Definitions and meanings of "Ay"

What do we mean by ay?

Used before me to express distress or regret. interjection

Ever; always; for ever; continually; for an indefinite time.

Ever: indefinitely, after if.

Ah! O! oh! an exclamation expressing surprise, interest, regret, etc., according to the manner of utterance.

Ay me! ah me! an expression of regret or sorrow.

See aye.

See aye. noun

See ey. noun

A sparkling wine taking its name from the town of Ay in the department of Marne, France. See champagne. noun

A common English digraph (pron. ā), formerly interchangeable in most instances with ai, but now the regular form when final, occurring medially only in certain positions. noun

Ah! alas! interjection

Same as aye. adverb

Ah! alas! interjection

Alternative spelling of aye ("yes") interjection

New Zealand spelling of eh (question tag) interjection

Always; ever. adverb

For an indefinite time. adjective

Ah! alas!

Latina phrase that can be used to express an emotional reaction.  Urban Dictionary

A way of saying hello  Urban Dictionary

A universal expression meaning yes. You can use it to say yes, even when you dont know the language. Of course, if you dont know the language, you dont know what you are saying yes to.  Urban Dictionary

Australian Slang: An abbreviation of the word "hey", sometimes used as an emphasizer at the end of a sentence. Most common in Queensland, particularly the north.  Urban Dictionary

A word used to catch somones attention when you have no clue what the persons name is even though you have known them for a couple or more years.  Urban Dictionary

Something you shout, then the people around you say it in response. does not have to be in unison.  Urban Dictionary

A Canadian filler word used in different situations to grab attention more slightly or to ilicit a response. It is also used as a question mark a little after a question is asked.  Urban Dictionary

A fucking dumb bitch  Urban Dictionary

Realy cool sexy girl with sense of humour and dirty mind. You can talk to her for anything and ask for a sex advice.  Urban Dictionary

A loud dumb piece of shit that is desperate to get Tik toks attention before school starts  Urban Dictionary

The word "ay" in example sentences

How to use ay in a sentence? Example sentences with the ay, a sentence example for ay, and how to make ay in sample sentence, how do I use the word ay in a sentence? How do you spell ay in a sentence?

'_Let them hang_,' ay -- (_ay_) 'and BURN TOO,' was 'the disposition' they had 'thwarted', -- measuring 'the quarry of _the quartered slaves_,' which it _would_ make, 'would the nobility but lay aside their ruth.' ❋ Delia Bacon (1835)

Imbes na pagbabago, imbes na kaunlaran, ang nasaksihan natin ay ang kabaligtaran. ❋ Unknown (2009)

'The laugh of an Uma-ay is an ominous sign, it means misfortune or even death,' the tribal hunter said in the Hiliga-onon dialect. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Ayun pagkatapos kumain ay nagpalit ako ng t-shirt para kunwari naligo pero hindi naman talaga tapos pumunta na kami kayla Keisha at sa daan nakoh .... ❋ Unknown (2006)

Pagbabang pagbaba namin ay bumuhos ang malakas na ulan. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Edi ayun binasa ko na at pagkatapos kong basahon ang dapat kong basahin ay tinanong na ako ni Sir ... ❋ Unknown (2006)

Ngayon, susubukan kong magpahaba uli ng buhok (bago ako kinasal, mahaba talaga ang buhok ko, tawag nga ng iba sa akin ay "si ponytail"). ❋ Dean Francis Alfar (2004)

Turkish tea or Çay is produced on the eastern Black Sea coast, which has a mild climate with high precipitation and fertile soil. ❋ Unknown (1995)

Sometimes I think it's what's meant by the unpardonable sin – ay, that I do! ❋ Lucy Maud (1912)

Ab in Hebrew, abba in Syriac, pater in Greek and Latin, vater in Low Dutch, pere in French, padre in Spanish and Italian, father in English -- ay, even the child's papa and the infant's daddy -- all come from one root. ❋ Emily Sarah Holt (1864)

Oh yeah Spock also "ends up" going back in time 25 years after that, and mean ol' Romulan guy is waiting for him, captures him and then proceeds to destroy Vulcan (and kills Spock's mom too the big meanie), and now we have 2 Spock's in one time and some junk that makes "Black holes" called "Red Matter" (imaginative name ay! cause it's matter, and it's red... get it?) ❋ Unknown (2009)

Well, we finally got our site assignment and we will be living in Siguatepeque See-watt-e-peck-ay, which is pretty much in the middle of the country. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Pg 27 Ang ganitong mga pahayag ng isang baka ay mas mahusay sa kaliwa hanggang sa ang mga mambabasa upang malaman para sa kanilang sarili. ❋ Unknown (2004)

And -- he loves her! ay, that is it, he loves her. ❋ Alfred B. Richards (N/A)

THE HONOURABLE G. HOWARD FERGUSON: Gentlemen: I have a very pleasant duty to perform to-ay, that is to present to you one who is by no means unknown in. ❋ Unknown (1940)

"Ay, ay, that is your Whiggish twist," said Mr. Hawley, who had been in the habit of saying apologetically that Farebrother was such a damned pleasant good-hearted fellow you would mistake him for a Tory. ❋ Unknown (1871)

"Ay, ay, that is your Whiggish twist," said Mr. Hawley, who had been in the habit of saying apologetically that Farebrother was such ❋ Unknown (1871)

"Oh ay, that is what folk always say!" murmurs she, and laid her down again. ❋ Emily Sarah Holt (1864)

Pleasure: [Ay Papi]! Damelo! Damelo! Frustration: [Ay] [Como] Fregas! ❋ The Kid! (2004)

ay. [how are ya]? ❋ R.todd (2003)

Brent: [Hola], [quiero] darme todos tu [dinero]? Joey: Ay! ❋ Dfault (2004)

[Bruce]: What did you do today Bruce? Bruce: I went to the pool [ay]! Bruce: [Ay] Bruce! Bruce: Ay! [Howsit]? ❋ Lucas (2004)

AY you, we gonna go to [the sausage] [fest] for our 50th [anniversary]? ❋ Sketter (2007)

person: [AYYYY]! group: [AYYYYYY]! person:AYYYY! group:AYYYY person: [AYYY]! group: *silent* one member in group : SHUT DOWNNN OHHH BURN ❋ Cows Go Moo (2006)

1.This guy looks real drunk ay? 2.Ay [check this] fool out some real [hard core] [Canadians] will even use it in the place of can you repeat that, holding the word ay a little longer in a guestioning tone ie: aayyy? ❋ Ekowwilson (2006)

“omg did u see [that girl] who [ran] over [the dog] she’s such an ay.” ❋ Kermitthefeog123 (2020)

Oh, I've got [vaginism]. I need to [talk to] [Ay]. ❋ Ioanaivanova (2020)

HOW IS [AY] NOT [TIK TOK FAMOUS] [YET]! ❋ Softish (2020)

What does ay mean?

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