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Hyphenation back
Pronunciations /bæk/

Definitions and meanings of "Back"

What do we mean by back?

The part of the trunk of the human body along and to the sides of the spine between the neck and the pelvis; the dorsum. noun

The analogous dorsal region in other animals. noun

The backbone or spine. noun

The part or area farthest from the front. noun

The part opposite to or behind that adapted for view or use. noun

The reverse side, as of a coin. noun

A part that supports or strengthens from the rear. noun

The part of a book where the pages are stitched or glued together into the binding. noun

The binding itself. noun

A player who takes a position behind the front line of other players in certain games, such as football and soccer. noun

In swimming, backstroke. noun

To cause to move backward or in a reverse direction. intransitive verb

To furnish or strengthen with a back or backing. intransitive verb

To provide with financial or moral support. intransitive verb

To be in favor of; endorse or advocate: synonym: support. intransitive verb

To provide with musical accompaniment. Often used with up. intransitive verb

The rear of the body, especially the part between the neck and the end of the spine and opposite the chest and belly.

That which is farthest away from the front.

Upper part of a natural object which is considered to resemble an animal's back.

A support or resource in reserve.

The keel and keelson of a ship.

The roof of a horizontal underground passage.

Effort, usually physical.

A non-alcoholic drink (often water or a soft drink), to go with hard liquor or a cocktail.

Among leather dealers, one of the thickest and stoutest tanned hides.

An especially fine woman's butt. Urban Dictionary

A reference to the buttocks, usually referred to woman who have a bigger than normal ass. Urban Dictionary

A back is a non-alcoholic drink served alongside a shot. Backs are also sometimes called chasers. Sometimes a small beer served alongside a shot is considered a back. Urban Dictionary

Being awesome, feeling awesome, or doing somthing awesome. Urban Dictionary

An elephant's penis. Urban Dictionary

Support. A term used to describe backup. Urban Dictionary

A back is a very useful part on the male human body which is very good for scratching up during sex while you have multiple orgasms. Urban Dictionary

The residue left in a crack pipe after the rock is smoked. The crackhead then uses the pusher the force the scrubber to the other end of the pipe to collect the back. The back can then smoked as well. Urban Dictionary

An invitation to go to someones house for 'coffee' Urban Dictionary

Consecutive - one after the other - successive Urban Dictionary

The word "back" in example sentences

The warm atmosphere radiates some of its energy back down to earth – this latter is sometimes termed “back radiation”. ❋ Unknown (2007)

'We will take New Orleans back' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = '\'We will take New Orleans back\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: Two years after Katrina tore through the mouth of the Mississippi, a New Orleans parent, after running an obstacle course that can take many months, is only sometimes able to place his or her child in a school. ' ❋ Unknown (2007)

It took all of me to hold back the tears when my dad told me to find him and bring him back… ❋ Goldylockz22 (2003)

My back folds in to ridges, where the water running down my back… carefully bounces and folds into the crevices, reaching an invisible body of flow, up and over the highlights of my skin… created from years of play in the sun… ❋ Ugotsoul (2003)

Nina needs help to roll from her belly to her back, so they put a circle that goes part way around ‘rolls belly to back’. ❋ Unknown (1999)

If we have gone out of the way Jesus will bring us back, _if we want to come back_. ❋ H. J. Wilmot-Buxton (N/A)

Nevertheless it was their turning back, or being _sent back_, as it was called, that gave a pretext to the slander that was then started. ❋ L. March Phillipps (N/A)

I have only recently been getting back a little: no, getting _back_ nothing, -- but some new life, out of a new world, I think. ❋ Various (N/A)

In the next issue he combined some of his smaller departments in the back; and thus, in 1896, he inaugurated the method of “running over into the back” which has now become a recognized principle in the make-up of magazines of larger size. ❋ Unknown (1921)

(_He lays back his ears and raises the hair along his back_.) ❋ 1873-1954 Colette (1913)

It was not a singing river, but to-day it seemed to have a song, "_Go back, go back_," it said; "_you have seen the world, you have seen the world_." ❋ Temple Bailey (1906)

By Jove, if he did n't back out, his fast-diminishing bank account would _back_ him out! ❋ Henry Irving Dodge (1906)

Once more they dipped the water, the canoe moved slowly -- with an effort, and as the paddles a second time paused in air, the canoe shot swiftly -- not forward to the embrace of the angry waters, but back -- _back at dizzy speed into the dark and dismal recesses of the lake_. ❋ William Murray Graydon (1905)

'Back to the world to take your punishment!' the ghost whispered, and oh, horror! she pushed her back with those terrible, bleeding hands -- _back_, down the slippery, slimy steps towards the crowd. ❋ Unknown (1905)

This is what it contained: -- _ "Four out from crow-clump: three left; nine out; two right; three back; two left; fourteen out; two left; seven out; one left; nine back; two right; six back; four right; seven back_." ❋ Rudyard Kipling (1900)

On the day of the trial, Mr. Logan, having bought a new shirt, open in the back, with a huge standing collar, dressed himself in extreme haste, and put on the shirt with the _bosom at the back_, a linen coat concealing the blunder. ❋ Unknown (1878)

Hindu-Kush and back again; in Egypt one sees most plainly how the Semitic, or the family which inclines towards Semitism, migrated frequently from the Mediterranean and the Euphrates to the Red Sea and _back again_. ❋ Unknown (1861)

The best way to save a drowning man is to approach him from behind, seize him under the armpits, and, then, getting on your back, draw him partly on to your breast and swim _on your back_ to the shore, or to a place of safety. ❋ Unknown (1859)

She thought she was back at East Lynne -- not _back_, in one sense, but that she seemed never to have gone away from it -- walking in the flower garden with Mr. Carlyle, while the three children played on the lawn. ❋ Henry Wood (1850)

So ladies (yeah), ladies (yeah) If you wanna role in my Mercedes (yeah) Then turn around [Stick it out] Even [white boys] got to shout [Baby got back] All credit humbly given to Sir-Mix-a-Lot ❋ Baby Got It Goin' On (2004)

"Daaaammmnnnnn, [baby got back]!" ❋ Alex A. (2003)

[Gimme] a shot of [whiskey] with a [coke back]. ❋ Learn To Swim (2008)

example 1 Dude 1."Dude i just [smoked] that [blunt]" Dude 2."How do you feel" Dude 1."I feel fuckin back!" [example 2]: "Holy shit i just caught a fly! im fuckin back!! ❋ 606 Brick Squad Big Joe (2010)

[Carolyn] [rode] [the Elephant's] back. ❋ Abscido (2010)

"Oh, [snap]! Don't mess [wit dat] [busta]! He got crazy back!" ❋ NT (2003)

[sid]: dude, my girl fucked me back up [ricky]: thats awesome sid: yeah, that means i [did good]. ❋ Mandythestoner (2004)

We [smoked] that whole 20 piece man. Well get the [pusher] so we can smoke [the back]. ❋ TheConcierge (2006)

['ere] [luv] d'ya want back. [awe] go'on. i bought ya a smirnie ice ❋ Deathbygirth (2004)

[I had] [three] [meetings] back to back ❋ Aaadrian (2006)

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