Character 5
Hyphenation ban al
Pronunciations /bəˈnæl/

Definitions and meanings of "Banal"

What do we mean by banal?

Drearily commonplace and often predictable; trite. adjective

Subject to manorial rights; used in common: as, a banal mill or oven. See banality.

Common; commonplace; hackneyed; trite; stale.

Of or pertaining to a ban, or provincial governor: as, the royal banal court at Agram. See ban.

Commonplace; trivial; hackneyed; trite. adjective

Common in a boring way, to the point of being predictable; containing nothing new or fresh. adjective

Repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse adjective

Common in a boring way, to the point of being predictable; containing nothing new or fresh.

(history) Relating to a type of feudal jurisdiction or service.

Boring. Overfamiliar through overuse. Bromidic. Urban Dictionary

Adjective, describes something that is intended to be creative and/or thought-provoking, but is really just kind of unoriginal, pretentious, and stupid. Urban Dictionary

As boring as sitting on the toilet with nothing to read. Urban Dictionary

Area between a males balls and his anus. Urban Dictionary

An adjective, describes something lacking in originality, obvious and boring. Commonplace, unimaginative. Urban Dictionary

A Bannana eating another bannana. Urban Dictionary

Not the state or being of a banana, but the idea of banana itself Urban Dictionary

A beautiful, perfect human being. Usually male. Sometimes British. But always incredible at Rocket League. Urban Dictionary

Stale and unoriginal. Way to remember it anal is unoriginal and stale therefore Anal=banal Urban Dictionary

Anal. To use the word anal without people thinking you are talking about ANAL. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Banal

The word "banal" in example sentences

I found it impossibly hard, and watched in awe as they demonstrated what they described as banal, but which we found almost magical in its purity. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In his letter the pope said that in the wake of the sexual abuse crisis, the church had to be all the more watchful and attentive about who should become priests and ensure that future ministers do not succumb to what he called a banal and destructive sexuality. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Most interactions in the old Soviet Union were very banal from the '50's on. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Jim: You are banal and [bromidic]. I do not wish for your company. [Sally]: What? Jim: [Get lost]. ❋ Anoynmous (2005)

I like most of the Doors' music, but [Jim Morrison's] [poetry] is just [plain] banal. ❋ Woody Thomas (2009)

me: "did you go to the golf [tournament] today?" you: "yes,[omigosh],it was so [BANAL]" ❋ Christina (2004)

[Roger] loved it when [Susie] [licked] his banal ❋ Bobby (2006)

[Anal] with [banana] is [banal]. ❋ Komaeda Nagito (2014)

To do this wear a [bannana] [costume] and walk around eating a bannana. You can do this anytime of the year. You have just commited Banalism. Halloween : Yes Christmas : Yes [Easter] : Hell Yea ❋ Hahahahha You (2011)

Because of my strong sense of [banality], sometimes I subconsciously [wonder] how and why the existence of [a banana] came to be ❋ James Mathias (2019)

Wow! [Zac] is [banal] in every way [shape] and form. ❋ Squibdly (2022)

[YOLO] is such a [banal] [saying] ❋ Wordsdefined (2013)

I'd [love to] [get some] [banal] tonight. ❋ Sfafhvjaopguewejac (2014)

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