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Insurance for your ass. Urban Dictionary

1. to make safe (as from risks or against overthrow) : insure 2. to give confidence to 3. to make sure or certain : convince 4. to inform positively 5. to make certain the coming or attainment of : guarantee Urban Dictionary

How "sure" you are on a particular subject Urban Dictionary

A word that some lawyer messed up Urban Dictionary

A phrase that is utilized to express positiveness, a guarantee, or just general "knowing" of a person, subject, or event. Urban Dictionary

Normally heard in the context of `mutually assured destruction`; when something is mutually assured, it is guaranteed to happen to both parties involved. This phrase is normally linked to discussions involving nuclear weapons, where `mutually assured destruction` means that we are all guaranteed to die. Urban Dictionary

Confidence in yourself and your abilities Urban Dictionary

An agreement between two groups of people that one thing or outcome is guaranteed to happen or be true. Urban Dictionary

In yester-year, when an honorary member of the Bro's of the Round Table became acquainted with a lady, and courted her in the finest eatery's of their time, if getting some booty was on the cards that night, coin would be assured. Urban Dictionary

Similar to the phrase, rest assured, only referring to confirmation a chick's breasts are real Urban Dictionary

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The word "assures" in example sentences

Roslin assures Lee that document would have gone through the proper legal channels. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Harvey Weinstein assures the LA Times that the date changes has nothing to do with the speculated poor financial health of the company, but instead the changes were made because early 2009 offers a better opportunity to be seen. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The win assures Pitt (9-3, 5-2) of a share of second place in the Big East. ❋ Unknown (2008)

“You have the power of observation and compassion necessary to penetrate to the depths of people and realize they are just as complicated as you are,” Godwin assures us. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The win assures Miami will have no worse than the fourth seed for the Eastern Conference playoffs. ❋ Unknown (2006)

This idea of "appellation contrôlée" in which a label assures the origins of a wine guarantees an authenticity that permits the soil to express all of its potential. ❋ Unknown (2005)

In today's Gazette, Symphony President Robert C. Griffin assures us that the Symphony board "deliberated long and hard before reaching this decision." ❋ David (2003)

The plea bargain assures that Nordenson will spend his life in prison, with no chance of parole. ❋ Unknown (2002)

It seems mighty convenient to telephone your grocer to send up a pound of butter and have it come all squeezed tight into a nice square-cornered cardboard box whose bright and multi-colored label assures you that the butter has been properly deodorized fumigated, washed, sterilized, antisepticized and conforms in every other respect to the Food and Drugs Act, Serial 1762973-A. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

They may in humble boldness remind their heavenly Father that his word assures them that they are in partnership with him, and, as they themselves are lacking in these particulars, ask him to be pleased to supply their need; and then they have _to believe_ that God will do it, and they shall receive according to their need. ❋ George M��ller (1851)

They may in humble boldness remind their heavenly Father that His word assures them that they are in partnership with Him, and, as they themselves are lacking in these particulars, ask Him to be pleased to supply their need; and then they have to believe that God will do it, and they shall receive according to their need. ❋ George M��ller (1851)

Godwin assures us that “you have enough self knowledge to take an imaginative leap from what you don’t understand about a character you’re trying to create to what you do understand about yourself.” ❋ Unknown (2007)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but until Scott McClellan once again assures the press that no one in the White House was the source, only then will you believe it. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Henry's answer, in Latin, assures them, "If the people of Flanders will behave towards ❋ James Endell Tyler (1820)

Today, that Made-in-Japan tag assures me of quality. ❋ Unknown (1986)

Buy assurance to [provide] [insurance] to [cover your ass]. ❋ Tirol Ski (2007)

2 : and [hereby] we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts — 1 John 3:19 3 : He [glanced] back to assure himself that no [onw] was following. 4 : I assure you that we can do it. 5 : The man worked hard to assure accuracy. ❋ Saugirl (2010)

My assurity is low on how [successful] [rocket] [boots] will be. ❋ William M. Buttlicker (2009)

what was that againg? [uhh] sure-ance? ❋ Yeap (2004)

Jake: "Was the party at [TJ's] really as [cool as] everyone said it was?" [Dre]: "Hell yeah man. Everyone was having a good time." Jake: "Man, for real? And I missed it?!" Dre: "Rest Assured Jake. You missed more than you'll ever know..." ❋ Stunna3098 (2011)

Hindsight is always 20-20 But looking [back it's] still a bit fuzzy Speak of [mutually assured destruction]? [Nice story]...tell it to Reader's Digest! - Megadeth, _Sweating Bullets_ ❋ Wingchild (2003)

But for girls who lack that armor of [self-assurance], the [insecurity] I felt after reading [Seventeen] must have been even more unbearable. ❋ Weeheh (2014)

It was mutually assured by [yo mama] and I that [you're a] [homo]. ❋ Firex (2003)

Bro: I'm taking [Wonda] out tonight... [Bro's] of the [Round Table]: Where you takin' this girl? Bro: Taco Bell Bro's of the Round Table: Taco Bell? Coin is assured. ❋ Brospect (2011)

I [thought] she [paid] for those, but breast assured, they are [real]! ❋ GlazeHer (2015)

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