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Definitions of "balneotherapy"

  • The therapeutic use of thermal baths. noun
  • The treatment of disease by baths; water-cure. noun
  • The treatment of disease by baths. noun
  • The treatment of disease by bathing. noun

The word "balneotherapy" in example sentences

The radium tablets are officially guaranteed and the bath salts are the result of many years study in balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, and have demonstrated their effectiveness by the wonderful results that have been obtained during the last thirty years.. [Valere Aude Dare to Be Healthy, Or, The Light of Physical Regeneration]

"We have asked the players to try to have an eight or nine-hour sleep for the next two nights and the days will be devoted to balneotherapy, massages and stretching.". [Latest News - Yahoo!7 News]

If you're into music, you might try balneotherapy while you're at the lodge's spa.. [News10Now - TOP STORIES]

Therefore, there are some suggestions that the science of rheumatology has been developed in balneotherapy.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

In recent years, balneotherapy has served as one of the therapeutic alternatives in other rheumatoid diseases, particularly in chronic degenerative diseases.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

Initially, the term \ "balneotherapy\" was used to discriminate thermal and mineral water therapy from hydrotherapy, but today these terms are often used interchangeably.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

La Source spa facilities at Shanti Ananada include 2 saunas, 2 hammams, Ayurvedic treatment room, Aqua treatments (balneotherapy and affusion shower), Shiatsu, traditional massages and beauty treatments.. [Luxury Property Blog]

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Since ancient times, bathing in water has been equated with physical and mental health. There's even a term for the…


J-STAGE Articles - Promotion of Balneotherapy in Semboku City and Bathing Accidents in T Hot Spring


Another topical therapy used to #treatpsoriasis is a form of balneotherapy, which involves daily baths in the Dead Sea.

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Balneotherapy Word Data

  • Pronunciationsbăl″nē-ō-thĕr′ə-pē
  • Character13
  • Hyphenation bal ne o ther a py


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