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What do we mean by author catalogue?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word author-catalogue. Define author-catalogue, author-catalogue synonyms, author-catalogue pronunciation, author-catalogue translation, English dictionary definition of author-catalogue.

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The word "author-catalogue" in example sentences

A catalogue attempting to combine these two, by appending to the author-catalogue a classed list of subjects, with a brief of authors under each, referring to the page on which the titles of their works may be found; or else, 4. ❋ Ainsworth Rand Spofford (N/A)

The reader who wants Darwin's "Origin of Species" finds it readily enough by the author-catalogue; but he wants, at the same time, to find other works on the same subject, and all the author-catalogues in the world will not help him to them. ❋ Ainsworth Rand Spofford (N/A)

Vols. 3 and 4 contain an alphabet of subjects, in which the titles re-appear, with a key alphabet in italic letters attached to each title, by which reference is made to the author-catalogue, at a fixed place, where all the works of the author are recorded. ❋ Ainsworth Rand Spofford (N/A)

He prepared a new author-catalogue in two volumes, folio. ❋ Unknown (1900)

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What does author catalogue mean?

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