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    (in azeri OF COURSE) but she doesn't listen to word i say. i eventually get into her face and say "GO" and she asks "you want me to leave?" lady! you've got to be kidding me here. she left. i locked the door.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

    (in azeri OF COURSE), but no she doesn't listen. she just comes right on in, smiling, laughing, and preceding to my kitched to check on those very pipes.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

    Idman uchun (for sport). even this morning a little girl asked me if i was running to the store and now i have my canned fast azeri response: I... [Archive 2009-02-01]

    I am sure you knew already, but just in case! scary azeri |. [à titre d’information…]

    Links to this post kids n guns the future of azeri nation. [Archive 2009-06-01]

    Labels: azeri ingenuity laundry: by hand somehow i've made it this far without doing my laundry by hand. well, today was the day. and i hope it worked out. i'm not sure. it is definitely a process. i hope to gain some arm muscles from it all. however, it was very gratifying to see my clothing hanging high up and on the line.. [Archive 2009-04-01]

    Monday, June 22, 2009 kids n guns the future of azeri nation. [The Fire Land: kids n guns]

    Camp Yay (the azeri word for summer) was three weeks long, four days a week, and with approximately 180 kids.. [Archive 2009-07-01]

    I take a very dim view of his Kazakhstan dealings; as president, he also helped short-change the people of Azerbaijan while pimping for the oil companies & the azeri oligarchy.. [Maybe Bill Is Lonely - The Caucus Blog -]

    In that time he decided to make film about azeri warriors.. [ - Photown News]

    Without a knowledge of russian or azeri you are making the most ap .... [Global Voices Online]

    While almost all Farda members including Azeri background people call the project to launch radio azeri for Iranians a disaster, Abbas Javadi threatened to fire people .... [بالاترین]

    In Urumiyyeh the azeri city in northwest, there are many different communities of Sunnis,. [Bloggers.Pakistan]

    Amir vahab & soroosh ensemble spring concert - middle eastern sufi and folk music (turkish, persian, azeri music). ['s Exclusive New York City Event Calendar : Art]

    : 03 pm yeah I'm with scary azeri on the idea that what makes it wrong isn't shared genetics but the fact one partner held the other as an infant.. [Natalia Antonova]

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    ការបង្រៀនក្នុងព្រះគម្ពីរ: ព្រះគម្ពីរគឺជាព្រះបន្ទូលរបស់ព្រះ: Javanais: Myanmar:…


    @phnompenhpost ការបង្រៀនក្នុងព្រះគម្ពីរ: ព្រះគម្ពីរគឺជាព្រះបន្ទូលរបស់ព្រះ: Javanais: Myanm…


    @fsahinturk84: 30-Aralık 2011’de Azeri kökenli Türk iş adamı Reza Zarrab’ın keşfettiği bir yöntemle ödeme altınla yapılmaya başlanacaktı…


    Mes lunettes geldileeeerr houhouuuyy🥳🥳

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