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Hyphenation av er age
Pronunciations /ˈævəɹɪd͡ʒ/

Definitions and meanings of "Average"

What do we mean by average?

A number that typifies a set of numbers of which it is a function. noun

An intermediate level or degree. noun

The usual or ordinary kind or quality. noun

The ratio of a team's or player's successful performances such as wins, hits, or goals, divided by total opportunities for successful performance, such as games, times at bat, or shots. noun

The loss of a ship or cargo, caused by damage at sea. noun

The incurrence of damage or loss of a ship or cargo at sea. noun

The equitable distribution of such a loss among concerned parties. noun

A charge incurred through such a loss. noun

Small expenses or charges that are usually paid by the master of a ship. noun

Of, relating to, or constituting an average. adjective

Being intermediate between extremes, as on a scale. adjective

Usual or ordinary in kind or character. adjective

Assessed in accordance with the law of averages. adjective

To calculate the average of. intransitive verb

To do or have an average of. intransitive verb

To distribute proportionately. intransitive verb

The arithmetic mean.

Any measure of central tendency, especially any mean, the median, or the mode.

(marine) Financial loss due to damage to transported goods; compensation for damage or loss.

Customs duty or similar charge payable on transported goods.

Proportional or equitable distribution of financial expense.

An indication of a player's ability calculated from his scoring record, etc.

(in the plural) In the corn trade, the medial price of the several kinds of grain in the principal corn markets.

Good Enough to bang after a few beers Urban Dictionary

Something that is good, but not quite up to par. Urban Dictionary

The weight grouping choice favored by fat girls at online dating sites. If she chooses "a few extra pounds", bring a harpoon and/or tranq rifle. Same with "ghetto booty". Holy hell. U.D. has been up this long and nobody submitted a definition for "average"? Urban Dictionary

Fat. Term used by just about every fat chick who ever placed a personals ad. Since the AVERAGE size for women is a size 14, fatties rejoyce in glee when they can use this instead of BBW. Urban Dictionary

Formally, "average" refers to one of two measures of a data set: The data set's mean: sum all the items in the data set and divide by the number of items summed. If three children have heights of 2 feet, 3 feet, and 5 feet, then their mean height is 3 and 1/3 feet. Imagine an extra-long yardstick. Now let's say we hang bowling balls of equal weight from the yardstick at the 2-foot mark, the 3-foot mark, and the 5-foot mark. Assuming the bowling balls don't all slide off, the yardstick should balance if it's held near the 3 and 1/3 foot mark. This is a general observation about the mean that might be helpful if you're wondering what to think of it. The data set's median, or its middle item. If three children have heights of 2 feet, 3 feet, and 5 feet, then their median height is 3 feet. Statisticians disagree on how the median is defined with respect to a data set with an even number of elements. It's really quite unfortunate the way "average" has come to mean two things. I strongly recommend the use of "mean" or "median" if you know what the fuck you're talking about. Informally, the word "average" is even more misused. I can accept sentences like "The average adult watches 4.5 hours of television a day," even though they're technically incorrect--a little rhetorical flourish is fine. But the commonly accepted meaning of "average" is certainly **not** "just under par", as some Urban Dictionary users seem to use it. Urban Dictionary

Adj Term used in solemn, resigned existential angst by a man or woman to describe something that was so horrible and painful that they couldn't possibly stand to relive it. Urban Dictionary

Rick Urban Dictionary

1. adj. to describe anything that while it functions to its minimal specification, it still sucks 2. adj. bad 3. n. one who is not good Urban Dictionary

A person typically between the ages of 15-30, of middle to upper middle economic class, whose values, interests, sense of humor, and outward appearance relentlessly conform to their immediate culture's norms of popularity. An averager's interests will change only to the extent that the most common fads and fashions within their age group change, and features of themselves that don't match these widespread norms are hidden away publically and forcibly repressed psychologically. Preferences and ideas that are not abundantly average/popular are immediately and outwardly valued as inferior, amazingly without any application of rational thought on the averager's part. Critical thinking skills are notoriously lacking, but if the image of being a "critical thinker" is popular, they will pay lip service to their critical thinking skills to their peers. The primary goal of an averager is to look, act, and think exactly like the centralized average group of people within their basic age group while demonizing and putting down non-averagers. Urban Dictionary

An average person is someone who Loves Harry Potter, hates Twilight, perfers google to yahoo, and enjoys playing with their socks during church! Urban Dictionary

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The word "average" in example sentences

At Tavoy, on the Tenasserim coast, the maximum rate of productiveness of the rice land was, in 1825, and is still believed to be, nearly the same as the average of Siam; while their _average_ was only twenty-fold. ❋ P. L. Simmonds (N/A)

The average weight of brain, in 278 Europeans, was 49.50 oz., in 24 White American soldiers, 52.06 oz., indicating a greater _average_ for the American brain. ❋ Ray Vaughn Pierce (1877)

_average_ novel of the third quarter of the century -- in a more than average but not of an extraordinary, transcendental, or quintessential condition -- Anthony Trollope is about as good a representative as can be found. ❋ George Saintsbury (1889)

f, densitometry of the bands from (e), normalized to β-actin; N = normal brain, S = sham, C = contra-lateral, I = ischemic; Graph depicts the average of at least three separate experiments, and the average+ / − the S.E.M. is shown; Panel III. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Means, medians, and modes are kinds of averages; usually, however, the term average refers to a mean. ❋ Unknown (2002)

The term average originally meant what is now distinguished as general average; and the expression ❋ Various (N/A)

What "Average" means - Many of us use the term average when we discuss metrics, this is a great primer to understand the term better. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The numbers are even higher in places like Chicago, where the average is almost $42,000. ❋ Akito Yoshikane (2010)

The long-term average is about 80%, and with current growth rates we should be there in a year. ❋ Brian S. Wesbury (2010)

Once decided that idea needs to be written, not once but rewritten several times (my average is around six drafts per story) ❋ Unknown (2010)

Sure, there's a litany of movies based on King's stories, and the average is about half-good and half-bad. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For some, the average turns out to be a recognizable image; for others the average is a colored blob. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Even for Pope and Young bucks, the average is around 21 yards. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Anyway the average is about two or three day and the risk could be called 15 per million per year. ❋ Newmania (2007)

[So what] do you think of her? well, She's average. So Would you do her? Well, if I was drunk and [I never] [had to] talk to her again. ❋ JP$ (2003)

Sally: Did you [shack up] last night? [Joanna]: Yes, at [Charlie's]. Sally: Well...how was it??!! Joanna: Eh, average. ❋ Annie May (2005)

Levi: WTF? There's no pics on this chick's profile. Nate: What's her weight entry say? Levi: Average. Profile says she's "curvy". Nate: Means she's average in American terms, not French. Her curves are rolls. Feminist from the [woodwork]: It's what's inside that counts! [Fat Goth] Girl: Fat girls need love too! Nate: *shotgun fires four times, once each and then once each to make sure* Not from me; and a tranny once told me the same thing about the inside. Levi: You only get what you give. Get back in your [badgerhole], ya bitch. ❋ Derek Peavey (2006)

[SWF], [30] average in [size] looking for an eating partner. ❋ Xzybit (2005)

The [average american] household has [2.4] cars and [2.5] children. ❋ "better Geeky Than Stupid" (2009)

Wife- "[Hi honey], how was [work]?" Husband- "[Oh], it was average." ❋ The Governor (2004)

[Rick] is average ❋ G (2003)

1. Man, my new [computer] is average. 2. That was a pretty average [performance] by my [local] sports team. 3. You are an average. ❋ Chewy (2005)

"Ugh! Let's leave. This [bar] couldn't have more averagers." "Don't [join] that [frat]! Look who's in it! It's just one averager after another." ❋ Wren1776 (2008)

most of [america], Average ❋ Thewoman (2010)

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