Character 10
Hyphenation as pi ra tion
Pronunciations /ˌæspəˈɹeɪʃən/

Definitions and meanings of "Aspiration"

What do we mean by aspiration?

Expulsion of breath in speech. noun

The pronunciation of a consonant with an aspirate. noun

A speech sound produced with an aspirate. noun

The act of breathing in; inhalation. noun

The process of removing fluids or gases from the body with a suction device. noun

A strong desire for high achievement. noun

An object of such desire; an ambition. noun

The staccato mark (which see, under staccato). noun

The drawing forward, in flight, against the direction of motion of a wind-current. See the extract. noun

The act of aspirating or breathing; a breath. noun

An aspirated sound; a phonetic breathing. noun

The act of aspiring or ardently desiring; an ardent wish or desire, chiefly after what is elevated or spiritual. noun

Aid; inspiration; countenance. noun

The act of removing a fluid, as pus or serum, from some cavity of the body, by means of a hollow needle or trocar connected with a suction-syringe. noun

Suction; the act or process of drawing air through (by some method of exhaustion), as opposed to the act or process of forcing it through—that is, to a blast. noun

Synonyms Longing, yearning. noun

The act of aspirating; the pronunciation of a letter with a full or strong emission of breath; an aspirated sound. noun

The act of breathing; a breath; an inspiration. noun

The act of aspiring or ardently desiring; an ardent wish or desire, chiefly after what is elevated or spiritual (with common adjunct adpositions being to and of).

Aspire: To have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongl Urban Dictionary

The wet spot left in the seat of the chair after a long meeting. Urban Dictionary

Someone who is constantly making out as if they are going to achieve something. Someone who forever gives the allusion they will become grand and better than everyone around them in order to be gazed at in awe without actually doing anything. Urban Dictionary

Something you should take care not to choke on, especially not in the vicinity of your boss. Urban Dictionary

To perspire around the area of the anus. Usually occurs between cheeks in temperate conditions or during excercise. More likely to occur in fat people. Leads to loss of body fluids, resulting in the need for rehydration. Has been known to leave an arse-shaped residue on plastic chairs, which may lead to public humiliation, social disintegration and polarisation. Be warned. Alternative spelling; asspire Urban Dictionary

Aspirations is something that someone has. It's similar to hot pants, but is more discreet. Urban Dictionary

North American euphemism for a member of the urban criminal class. This unusual occupation is usually mentioned in conjunction with the subject either being slain or being taken into custody for a violent or property-related crime. A relative of the subject usually points out that the subjects demise or incarceration comes at an extremely inopportune moment, ocurring just as they subject was "turning they(sic) life around." Urban Dictionary

*To be read in a news reader's monotone* (A very Generic definition.) A species of disheartened, sad-looking students who are going to appear for the JEE examination- an elimination process that aids in the shortlisting of students for engineering colleges in India. This species can be easily identified by having a look at their eyes, faces and bodies which appear dead, dull and anything but graceful respectively. They can be found behind stacks of Books or at hellish places called "coachings for JEE". Places where the probability of finding them- staying true to the JEE Aspirant spirit, I'd say psy^2- is relatively low include schools, and just any geographical location which makes them happy. These sad creatures have been to hell while preparing for this elimination process which has contributed immensely to their deranged appearances. They spend more than 8 hours studying on an average which I should appreciate but I don't because, they end up losing their love for learning before the actual learning even begins. Even so, their determination is commendable. They one ultimate goal in life; to get into an IIT. This goal sometimes causes happiness when achieved and other times i.e. most times causes dangerous impacts in their young minds- suicidal thoughts to begin with. Basically, these kids are messed up. Messed up by an exam- an exam that simply seeks out to eliminate 99.3% of applicants. I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for myself. Urban Dictionary

A 20 something woman who has had her heart broken into a million pieces so she decides not to date anyone. she is content with dying old and alone. Urban Dictionary

Korean economy car sold by Ford in the U.S. in the mid 90's. Low-powered, yet very economical and sturdy for a Kia. Urban Dictionary

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The word "aspiration" in example sentences

You cannot have too much of that yearning which we call aspiration, for, even though you do not attain your ideal, the efforts you make will bring nothing but blessing; while he who fails of attaining mere worldly goals is too often eaten up with the canker-worm of disappointed ambition. ❋ Orison Swett Marden (1887)

If my intense desire to see the friend, from whom I have parted, does not bring him from the other side of the world, or take me thither; if the mother's agonised prayer that her child should live has not prevented him from dying; experience certainly affords no presumption that the strong desire to be alive after death, which we call the aspiration after immortality, is any more likely to be gratified. ❋ Thomas Henry Huxley (1860)

Until then, you will need to tube feed your pup to keep them strong and also to prevent them from swallowing food into the lungs causing what we call aspiration pneumonia. ❋ Stephen Sheldon, DVM Pet Talk Vail, CO Colorado (2010)

That is a long-term aspiration which is very sensible. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If one's highest aspiration is to elicit rapid-fire answers to a narrow set of repetitive questions, either Williamsburg Collegiate or Army Basic Training at Fort Benning, Ga. will do just fine. ❋ Steve Nelson (2010)

The Hulk Destruction is the main aspiration of the Gameplay. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I support both the Israelis and the Palestinians in aspiration to live together peacefully. ❋ Unknown (2010)

They are to be avoided unless your aspiration is merely money and marketing. ❋ Odysseyworkshop (2010)

But he says silence isn't an option: My aspiration is to have my own show again. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Our aspiration is rather simple - to introduce these judges to the unemployment line. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The “rule of law” is no pious aspiration from a civics textbook. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I agree with you that envy in the sense of aspiration is good thing and it is a pity that the Labour Party are intent on squashing aspiration with high taxes and especially progressive taxes. ❋ Newmania (2008)

It is Papua New Guinea's long-term aspiration that Australia's development assistance cease and that is obviously something which Australia supports. ❋ Unknown (2009)

So low aspiration is not a separate problem from racism; it's a mechanism of action of racism, or at least of marginalisation. ❋ Amuchmoreexotic (2007)

The aspiration is out-moded, pretty much intolerable given the political climate and the likely uses it would be put to (if anyone bothered picking it up). ❋ Unknown (2007)

Here, her highest aspiration is to be the girlfriend of a normal-statured tom cruise. ❋ Unknown (2007)

This place should be called [ASPIRE]; I thought I had good [ambition], however after [working out] at [Aspire], I now have great ambition! jasonJeffworkoutsweatweights ❋ Winnipegdude (2013)

When the meeting adjourned and everyone arose from their [chairs], their [aspiration] was clearly visible on [the plastic] seats. ❋ BaptistMonk (2009)

Araziel is always talking to her friends and family about how she is [aspiring] to become a great artist and will be highly regarded as an intellectual in the field. In reality, Araziel (real name Elizabeth) is a [first year] [uni] student who just smokes pot and takes selfies in her gym clothes. She has never in reality studied art for a second and knows nothing about it. Therefore Araziel is an 'aspiring artist' and 'ain't done shit!' ❋ Tucuman Munyo (2013)

Be [careful] not to [choke] on your aspirations. ❋ Intelligence001 (2019)

"Jesus [bhoy], I've got some [sweaty arse] crack....You mean you're aspiring?....What? No, [fuck off you cunt], I've just got a sweaty arse!....Do you aspire a lot? I bet you do, you fat lump of shit" ❋ Willystroker (2007)

boy1: do you have aspirations for our [new hot] [sub]? boy2: no, but I have aspirations for your mom! boy3: [zing]! ❋ Vlademir Putin (2007)

Special K [Icey] Eight had a checkered past, but his mother insisted he was a "good boy" who was just turning his life around, when the [aspiring rapper] was [gunned down] by a homeowner after breaking into the house via the kitchen window. ❋ Chuckii Booker (2012)

[Kalpit]: (with tears) *whispering* I was an IITJEE aspirant too. [Aman]: *[sighing]* Yeah...we were screwed from the beginning. No one: Not a soul: Me: Why did I ever decide to pursue engineering and become an IITJEE aspirant?! ❋ Do Not Forget Me (2019)

[Good luck] [trying to] [date] her she is an aspiring spinster. ❋ HannaH Louise (2011)

That Ford Aspire [kinda] looks like a [Honda Civic], except it got hit with an [ugly stick]. ❋ Rayon The Robot (2006)

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