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Definitions of "assegai"

  • A light spear or lance, especially one with a short shaft and long blade for close combat, used by Bantu peoples of southern Africa. noun
  • A southern African tree (Curtisia dentata) having wood used for making spears or lances. noun
  • A slim hardwood spear or javelin with an iron tip, especially those used by Bantu peoples of Southern Africa. noun
  • The tree species Curtisia dentata, because its wood is traditionally used to made assegais. noun
  • To spear with an assegai. verb
  • Same as assagai. noun
  • See assagai.
  • the slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africa noun

The word "assegai" in example sentences

Another example, the Zulu warriors that fought the British over in Africa used the assegai, which is really just a fancy spear and couldn't make any Spartan jaws drop in awe, maybe in laughter or curiosity, but certainly not in awe.. [Down under on the right side]

Bushman (who does not desire to kill them!) and the slender "assegai" of the Bechuana, the lion has little or no fear of man.. [Popular Adventure Tales]

The sergeant, in the act of climbing over the tailboard, let out a hell of a shriek; I glimpsed his face, red and staring, and his arm flung out to point, and then his eyes stared horribly, and he slumped down into the dust, with a throwing assegai between his shoulders, his limbs thrashing wildly.. [Watershed]

I came dizzily to my feet, to stare at the empty ravine, with a great black cloud billowing in the air above it, a few shreds of rope and timber dangling from the far lip, and on this side, lying in the dust, a single assegai.. [Watershed]

Suddenly Ki-Gor was beside him, hacking and stabbing with the assegai.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

His spine prickling, Ki-Gor stepped back a pace and shifted his grip on the assegai blade.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

Silently, he offered the butt end of his assegai for Robert to hold, and the oddly assorted pair moved slowly down the path.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

Ki-Gor landed lightly on his feet and instantly struck with the assegai blade in his right hand.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

Ki-Gor reached down, shook Helene's shoulder roughly, and seized the blade of the assegai.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

At the head of the party, Ki-Gor picked his way cautiously, an assegai held ready in his right hand.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

It was a small, flimsy assegai the Pygmies had given him, and it was all but useless in the important business of hunting game.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

Into their midst, Ki-Gor stepped, an assegai in each hand.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

He squatted on his haunches beside her, and tried to keep himself awake by whittling a handle for the assegai blade.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

Ki-Gor did not answer for a moment, but stood fingering his assegai, and watching the gorilla-men.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

Ki-Gor wore a long knife in a scabbard strapped around his waist, and in each hand he carried a broad-bladed M'balla assegai.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

It was the wide, shovel-shaped blade of a Bantu assegai.. [The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna]

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@bacid_: Lukaku sharp like an assegai #PSGMUFC


Lukaku sharp like an assegai #PSGMUFC


@BustingSa @wtftumi Correct analogy would be for her to be holding an assegai or a weaved basket. Then you’d have t…


an assegai is an embarkation: litterless and yobbish


Assegai bıçağı da bıçak gibi bıçaktır hani.

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