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Definitions of "astrometry"

  • The scientific measurement of the positions and motions of celestial bodies. noun
  • the branch of astronomy that deals with the measurement of the positions and motions of celestial bodies, particularly stars. noun
  • The art of making measurements among the stars, or of determining their relative magnitudes. noun
  • The art of determining by measurement the apparent relative magnitude of the stars. noun
  • the branch of astronomy that deals with the measurement of the position and motion of celestial bodies noun

The word "astrometry" in example sentences

That research team used a different analysis method known as astrometry.. [ Top headlines]

The researchers found the planet using a method called astrometry, which precisely tracks the position of stars over time.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the technique, called astrometry, involves measuring the motions of a star as an unseen planet tugs the star back and forth.. [Latest News -]

One of the biggest requirements arguments was over an exact and usually uninteresting subfield of astronomy called astrometry, the study of how to measure precisely a star’s position in the sky.. [A Grand and Bold Thing]

The first player organizes his hand by type, for example he may have 3 "astrometry" cards, 2 "pulsar timing" cards, and 2 "direct imaging" cards.. [thing-a-day 2010]

The player above is able to use two of his "astrometry" detection cards on that star.. [thing-a-day 2010]

These, along with the two-element interferometers such as the Keck Observatory, contribute valuable observations and science such as astrometry, stellar diameters, binary star orbits, stellar accretion disks, stellar mass loss, sunspots on other stars, and more!. [Archive 2009-02-25]

The pipeline that read out the positions of all the objects on the sky, called the astrometric pipeline, was to be done by the U.S. Naval Observatory, which had a tradition in astrometry for navigation.. [A Grand and Bold Thing]

Gaia will be, in my opinion, the greatest of all, observing stars down to 12th magnitude, and doing astrometry, radial velocity and spectrophotometry – all made to a higher precision.. [Obama to Unveil "Ambitous" Plan for NASA | Universe Today]

Using astrometry to look for exoplanets has been around for 50 years, but it hadn't bagged a verified exoplanet – until, astronomers thought, earlier this year.. [Exoplanet Not Really There? | Universe Today]

In May 2009, astronomers were jubilant: finally, an extra solar planet had been found by using the method of astrometry.. [Exoplanet Not Really There? | Universe Today]

The astrometry method detects motion from side to side, perpendicular to the observer.. [Exoplanet Not Really There? | Universe Today]

Astronomers expect astrometry to work much better above the distorting effects of the atmosphere.. [Exoplanet Not Really There? | Universe Today]

The cool thing is that Hubble has been keeping itself scientifically busy doing astrometry (high accuracy positional measurements) with the Fine Guidance Sensor.. [An Update on Hubble]

Triangulation is used for many purposes, including surveying, navigation, metrology, astrometry, binocular vision and gun direction of weapons.. [Firedoglake » Democrats Fuming Over Feingold]

We present a companion of the \le 2 Myr young classical T Tauri star GQ Lup in the Lupus star forming region at 140 \pm 50 pc from imaging, astrometry, and spectroscopy.. [NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: April 2005 Archives]

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Directing board of the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS), meeting in Gran Canaria after…


@Jos_de_Bruijne: #Astrometry but not #GaiaMission: "Hint of curvature in the orbital motion of the exoplanet 51 Eridani b using 3 years…


The GEOFF fxed astrometry software and ran tests on PANOPTES software concluding with 6 failed tests out of 367.


@Jos_de_Bruijne: #Astrometry but not #GaiaMission: "Hint of curvature in the orbital motion of the exoplanet 51 Eridani b using 3 years…


#Astrometry but not #GaiaMission: "Hint of curvature in the orbital motion of the exoplanet 51 Eridani b using 3 ye…

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