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    I live in australian and my dream is to meet robert one day i would show him how women in australian can do it he would b smilin from ear 2 ear when i hav done wid him come 2 australia robert. [NYPD Slam Robert Pattinson’s Security Team]

    I agree.totally. the only other thing that pissed me off that you never mentioned was sam worthington’s here-and-then-gone-again australian accent. did they run out of americans to cast in american roles? i’m just sayin.. [REVIEW: Terminator Salvation « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more]

    Woolworths and Coles maybe more expensive but they are are 'australian'. [ | Top Stories]

    Planet-x. » Wakahuia » Fantasy Science Fiction australian Space Top new comics …. [ » Wakahuia » Fantasy Science Fiction australian Space Top new comics …]

    Planet-x. » Stephanie Alexander bestselling Australia books brisbane australian childrens. [ » Stephanie Alexander bestselling Australia books brisbane australian childrens]

    « Robin Hood disappoints as Iron Man 2 takes the box office »/Stephanie Alexander bestselling Australia books brisbane australian childrens ». [ » TV SHOW NEWS MAY 16TH: SMALLVILLE, FRINGE, LOST & MORE | Open …]

    Stephanie Alexander bestselling Australia books brisbane australian childrens. [ » Stephanie Alexander bestselling Australia books brisbane australian childrens]

    WOOT! rachel Sep 23 tim tams are a hugely popular australian BISCUIT.. [Tim Tam Semifreddo | Baking Bites]

    Flynn book rare top collectable best NEW books scifi Michael graphic – sf fiction Eifelheim comic Australia sci-fi space australian 10 comics greatest novels Novel genre science used Eifelheim – Michael Flynn – NEW Novel Hmm, this NEW is far more vigorous than that steadfast best.. [ » Eifelheim – Michael book rare top collectable best NEW]

    I was wondering did V specificaly want german turdsies and where they in some way superior to australian turdsies. better engineered. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Here’s what I did at six o’clock this morning.]

    You know they'll all be wasted because they'll be speaking in American accents. berdugo just curious if this is an australian produced film. theres like 8 aussies (and a few kiwis) in that list. highly unusual, but great non the less.. [First Look: Zack Snyder’s Legend of the Guardians | /Film]

    To this day, it amazes me that australian carriers still have these sorts of restrictions.. [No Free Tethering For Optus On iPhone | Lifehacker Australia]

    Over The Line | Tagged: australian media, censorship, freedom, freedom of speech, internet censorship, kevin ruddy fool, politics | Leave a Comment ». [2009 December « The Graveyard]

    Heroes Incredible by admin on Mar. 13, 2009, under Uncategorized who are some incredible australian heroes? eg … claire oliver, sophie delizio, etc … someone who has achieved amazing feats. jason mccartney?. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 6143]

    This australian spam reporting link may be of interest, based upon the Oz Spam Act 2003.. [Australia is a shit-hole for flakey fuckwits « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog]

    I also would like to see Grace (Sigourney Weaver) back in the next movies some how her charicter is realy cool and Sigourney is realy good in this movie not to say the other actors on the movie are bad like i am australian i can't bad mouth Sam in this movie go Sam Australia rules lol.. [James Cameron Planning ‘Avatar’ Trilogy, Director Tells MTV News » MTV Movies Blog]

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    @emmahusarmp: If I am not in #Parliament not sure what this place is. @australian

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