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Association Club (organization), an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal Trade association, an organization founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry Voluntary association, a body formed by individuals to accomplish a purpose, usually as volunteers .

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  • Plural form of association. noun

The word "associations" in example sentences

I could never quite rid myself of the name associations at once treacly stuff, ill-tasting, eventually poisonous.. [Working Title: "Third Persons"]

On the other hand, the majority of the word associations supplied by the American students related to internal moods.. [Crazy Like Us]

The word associations suggested that Americans experience the self as isolated within the individual mind.. [Crazy Like Us]

On the downtown nightclub scene, Young proposed expanding the police department's organized crime unit to investigate city nightclubs and what he described as their associations with international drug cartels.. [ Projo Local News]

Just throwing some keywords into your mind and coming up with some associations is a great way to start with a basic structure draft.. [How to Create an Article of 1,000+ Words in 90 Minutes or Less | Write to Done]

Few people better embody worldliness than this Bombay-born, Vienna-trained conductor, who has enjoyed long-term associations with many leading orchestras and opera houses world-wide.. [The Maestro's Israel Bonds]

You see the name Steven Spielberg and “dinosaurs”, and certain associations immediately spring to mind.. [TV Series Terra Nova Could See Steven Spielberg Again Work With Dinosaurs | /Film]

Get involved in associations tied to your career interests.. [Federal workers, start your networking engines]

The researchers found long-term associations (might we call them friendships?) between mature males and non-lactating females as well as among non-lactating females.. [Dr. Irene S. Levine: The Friendships of Humpback Whales]

Along with the economy, the war, and personal associations from the past, will science be taking center stage in this year's presidential elections?. [And Now For Something Completely Different... - Real Clear Politics –]

Specifically, as the name associations increased 1%, the company's reputation score increased 0.52% in the following year.. [The Surprising Role Of Fashion In Information Technology]

And I think it's because I'd make certain associations if, say, Mike Huckabee had adopted such a thing, or GWB's set designers had hit upon it.. [Your Right Hand Thief]

In ObamaWorld, any mention of his terrorist friends, white-hating church, or criminal associations is merely a “distraction” from the real issues, as defined by Barack Obama.. [Obama Slams McCain’s Energy Plan - The Caucus Blog -]

Can you see any White candidate in recent history getting away with what Obama has said and his long-term associations?. [Senior Obama Adviser: Obama Will "Take Fox On" In Appearance This Sunday]

Modern charros can be ranchers, business people and professionals banded together in associations to preserve charrería traditions.. [Charreada in Guadalajara]

There was no strong evidence of variation in associations by oophorectomy status, timing, route of or reason for procedure. (italics mine) Such is the value of longitudinal objectively measured data.. [Will a Hysterectomy Make You Fat?]

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Association - Never My Love (1967)
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The Association - Windy - 1967
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