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Definitions of "ax-head"

  • The head or iron of an ax. Ancient ax-heads, formed of stone and sometimes of bronze, are called celts. noun

The word "ax-head" in example sentences

Elisha threw a light stick on the water, and the ax-head floated to the surface.. [Making Ax-Heads Float]

She snorted, ran at the guard, dodged the ax-head, and swung at him awkwardly with her hoofs, banging the ax-staff out of his hands, then knocking him out with a blow to his head.. [GUARDIAN OF THE VEIL]

Turlogh dropped his ax-head to the floor and his head was bowed.. [People of the Dark]

One of the horns flew from his helmet; then the ax-head itself fell away, and the same blow that severed the handle, bit through the Viking's helmet into the scalp beneath.. [People of the Dark]

He caught the sword of the first man on his ax-head and crushed in the wielder's breast with a murderous counter-stroke before he could step back or parry.. [The Bloody Crown of Conan]

He caught the sword of the first man on his ax-head and crushed in the wielder's breast with a murderous counterstroke before he could step back or parry.. [The Hour Of The Dragon]

At the foot of this pine was found a short, decayed ax-handle, and a broad-bladed, old-fashioned ax-head.. [History of the Donner Party, a Tragedy of the Sierra]

But he got hold of a bit of iron one day that he attempted to make into a corn-knife, but the stuff would not hold an edge, so he reasoned it would be a claw-hammer; but that would be a loss of overplus, and he tried to make an ax-head.. [The Lincoln Story Book]

One could not touch a saw or ax-head with the naked hand.. [The Girl from Keller's]

Elisha's making the ax-head swim, and the poisoned soup wholesome, were not to convince anybody, but merely to give help in the quickest way.. [On the Old Road, Vol. 2 (of 2) A Collection of Miscellaneous Essays and Articles on Art and Literature]

= An old weapon consisting of a broad ax-head fastened to. [Lady of the Lake]

Tender like a chuck roast, the rib was equal parts meat and fat across its ax-head expanse, battered and fried well and topped with a one-note green chile gravy.. [Austin360 - XL Headlines]

I recently read a 2007 article called “Summer Sabbath” in Faith Today in which the author connected the lost ax-head, which was borrowed, with Jesus’ parable of the talents.. [Making Ax-Heads Float]

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