask a question.

An act or instance of asking.

Something asked or asked for.

An asking price.

The archaic form of the question verb, "to axe." Urban Dictionary

Verb: to present a question, or to request something. Misused by stupid British soccer commentators as a substitute for job, task, or assignment. The same commentators also butcher the language by using "take" in place of control, take possession, or catch. Urban Dictionary

Common term used in place of a sale amount by shady car sales consigners in order to make a larger consignment sum without the owner knowing. Urban Dictionary

One of the thousands of search engines available in the United States but is nowhere near as cool as google or yahoo because it does not offer an add URL service for free, cheap asses. Urban Dictionary

What you say after some one makes a pointless, or just dumb remark. kind of like "did i ask you??" but just shortened. Urban Dictionary

Something you don't do when a guy is trying to chat you up ina bar and youy are about to knee him in his "privates" aka the things that men like to scratch in public Urban Dictionary

To behave in a way that invites trouble Urban Dictionary

A sarcastic phrase that re-frames your polite request as a demand. Urban Dictionary

A hairy boy with a huge penis Urban Dictionary

Something I didn't do Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Ask

The word "ask" in example sentences

CofifuU y to Advife with or ask Advice of any one: To confult an Author, is the fame as to fee what is his 0« pintoo of the Matcen CarfulfMfian, (Lar J an ask'* iagor taking Counfel or Ad« ❋ Unknown (1707)

The word ask should be understood as a continual asking or constant request. ❋ JONATHAN FALWELL (2008)

Which I suppose is as it should be, I mean if you can't refuse to do everything the label ask you to do what's the point in being in a massive pop group, right?

Wikipedia:Bond seeks revenge for the death of Vesper Lynddoesn't this movie and its title ask, what will Mr. Bond do for his quantum of solace? ❋ Unknown (2008)

Notice that the president also employed anaphora in the initial repetition of the word "ask." ❋ Michael Dirda (2011)

Goldline's "ask" is the price it charges clients for a product. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Of course — the logical question to ask is why so many feel the need to simmer silently and not confront what they perceive as wrong. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The next question to ask is whether or not the law discriminates against out-of-staters. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Did you know that upon engaging in a friendly conversation with an Israeli, among the first questions he may ask is “how much did your house cost” and “how much do you make every month?” ❋ Unknown (2010)

The reason I ask is I've had no success this year but I still have fun doin 'it! ❋ Unknown (2009)

The only thing they ask is the desire to continue their reasonable religious practices such as keeping a Kosher/Halal house. ❋ Unknown (2010)

To compare a $750,000 ask to Bellevue's $285 million ask is ridiculous by 3 orders of magnitude. ❋ Unknown (2010)

So Aetna or whoever goes to the state insurance commission and says “we have seen the error of our ways so we are now going to offer health insurance to whoever walks in the door ... the only the question we are going to ask is age so we can give younger people a 50% break since costs are dramatically lower”. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The only thing I ask is that you keep your crying and whining to yourself when you wake up and find that YOUR Freedom and Liberty are gone, the same as mine. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The question one must ask is how much money are the Bishops getting from the insurance industry? ❋ Unknown (2009)

What, I hear you ask, is the connection with Jimmy Edwards? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Why, people in the Third World ask, is the United States administering different medicine to itself? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Being from the late 20th century, [Fry's] mispronunciation of the interrogative question verb "[axe]" as "ask" is often lost among his confused [kinfolk]. ❋ Just Axe Leela (2011)

He will ask me what age I am. I can ask her for coffee. He has to stop [Messi] from scoring tonight: that's [a big ask]. The [goalkeeper] comes for the ball: that's a good take. ❋ Wuddy (2012)

He [Drew] me in with the "ask" price but in the end Im the one that got my [colon] [busted]. ❋ Empi (2010)

Who the hell would use ask if they could just use google and [rake] in the [dough] for their business advertising on the best [search engine] anywhere? ❋ Wwwgownsshopcom (2007)

[faggit]: i got a 100 on my [quiz] [smartass]: ask?? or faggit: i love pizza smartass: ask?? ❋ Fubrhh1432 (2009)

man: hey [gergous] (slips his arm around her waist) woman: hey (she smiles at him), can i ask you something? (woman [gos] in to whisper in his ear and then knees the man in his "[privates]") ❋ Jasmin Bryant (2005)

You ask for it with your [attitude] about [the game]. ❋ The Return Of Light Joker (2008)

"Phil can you [hand me] the [remote]? [Asking not asking]!" ❋ F-Stop FitzgeraldStop (2017)

[Watch out] for Aske! ❋ Lolzzer (2009)

"FUCK YOU!" "ASKED YOU! [Oh wait], no I didn't!!! [Fucking idiot] [delete your account] immediately and die also" ❋ Gronald Beesly (2020)

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