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Hyphenation at trib u tive
Pronunciations /ə.ˈtɹɪ.bju.tɪv/

Definitions and meanings of "Attributive"

What do we mean by attributive?

A word or word group, such as an adjective, that is placed adjacent to the noun it modifies without a linking verb; for example, pale in the pale girl. noun

Of, relating to, or being an attributive, as an adjective. adjective

Of or having the nature of an attribution or attribute. adjective

Pertaining to or having the character of attribution: as, the attributive use or relation of certain words; attributive qualities or insignia; an attributive judgment (in logic).

In grammar, pertaining to or expressing an attribute; used (as a word) in direct description without predication: as, a bad pen, a burning house, a ruined man.

A word that denotes an attribute; esp. a modifying word joined to a noun; an adjective or adjective phrase. noun

Attributing; pertaining to, expressing, or assigning an attribute; of the nature of an attribute. adjective

Modifying a noun, while in the same phrase as that noun. adjective

Having the nature of an attribute. adjective

An attributive word or phrase (see above), contrasted with predicative. noun

Of adjectives; placed before the nouns they modify adjective

(grammar) An attributive word or phrase (see above), contrasted with predicative or substantive.

To consider as belonging: They attributed much of his great skill in swimming to his training; regardas having been caused or brought about by: She attributed his lilence to his proccupation wiht the problems on his mind. Urban Dictionary

The act of James being a lying asshole. Urban Dictionary

Attribute attribute Urban Dictionary

A way of wording an expression in a way that specifies which individual, entity, or other thing committed an act or caused something to happen. Urban Dictionary

In HTML, an attribute of the img tag that allows persnickety browsers to display text in place of the image, or to indicate the content of the image to the visually impaired and search engine spiders. Urban Dictionary

When a problem with a person is really a problem with the situation. We tend to attribute people’s behavior to their core character rather than to their situation. It's the Situation, Not the Person. Urban Dictionary

The tendency to mistake the superficial excitement derived from receiving text messages for the excitement bourne out of genuine chemistry between you and your text-happy new friend, especially prevalent in the budding stages of romance when a high degree of unfamiliarity is present between said parties. In the alternate context of an in-person or phone conversation, the same conversation would not be nearly as exciting. Urban Dictionary

'Stats 'n' specs of various items, in A-Z order: AAttributes: Da minutes of your last sobriety meeting. BATtributes: Details of either (1) baseball-whacking devices or (2) winged cave-dwelling mammals (bonus fact --- they are **not** blind!) CATtributes: Da specifics of what makes Garfield tick. DATtributes: Da nitty-gritty about modern recording-cassettes. EATtributes: How someone stuffs his face. FATtributes: Similar to da previous definition, except dat it measures how obese said face-stuffer gets from his debauched gluttony. GATTributes: Da specifics of da infamous "free 'n' fair worldwide commerce" resolution. HATtributes: Da fussy details about your headwear. JATtributes: Da unique culture of northeast-area inhabitants of India and Pakistan. KATTributes: Da airing-schedule and programming-themes of da OKC-based FM radio station. LATTributes: Da main plot of da famous "cute doggies nibbling da same strand of spaghetti" animated movie. MATtributes: Da make/model, dimensions, color, texture, firmness, etc. of yer exercise-pad. Urban Dictionary

BATtributes: Details of either a wooden baseball-whacker, or a flying cave-dweller. CATtributes: Da specifics of Mr. Furry-Purry. DATtributes: Da performance-specs of 21st-century audio-recording. FATtributes: How overweight someone is, and whether it's due to overeating, junk food, or a medial condition. GATTributes: Details of da infamous international-commerce accord which was much-frowned-upon by many countries. HATtributes: Da appearance, fit, and quality of head-wear. KATtributes: Da ingredients, size/weight, and texture/taste of da famous red-wrapped candy-bar. LATTE-ributes: How good your cup of milky espresso was. MATTE-ributes: Details of a non-glossy painting. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Attributive

The word "attributive" in example sentences

And sentences like 4 are what, following Geach [1960], I'll call attributive uses of “good”, because ❋ Schroeder, Mark (2008)

˜Fast™ and ˜big™ are what Geach has called attributive adjectives; ˜brown™ is called a predicative adjective. ❋ Miller, Barry (2002)

The word 'attributive' in logic embraces both the adjective and participle of grammar. ❋ St. George William Joseph Stock (N/A)

attributive: -s/-l directive: -is locative: -eBy renaming the genitive case as "attributive", we make it clearer that these endings are not just restricted to mere "possessives" or "ablatives" but rather we recognize their many other usages. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The survey was actually part of an advertising for a medical professional headhunter service, and was neither scientific, nor attributive. ❋ R_urell (2010)

A sublime poet, his literary output is as long as it is impressive and includes: Jaap Sahib, invoking the many attributive names of the Divine; Sawaiyyas (quatrains); Akal Ustat (Lauding the Timeless); Chandi Ki Var, a ballad depicting the eternal contest between good and evil; and Zafarnama (Epistle of Victory), a defiant letter to the Mughal Emperor. ❋ Ravinder Singh Taneja (2012)

I used an attributive, not a predicative adjective. ❋ Unknown (2010)

To shift the discussion just a bit, whether or not we say present participles and gerunds should be differentiated as distinct parts of speech, it still seems to me that except for in cases of a present participle in the slot of attributive adjective (ex/The steering wheel of my car is blue) gerunds and present participles take objects (I like driving my car). ❋ Unknown (2010)

It's true that attributive nouns are normally neutral with respect to number; so we say Toothpaste protects against tooth decay, even though we're talking about all our teeth, I sat in an armchair, even though the chair has two arms, and a five-pound note, a three-year-old child, and so on, even though in postmodifying position the expressions would be plural - a child of three years, a note worth five pounds. ❋ DC (2010)

[2] Bomhard/Kerns, The Nostratic macrofamily: A study in distant linguistic relationship (1994), p.161 (see link): Thus, in a consistent SOV language, an attributive adjective or a genitive precedes its 'head' noun, an adverb precedes its adjective or verb, a noun precedes its case ending or postposition, [...] ❋ Unknown (2010)

Especially in the placement of attributive adjectives and genetives, which often come after their noun in later texts, more typical of VO languages. ❋ Unknown (2010)

As they grappled with this attributive dilemma, medico-legal commentators came to see the wisdom of the alienists' hypothesis of insanity, endorsing substantial revisions of the common law of non compos mentis. ❋ Mary L. Dudziak (2008)

Care should be taken, however, to guard against an ambiguous use of an attributive noun... ❋ Judy (2008)

There seems little justification for restricting the attributive function to the singular noun, and such forms as the following ought also to be allowed: ❋ Judy (2008)

[Attribute] to [Rafi], as this songs is sing by Rafi and we devoted to this for [rafi] ❋ Papu (2006)

It's [called] attribution ❋ The Empire Did Nothing Wrong (2018)

She is a female [attribute]. He is [the son] of a [famous] male attribute. ❋ Bird 🕊 (2018)

An example of an 'indirect attribution' is, "It was determined that 'unless exempt by diplomatic status, all persons entering the United States, including U.S. citizens, are subject to examination and search by Customs and Border Patrol officers'." Transformed into a "[correct attribution]" that statement would say something like, "In August of 2009, [CBP] Directive 3340-049 laid out its policies on searching electronic devices....In the course of a border search, with or without individualized suspicion, an Officer may examine electronic devices and may review and analyze the information encountered at the border.” Though correctly attributing an action increases [transparency] and accountability, and generally furthers the common good, it takes more time to say and/or space to write. ❋ But For (2017)

In the event that an image displayed on a web page displays text or other information, the Alt attribute should be set with descriptive text so that persnickety browsers, visually impaired people, and search engines can read the description. A lot of SEO spammers get themselves banned from search engines by [keyword stuffing] their Alt attributes. Some accessibility nuts like to ruin a webmasters day by insisting that every blasted, non-informative image must have an "[Alt tag]". Some of us cave in to their nonsense by using [NiDE], but the truth is, there is no such thing as an Alt tag. Alt is an attribute of the img tag. ❋ Downstrike (2006)

“What a jerk!... see how he drives!” “Fundamental Attribution Error honey, I wonder the situation he’s in that’s causing him to drive so crazy.” "What do you mean?" "He is [the doctor] [in charge] of [emergency] at the hospital few blocks away... don´t you remember?" ❋ Rperazag (2010)

It's no wonder your romances always crash so hard after you finally get to know the person, all [the excitement] between you is nothing more than the anticipation and [reception] of text messages. It's classic Con-Textual Attribution Error. Similar to the excitement and subsequent [letdown] of Christmas. ❋ Mckwistonator (2011)

More examples of alphabetic attributes include: NATtributes: What makes Nathan his own unique self. OATtributes: Da quality and price of da grain dat you feed your hoofed-and-maned friend in da back yard. PATtributes: [Specifics] of either (1) when/how ya administer soothing/affectionate "laying on of hands", or (2) what's special about your Irish guy/[gal-pal]. QATtributes: Da appearance, growing-method, uses, etc. of da euphoria-producing flowering plant from Ethiopia. RATtributes: How Mr. [Mole's] best friend lives and thinks. SATtributes: Describes how students are forced to plant their butts for long periods to take a stupid end-of-term exam. TATtributes: Da "[getting even]" [specifics] dat [Madea] describes to Dr. Phil during their infamous "getters gettin' got" dialogue. VATtributes: Da dimensions, volume/capacity, etc. of large open-topped storage/processing tubs. WATTributes: Describes da quality/quantity of da angry pixies supplied by da power company. XATtributes: What a specific totem pole looks like, and da history behind it. YATtributes: Da unique qualities of New Orleans accents. ZATtributes: Za zhortcut of zaying, "Is that". ❋ QuacksO (2021)

Other examples of alphabetical attributes are: NATtributes: Da appearance and personality of Daniel [McCormick's] pint-sized side-kick in "Forever Young". PATtributes: Da dimensions of a slab of butter, [Trish's] particular qualities, or da delightfulness-level of gentle palm-bounces on someone's shoulder or head. RATtributes: Da anatomical details of everyone's least-favorite rodent. SATtributes: How someone rests on his butt, or da perceived difficulty/fairness of school-exams. TATtributes: How Madea defines her temper-management issues ("[I'm not angry]; I'm just gettin' da gotters!") VATtributes: Details regarding a large laboratory-basin. WATTributes: Da voltage and current of da "angry pixies" in an electrical circuit. ❋ QuacksO (2021)

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