Definitions and meanings of "Au"

What do we mean by au?

Abbreviation of atomic units.

Abbreviation of absorbance units.

'Au' is also a Finnish word and it means the same as 'ouch' in English.  Urban Dictionary

A sound made by those of island decent  Urban Dictionary

So you wanna know what it means, au? The word 'Au' Originally comes from the Maori Languge (of New Zealand) meaning 'friend' or something similair. It's used at the end of any/every scentance to round it off...usually used by "New Zealand Gangsta's"  Urban Dictionary

A very short surname that some people of Asian background have.  Urban Dictionary

The ugliest vehicle ever designed an produced in Australia. An absolute horror. Popular with bogans and shazzas. Not enough were destroyed in MI:2  Urban Dictionary

Stands for "american university" located in washington d.c. - also referred to as "gay jew" as there is a large homosexual as well as jewish population. - a school that is too expensive and spends most of its money planting pretty flowers in the quad - a good school  Urban Dictionary

Also the abbreviation for Aurora University - The complete opposite of American University.  Urban Dictionary

Used to represent excitement or sensations not easily expressable with words. Often used at the beginning of a phrase/insult or as a greeting as well.  Urban Dictionary

AU simply means alternate universe in fan fiction forums. You take a famous person and make them unfamous, make them "normal."  Urban Dictionary

1. A short used for "Alternate Universe" in fan fictions. 2. The measurement of distance between the earth and the sun, usually used in measurements, an abbreviation for "Astronomical Unit". 3. The abbreviation for the element "Gold" on the periodic table. 4. An short way to say "Australia"  Urban Dictionary

The word "au" in example sentences

How to use au in a sentence? Example sentences with the au, a sentence example for au, and how to make au in sample sentence, how do I use the word au in a sentence? How do you spell au in a sentence?

Even the churned foam from a paddle wheel is _café au lait_ with what a blue-jacket contemptuously referred to as "a little more of the _au lait! ❋ Donald Maxwell (1906)

They have real food, you can order a large latte without beeing sneered at, and the pain au chocolat is not the best I have had, but it is in the top three. ❋ Matociquala (2009)

In the office I googled ‘pain au chocolate’ and instead of receiving the usual error – ‘Did you mean “pain au chocolat”?’ ❋ Maxine (2009)

I snarfed without chewing savored a pain au chocolat. ❋ Unknown (2009)

These pastries include things like croissants, Danishes, pain au chocolate (both often made with croissant dough). ❋ Unknown (2009)

Even treats like pain au chocolate and brioche au sucre are not sweetened, despite their respective additions of chocolate and sugar. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Sorry, but I think expedia. is better than the rest. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Incubating Pain au Chocolat and a moment or two of this: ❋ Unknown (2010)

Here's an obscure example: it might be helpful knowing that a burger in a French café with the designation au cheval, is not, in fact made of horse meat, but simply the familiar beef patty topped with a fried egg. ❋ Michael Laiskonis (2010)

Please tell me you ate some pain au chocolat for me? ❋ Unknown (2008)

A: Viilsin vahingossa sormeni [auki]. (I accidentally [slit] my finger open.) B: [Au]. (Ouch.) ❋ Sirggu (2006)

au [bro].au i [smasha] [your face] ❋ Gamgetta (2004)

[WCC] Member1:Where the fuck have you been, au! WCC Member 2:I just been wit my missus- [mind your own business], cunt. [You got some] cock to talk to me like that, au. ❋ Kiwi-Babe (2005)

[KC] au [loves] [Shizzy]....... ❋ Nibbleton (2005)

[What a] [bogan], look at him in the [AU Falcon]! ❋ James (2004)

"I [went] to [AU]" "[Oh ok]!" ❋ Smart Grrrl (2005)

[Lets go] to [AU] tonight and get [trashed]! ❋ WordGenie (2004)

[Au au]! You are quite the ass. Au au! I do quite know what's in [the science] topic test... [Suckers]! ❋ Eugene Wong (2003)

In this story, [Elvis] never [sang] and he became a [chef]. ❋ Rayenna (2003)

1) In this [Undertale AU], [sans and papyrus] swap places. 2) The distance between the earth and pluto is approximately 34 AU. 3) AU is very expensive and rare, a very weak but [corrosion] resistant element. 4) For my last vacation, I went to AU. ❋ Just A Random Online Classer (2021)

What does au mean?

What does the word au mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word au in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with au and anagrams of au. Looking for online definition of au in the dictionary? Au explanation free. What is au? Meaning of au term.

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