Definitions and meanings of "Assets"

What do we mean by assets?

Something or someone of any value; any portion of one's property or effects so considered.

Any component, model, process or framework of value that can be leveraged or reused.

An intelligence asset.

(usually in the plural) The private parts; a woman's breasts or buttocks, or a man's genitalia.

A person's body, as in boobs, butt, hips, etc.  Urban Dictionary

To convert something into, or treat as as asset.  Urban Dictionary

Sarcastic slang term used to refer to a particularly ineffective/incompetent female firefighter. Assets are often protected and given false praise because no chief or administrator has the balls to terminate a female who can't do the job. After years of being sheltered from reality and held to a lower standard than their male couterparts, the assets will often believe the bullshit said about them and develop a false sense of worth. At that point you're stuck with them forever.  Urban Dictionary

Having a nice set of boobs and a nice ass. This definition is derived from splitting apart the word "asset" to get "ass" and "set".  Urban Dictionary

1. Anything owned or is owed to a person, business, company, or group. 2. a CIA assassin  Urban Dictionary

When your ass is your best attribute, this could also happen by default if your chest is as flat as a wall  Urban Dictionary

A little miniature donkey.  Urban Dictionary

When a woman who is storing her Moneybrallet style (cash tucked into a bra) is both showing some cleavage and also doesn't have the money tucked all the way into her bra, so some or most of the cash is visible in the cleavage. This is especially the case when the bills being stored are tips accumulated on the job. This can be done for several reasons: 1) Strippers stuffing their bra with extra money to make the other strippers jealous 2) To deter any gay muggers from trying to take your money, cause let's face it, if they know it's stored in your boobs, they won't want it anymore. 3) Waitresses with boyfriends who know that if they leave their assets sticking out of their assets, their boyfriend will always be able to remind them where they put their money in case they forget. 4) Women who are so desperate for attention that they need EVERYONE to stare at their cleavage, including gay jews.  Urban Dictionary

A small sized or petite butt. considered cute by the posessor of the butt, or people who tend to like small butts  Urban Dictionary

An appetizer that is served directly from the anal cavity.  Urban Dictionary

The word "assets" in example sentences

How to use assets in a sentence? Example sentences with the assets, a sentence example for assets, and how to make assets in sample sentence, how do I use the word assets in a sentence? How do you spell assets in a sentence?

The IRS estimates that about $5 trillion in assets is held in tax havens worldwide. ❋ Unknown (2009)

When Treasury buys assets at auction, an institution that has sold more than $300 million in assets is subject to additional taxes, including a 20% excise tax on golden parachute payments triggered by events other than retirement, and tax deduction limits for compensation limits above $500,000. ❋ Unknown (2008)

BLITZER: And do you believe that any of your what they call assets overseas have been hurt, arrested, picked up, tortured, because your identity was released? ❋ Unknown (2007)

In my history I've always found it imperative to start by getting a clear understanding of the company's enterprise level value assets which I define as the assets that help us build and sustain a competitive advantage. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Any decline we have in what we call assets under administration as related to the market decline. ❋ Unknown (2008)

While most corporations protect your personal assets from the corporation’s liability, HOA corporations do exactly the opposite, since one of an HOA corporation’s assets is the right to the property of individual home owners. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Financial engineering and acquisition integration when it comes to new and old media assets is the bomb, as you plot how to blend assets, what prices to pay, and the war of negotiation, tied into kick ass expense accounts, remuneration as well as equity and fixed cash upside. (compared to a startup where u have a vbig equity stake and need to pain/bootstrap valuation as far as possible for as long as possible before going to next level - you also dont have to rely on technical systems, other than macros in spreadsheets and some of the new fandangled ways of reading encrypted documents and not making copies, circulating them etc as detailed in paper yesterday for the PBL deal) ❋ Ben Barren (2006)

Matthew 25 Management Mark Mulholland Matthew 25 Fund, with about $51 million in assets, came in second in the latest contest, with a 12-month gain of 29.4%. ❋ Annelena Lobb (2010)

Those who inherit wealth have done nothing but been lucky to have sprung from wealthy loins; for this reason every civilisation has imposed a levy on the transfer of assets from the very wealthy to their children. ❋ Will Hutton (2010)

J.P. Morgan could still receive as much as $6.9 billion in assets, with no change from a prior proposed settlement. ❋ Dan Fitzpatrick (2010)

As part of the efforts by German authorities to crack down on alleged tax evaders, who are believed by German officials to hold around € 175 billion in assets in Switzerland, offices of Credit Suisse Group had been searched in Germany this summer. ❋ Goran Mijuk (2010)

It had net debt of € 53.89 billion at June 30 and plans to sell assets € 7 billion in assets this year. ❋ Christopher Bjork (2010)

Researcher Morningstar Inc. looks for top performers among funds with at least $50 million in assets and at least a three-year track record. ❋ Annelena Lobb (2010)

Just because the value produced by NASA and its assets is not easily measured, you cannot say it is irrelevant. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Loomis Sayles fund, with a recent $108 million in assets, returned 29.91% over the past 12 months. ❋ Annelena Lobb (2010)

Nor do we know why Paulson, et al, provided public subsidies to AIG, BAC, C, JPM, WFC, and the other "too-big-to-fail" s of Wall St Nation while WaMu was seized and sold on the same Thursday last September, $307B in assets being transferred to JPM's Dimon for a risible $1. 9B. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The plan was 700 billion to buy up toxic assets from the books of banks. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Bond giant Pacific Investment Management Co. has collected over $500 million in assets on two of its 12 ETFs since jumping into the business in June 2009, says Tom Lydon, president of Global Trends Investments and editor of the ETFTrends. com newsletter. ❋ Ari I. Weinberg (2010)

With $886 million in assets, the fund has turned in annualized five-year returns of 14.5%, good for best among its peers and a five-star rating from Morningstar Inc. ❋ Marshall Eckblad (2010)

[Damn], [that girl] has some [nice] assets! ❋ Allie (2005)

He assetized his [social] [account] ❋ Stretch915 (2009)

[The chief] told the newspaper that Kathy is a valued [asset] to the department. What a [bunch of bullshit], the stupid twat finds a new way to fuck up at every fire. ❋ IsThisNameBeingUsed (2010)

Dave: "Your sister has nice [assets]!" Tim: "Yeah she's going to have back problems one day." Dave: "And when she falls on her ass, she just bounces [back up]!" Tim: "[Easy now]..." ❋ M-Sizzle Brindizzle (2008)

1. a [building], car, or money are all examples of [assets]. 2. an asset was sent [to kill] john the other day. ❋ 3242935234 (2008)

[erika] is very [flat] but has a large asset so [its all good]. ❋ Tman (2005)

[Mother] [jackass] and her [baby] asset. ❋ Geriko1 (2006)

Your [assets] are [showing], and so are your other assets. ❋ Schnappoulop (2014)

Stop making fun of my [asset]! Many people [find it] [cute and adorable]! ❋ Cathlexeris (2011)

[Hitler] enjoys an assetizer with [every] [meal]. ❋ Upper_Decker_ (2011)

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