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A bait for eels, consisting of a bundle of live worms.

A shorter version of 'babe' or 'baby', but without the romantic connotation that normally comes with it. used for close friends or just as a general friendly term of endearment.  Urban Dictionary

Poo, shit, crap, turd. West yorkshire slang  Urban Dictionary

Boss ass bitch  Urban Dictionary

Acronym for "Bitch Ass Bitch" Someone who is a bitch ass bitch, i.e. a person with an undesirable attitude.  Urban Dictionary

West Yourkshire Slang for 'feces', 'poo', 'excrement', 'shit'. Quite an amusing term.  Urban Dictionary

The person that fill your heart with wholesome happiness and love. they have a great personality, smile, and booty. they’re cute on the streets and a freak in the sheets. they know how to make you laugh and feel better about yourself and the world  Urban Dictionary

A very good looking person; someone that is extremely hot. The opposite of a beb.  Urban Dictionary

Pussy, vagina, cooter  Urban Dictionary

Short for takeaway kebab  Urban Dictionary

Aka (bitch-ass-bitch)  Urban Dictionary

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How to use bab in a sentence? Example sentences with the bab, a sentence example for bab, and how to make bab in sample sentence, how do I use the word bab in a sentence? How do you spell bab in a sentence?

Nine-year-old Halima tried to copy bab, the Arabic word for “door.”   ❋ Bruce Lansky (1995)

They occasionally sent down about a thousand Baggara horsemen to that place, and their riders scouted around the bluff rocks and hills bordering the Nile on either side of the "bab," or water-gateway and rapids of Shabluka.   ❋ Bennet Burleigh (N/A)

Just to the north of the square we duck through a scalloped doorway, a bab in Arabic, into the mottled and crooked alleyways of the medina.   ❋ Richard Bangs (2011)

Yes | No | Report from bigbassfisher wrote 46 weeks 21 hours ago one time i got some twine and some bab wire and almost caught a bass   ❋ Unknown (2009)

August 20th, 2009 12: 35 pm ET so what will she do if this baby is her step-child? what will she tell her kids about this baby will her kids be brother and sisters to this bab? mypitts2   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Katie (bab) blogged the picture for Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas.   ❋ Nalini Singh (2008)

For answer he sent money, money extra upon what he had promised, as if the death of the bab had been my doing and he wanted to show me favor for it.   ❋ Justine Larbalestier (2010)

I'm doing very well because * drum rolls*, I met up with Katie (bab) and Christine whom I met from your blog here!   ❋ Nalini Singh (2008)

So then I got real be - zoomny myself, brothers, and hit out at them, but this bab - oochka said: "Toad, don't touch my kitties," and like scratched my litso.   ❋ John Myles Aavedal (2010)

We at Trusted Translations are excited to announce that this blog has been named as one of the Top 10 language professional blogs in the largest language blog competition hosted annually by and Lexiophiles.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Priscila on behalf of the and Lexiophiles team   ❋ Unknown (2010)

If you would like a special description to go along with your blog, just send me an email priscila at   ❋ Unknown (2010)

“The father of her bab,” I added after some more looking.   ❋ Justine Larbalestier (2010)

For my contract with him had only specified up to the birth, but now that the bab was gone, could not some other woman, without midwifing skills, be brought to the task of guarding my lady?   ❋ Justine Larbalestier (2010)

Before you or your husband send photos back and forth, rename them to something like Kids.bab or Kids.cac or any other made-up extension to follow the period.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

'you look really cute today!' 'aw, thanks bab!' ❋ Faerietail (2016)

Oooh, I need a bab. I've just done a right big bab ❋ Chris Byrne (2005)

Damn that girls a bab ❋ Lilllllo (2017)

Person A: "Damn, Bruce is being a huge bab today." Person B: "Nah... he's just being himself, he's always a bab." ❋ Luther McMasters (2005)

'i need a bab' 'too late, i've just babed myself' "/ 'it smells like bab!' ❋ Jim Jameth (2008)

Friend: who was that you were with earlier? me: oh! that was my bab! ❋ Daddy Splash (2018)

Damn, she is a bab!! ❋ Dwanwanwan (2010)

That foo ray be gettin a gang of bab. ❋ Fotweny (2004)

"oi boys lets go to the bab house i need sum munch" ❋ GeorgeStone (2007)

Mary Kate and Morgan can be such bab's. Especially when they are drunk. ❋ Filippo (2006)

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