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Definitions of "background"

  • The ground or scenery located behind something. noun
  • The part of a pictorial representation that appears to be in the distance and that provides relief for the principal objects in the foreground. noun
  • The general scene or surface against which designs, patterns, or figures are represented or viewed. noun
  • A position or area of relative inconspicuousness or unimportance. noun
  • The circumstances and events surrounding or leading up to an event or occurrence. noun
  • A person's experience, training, and education: Her background in the arts is impressive. noun
  • Subdued music played especially as an accompaniment to dialogue in a dramatic performance. noun
  • Sound that intrudes on or interferes with an audio recording. noun
  • Low-level radiation, as from radioactive decay, that exists as part of the natural environment. noun
  • on background For publication but without specific attribution of the source: The Senator would only speak on background with the reporter about the crisis. idiom
  • on deep background For publication without any attribution of the source. idiom
  • One's social heritage; what one did in the past/previously. noun
  • A part of the picture that depicts scenery to the rear or behind the main subject; context. noun
  • Information relevant to the current situation about past events; history. noun
  • A less important feature of scenery (as opposed to foreground.) noun
  • The image or color, over which a computer's desktop items are show (e.g. icons or application windows). noun
  • Activity on a computer that is not normally visible to the user noun
  • To put in a position that is not prominent verb
  • Ground in the rear or behind, or in the distance, as opposed to the foreground, or the ground in front. noun

The word "background" in example sentences

I have no idea why the title background is gray at the beginning, but at least I figured out how to upload so the quality isn't total blur city.. [Ancient Grudge Match]

From the word background onward, I thought I was finished—with Fare anyhow, whatever long-term hopes I might have had about her.. [Noble Norfleet]

Oaxaca's zócalo, with facade of presidential palace in background, is a pleasant place to spend the afternoon.. [Oaxaca's zócalo, with facade of presidential palace in background, is a pleasant place to spend the afternoon.]

The label background is transparent regardless if themes are enabled and for some reason that screws it.. [Doom9's Forum]

We all do .... whatever your background is and whatever your circumstances are, what you can offer to those in need is hope.. [Arianna Huffington: Joe Klein and Diane Sawyer Tour the Real Reality: Are We on Our Way to a Media Tipping Point?]

But, whatever your background is and whatever your circumstances are, what you can offer to those in need is hope.. [Seth Reams: Change is Happening]

Any fishing trip with the Trenton Makes Bridge in the background is my kind of story!. [Cermele's Finest Failures: A Hook Shots Christmas Special]

For those who have noticed, in the background is a glimpse of the Cuban restaurant, Havana Central, which I mentioned once before when Sra came to visit.. [New York Monday: Broadway Malls : The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz]

In the background is the Channel of Constantinople.. [Archive 2009-04-01]

This background is a cityscape full of building and cars.. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » EWill79’s Review Forum]

The statue that can be seen in the background is the. [Work Camp 10029 GW]

But looming hugely and darkly in the background is advertising giant Do Evil Google, determined to rule not only online ads, but the world.. [MySpace sinks. Fa$ebook doesn’t.]

Therefore, trying to neglect the 'Tranformers' title and turn it into a soap opera with robot battles in the background is also a bad idea.. [Tyrese Gibson Returns for Transformers 3 | /Film]

I'm wondering how much I'm going to keep thinking, "Yes, of course your background is as a marketing exec," as I read these.. [Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway]

The glowing winery in the background is a neat contrast.. [Photo post: Hewitson 1853 Mourvedre – and Orlando (and a kookaburra) | Dr Vino's wine blog]

This is a new virus that most people don't have what we call background immunity to.. [CNN Transcript Jul 23, 2009]

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