Word BAD
Character 3
Hyphenation bad
Pronunciations /bæːd/

Definitions and meanings of "Bad"

What do we mean by bad?

Not achieving an adequate standard; poor. adjective

Immoral or evil. adjective

Vulgar or obscene. adjective

Disobedient or naughty. adjective

Disagreeable, unpleasant, or disturbing. adjective

Unfavorable. adjective

Not fresh; rotten or spoiled. adjective

Injurious in effect; detrimental. adjective

Not working properly; defective. adjective

Full of or exhibiting faults or errors. adjective

Having no validity; void. adjective

Being so far behind in repayment as to be considered a loss. adjective

Severe; intense. adjective

Being in poor health or in pain. adjective

Being in poor condition; diseased. adjective

Sorry; regretful. adjective

Very good; great. adjective

Something that is below standard or expectations, as of ethics or decency. noun

Badly. adverb

Error, mistake.

An item (or kind of item) of merchandise with negative value; an unwanted good.

Someone who is sexy beyond mean Urban Dictionary

What Michael Jackson told us he was all along. Urban Dictionary

Describes a girl that is sexy and you wanna fuck her. Urban Dictionary

Dope, good, tight Urban Dictionary

Describing a female/male appearance in a good way. Bad meaning you have a great body and it's fit. It's used to replace words like sexy and fine. Urban Dictionary

Baddd Urban Dictionary

Adjective used to describe a trendy woman. Good looking or attractive Envied and wanted by many Urban Dictionary

When you see a very good looking female. Urban Dictionary

Someone who is sexy beyond mean Urban Dictionary

Good / amazing - strange and can be VERY confusing Urban Dictionary

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The word "bad" in example sentences

Michael Bay is the Lord of Actoin, hands down! rava cant wait for bad boys3..bad boys 2 is my fav movie ever ❋ Unknown (2009)

I very agree with you: if the writing is bad, *the writing is bad*, no matter who it's aimed at. ❋ Neth (2008)

Public-choice says: the problem of bad motives is by virtue of the "symmetry assumption," mind you--not as a matter of evidence *so bad* that we need constitutional remedies, not merely the election of honest public servants. ❋ Unknown (2008)

How bad that I actually feel _bad_ for not knowing a few of those? ❋ Unknown (2007)

I had some bad resultsand I mean *bad* with a supposedly good cookbook a while back, so at least you know these will turn out! ❋ Unknown (2005)

I knew it would be bad, but I had no idea _how _bad. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Letting the super creamy German chocolate, become a velvety warm mass in my mouth. * bad, so bad* But I mean who can pass by chocolate with whole toasted hazlenuts, now really? ❋ Madrigle (2002)

"I ain't so _very_ bad off," one would say, "but that little fellow over yonder needs it _bad_; he's _powerful weak_, and he's been studying about buttermilk ever since he came in." ❋ Fannie A. Beers (N/A)

"That bad, _bad_ Dakota Joe!" interrupted the Indian girl with vehemence, her eyes flashing and the color deeping in her bronze cheeks. ❋ Alice B. Emerson (N/A)

However brilliant the talents of a writer may be, yet, if a book has a tendency to produce a bad effect upon the moral habits of the mind, that book is a _bad_ book. ❋ Edward Berens (N/A)

I'm a bad lot, I know -- well, an idle lot -- I don't think I am a _bad_ lot -- But it's no good your preaching to me while Betty's sticking pins into me like this. ❋ Humphry Ward (1885)

Borers, and Mr. Graham Anderson, who has had a very large and disagreeable experience of the effects of bad caste trees, informs me that he has "seen worse Borer under dense _bad_ caste shade than in open places in good soil on northern slopes." ❋ Unknown (1875)

But the integrated battery also means if something bad happens, then something * very bad* happens. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Essentially you're dealing with bad singletons - which are also _bad_ objects.

A bad man, a _bad_ man, was Mount Severn, "he emphatically added, as he rose and rang the bell. ❋ Henry Wood (1850)

Speaking on Belgium's VRT network, Leterme did not want to use the label "bad bank" to describe where the toxic assets may be parked, and voiced his hope that in the long-term they could earn "good money." ❋ Unknown (2011)

They also include the term "bad bank": a government institution that absorbs the foolish debt accrued by commercial banks. ❋ Unknown (2011)

We'd better straighten up and act like grownups, and I mean soon, or somethin 'bad is gonna happen, and its not going to discriminate between Red and Blue when it comes to dealin' out the big hurt. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[dam] she [hella bad]. ❋ NiSHA..hit Ma Aim (2009)

"[You know] I'm bad. I'm bad. [You know it]. Shum-on." ❋ Rusty Spell (2004)

Did you kick it with [Tiff] today? Yeah. [Fasho]..[She's bad]!! ❋ Shock Smoove (2007)

This [car is bad]! ❋ VAKI5 (2003)

sam: wussup [cuzin] [fy]: nuttin a female walks by sam: damnn [she's bad] fy :girl you bad ❋ ~Xo_Sex-c_Xo~ (2008)

bad ❋ Supreme Boss (2021)

I can't go to [the club] without a man/woman [tellin] me [how bad] i am. ❋ 513nympho (2007)

"[That girl] is bad!" ❋ Infinityx3 (2008)

[dam] they [hella bad] who's bad? ❋ ♥🗺☠ (2021)

whoa - those [trainers] are bad! [where'd] u [get 'em] from? ❋ Sophie (2003)

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