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In reliability theory and reliability engineering, the term availability has the following meanings: The degree to which a system, subsystem or equipment is in a specified operable and committable state at the start of a mission, when the mission is called for at an unknown, i.e. a random, time. Simply put, availability is the proportion of time a system is in a functioning condition. This is often described as a mission capable rate. Mathematically, this is expressed as 100% minus unavailability. The ratio of (a) the total time a functional unit is capable of being used during a given interval to (b) the length of the interval.For example, a unit that is capable of being used 100 hours per week (168 hours) would have an availability of 100/168. However, typical availability values are specified in decimal (such as 0.9998). In high availability applications, a metric known as nines, corresponding to the number of nines following the decimal point, is used. With this convention, "five nines" equals 0.99999 (or 99.999%) availability. .

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Definitions of "available"

  • Present and ready for use; at hand; accessible: kept a fire extinguisher available at all times. adjective
  • Capable of being gotten; obtainable: a bedspread available in three colors. adjective
  • Qualified and willing to serve or assist: a list of available candidates; was not available for comment. adjective
  • Chemistry Capable of being used in a chemical reaction: available electrons. adjective
  • Botany Present, as in soil, and capable of being used by plants as a nutrient: available water; available minerals. adjective
  • Archaic Capable of bringing about a beneficial result or effect. adjective
  • Law Archaic Valid. Used especially of a plea. adjective
  • Such as one may avail one’s self of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose. adjective
  • Readily obtainable. adjective
  • Valid adjective
  • Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy to achieve the purpose; availing, effective. adjective
  • Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy, for the object; effectual; valid. adjective
  • Such as one may avail one's self of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose; usable; profitable; advantageous; convertible into a resource adjective
  • Profitable; advantageous; having efficacy.
  • Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy for the object; valid.
  • Capable of being used or employed with advantage; attainable; accessible; at one's disposal: as, his resources were not available at the time.
  • Advailable is a rare and obsolete form.
  • obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service adjective
  • convenient for use or disposal adjective

The word "available" in example sentences

If that's the best spin available, is it better than no spin at all???. [First on the Ticker: Palin will not run for re-election]

Perhaps the most important piece of information from IDPF's meeting in NYC was that overall sales increased when an author made his/her title available via ebook.. [Kindle and E-books, Wave of the future?]

"Recently, one of the region's Virgin Megastores included in its book section the Arabic translation of Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler, a title available worldwide in major bookstores and online," a statement said.. [Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

During physicals, Jan. 3 through 8 at the Daily News at its new location, 4 New York Plaza near the Staten Island Ferry terminal, all boxers in attendance are required to have their coaches present or obliged to have a name available for paperwork.. [NYDN Rss]

Now they've heroically made the title available again, not only as hard copy for £10 through print-on-demand, but also as a free PDF download (13. 55MB).. [Division of Labour]

The new tracks are thanks to a deal Sony has signed with Universal Music that will see hit songs from the label available on SingStore, the online store for SingStar on the PS3.. [Pocket-lint.com]

A few months ago, Time Magazine made a list of final candidates for this title available on its website and began collecting votes.. [Sam Sedaei: Iranian Protesters Win the Vote, But Time Picks Bernanke]

Note: We will not be making copies of this title available to large online retailers or our wholesale accounts.. [Subterranean Press » 2009 » July]

There are circumstances in which the only word available is “to persist”.. [SeeLight:]

This makes this title available to those who do not have book purchases in their budget.. [Review: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott]

Our goal was to make, and keep, this title available to people interested in space and in the history of the Apollo program.. [Rambles at starchamber.com » Blog Archive » Self-publishing comes of age]

Other criteria include matching or beating competing prices, and making a title available in all regions for which an author or publisher has rights.. [MacNN | The Macintosh News Network]

Collector's Choice Music currently has only one title available. [The 9513]

Facts On August 1, 2006, Entity A purchased a two-year bond, which it classified as available for sale.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

I was specifically referring to editions of this title available and playable on machines here.. [Home Theater Forum]

If you're more cerebral and prefer Backgammon, there's one title available that'll satiate your need for human competition.. [Pocket Gamer | www.pocketgamer.co.uk | Latest additions]

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(s). kullanışlı, hazır, elde mevcut; piyasada bulunan. availabil'ity, avail'ableness (i). hazır bulunma; muteber olma.(s). kullanışlı, hazır, elde mevcut; piyasada bulunan. availabil'ity, avail'ableness (i). hazır bulunma; muteber olma.

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