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The word "assembly-language" in example sentences

Award-winning assembly-language animation running on a classic Mac ❋ Unknown (2009)

Crowther managed to keep the detailed steps of assembly-language programming straight in his head without getting lost. ❋ Katie Hafner (2001)

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility computer programming advanced techniques of assembly-language conversational courses in disparate languages of early complexities of educational e-mail machine-language medical natural-language computers: ❋ Katie Hafner (2001)

Unskilled programmers often ended up writing assembly-language programs that wandered aimlessly, like some hapless Arctic expedition in a blizzard. ❋ Katie Hafner (2001)

Keywords: x86 Assemby Language ASM FAQ General Archive-Name: assembly-language/x86/general/part2 ❋ Unknown (1998)

Keywords: x86 Assemby Language ASM FAQ General Archive-Name: assembly-language/x86/general/part3 ❋ Unknown (1998)

Optimized LEA Instruction Many assembly-language programmers are in the habit of using, for example, LEA SI, MEMLOC instead of the equivalent MOV SI, OFFSET MEMLOC to load an immediate value that represents the pointer to a memory location. ❋ Unknown (1990)

Most assembly-language lines start with a built-in instruction mnemonic such as MOV or ADD. ❋ Unknown (1990)

CHAPTER 3 OPERATION AND REQUIREMENTS Creating Programs to Assemble Before you invoke A86 you must have an assembly-language source program to assemble. ❋ Unknown (1990)

The only reason that 99% of the assembly-language programs out there in the world have operands in a separate column is that some IBM assembler written back in 1953 required it. ❋ Unknown (1990)

I'm poking a machine-language program into the memory from BASIC, then converting the machine code into assembly-language economics. ❋ Francis, Dick, 1920- (1981)

This optimization might be needed in assembly-language code, but no modern compiler should generate code for a loop with the test at the top and an unconditional branch at the bottom. ❋ Unknown (2008)

These programs may also be useful as models for assembly-language programs that could manipulate larger numbers and run faster. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Once its disk appeared, we quickly migrated to it after transliterating assembly-language commands to the PDP-11 dialect, and porting those already in B. ❋ Unknown (2008)

a "road map" to the software and the rest of the documentation the user interface guidelines an introduction to memory management (the least you need to know, with a complete discussion following in Volume II) some general information for assembly-language programmers ❋ Unknown (2008)

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