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Your bain is by far THE BEST survival weapon availible. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Among the inventions attributed to her is the double boiler commonly known as a bain-marie. ❋ Peggy (2008)

She is wearing a black maillot de bain, which is hidden beneath her paréo. ❋ Kristin Espinasse (2007)

And you get and tell May when she do come home, that 'tis particular glad I be for to know as her bain't took worse, nor nothing. ❋ Florence Henrietta Fisher Darwin (1892)

Traditionally, chocolate is melted in a manner which is called bain marie and involves either double boiler or a pan with a bowl on top of it.

The only "bain" that I could think of was my standard 13x9 glass baking tray. ❋ Nupur (2005)

"Theer! yo 'bain't so much as scratted, ma precious, is yo'?" she cried. ❋ Alfred Ollivant (1900)

I've even learned the word in multiple languages to save time, which is of the essence: salle de bain, bano, אמבטיה, Seomra Folctha, Koupelna. ❋ Hollye Harrington Jacobs (2011)

I've even learned the word in multiple languages to save time, which is of the essence: salle de bain, bano, אמבטי×, Seomra Folctha, Koupelna. ❋ Hollye Harrington Jacobs (2011)

Put the white chocolate, butter and double cream in a bain marie or bowl over a saucepan of barely simmering water, making sure that the base of the bowl does not touch the water (White chocolate will separate if it is melted over too high a heat). ❋ Mrs Frog (2009)

Given this is my first flirtation with cheesecakes, I'm struck by the difference in cooking methods – Nigella uses an oven a full 70 degrees hotter than Marcus Wareing, for a start, and swears by a bain marie for her London cheesecake: "I cannot tell you how much the velvety smoothess is enhanced" she confides – "once you've tried it this way, you won't even consider cooking it any other." ❋ Unknown (2011)

Almost 48 hours earlier, on Friday the 26th -- a beautiful August day, a warm bain de soleil -- miles before any talk of Tornados -- I strolled the two blocks to the supermarket, carrying my two-handed golf-umbrella just in case of another earthquake. ❋ Marc Philippe Eskenazi (2011)

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