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What does the word barreled mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word barreled in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with barreled and anagrams of barreled.

Definitions of "barreled"

  • having the specified number of barrels adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of barrel. verb
  • Having a barrel; -- used in composition. adjective
  • put in or stored in a barrel; ; ; -- opposite of unbarreled. adjective
  • tapered toward both ends; -- of an arrow. adjective
  • Packed, stowed, or stored away in barrels: as, barreled butter.
  • Inclosed in a cylinder or barrel: as, barreled bolts.
  • Having a barrel or barrels of a kind or number indicated: used chiefly in composition: as, a double-barreled gun.
  • In archery, gradually reduced in diameter from the center to each end: said of an arrow.
  • put in or stored in a barrel adjective
  • (of an arrow) tapered toward both ends adjective

The word "barreled" in example sentences

Even in short-barreled rifles, the SOST provides impressive ballistics - achieving 2925 fps in a 14″ barrel.. [Latest Articles]

Next up is a review of Hornady's new Critical Defense ammunition, which shows that it does pretty well in short barreled pistols.. [Snowflakes in Hell]

As a bill extending Russia's presidency from a four - to six-year term barreled through the Russian legislature on Friday, it fell to the old-timers from the Communist Party to put up a fight.. [Free Internet Press]

A 26 inch barreled in full choke for fall and one in 18 inch barrel in extra full for spring.. [Where to aim on a Turkey?]

I personally have shot a 27 varmint barreled 25-06 with 75g bullets going 3750 fps.. [what is acceptable accuracy in a varminting rifle? moa, sub moa, what kinda velocities and energy? shouldn't have to be alot.]

The stock looked like it was whittled from a plank instead of a blank, so I purchased another "95% completed" stock and did the outside shaping myself, but another fellow inletted the barreled action.. [A Brief Guide to Feckless* Rifles]

Years ago I used to win money at turkey shoots using this field grade standard barrel '06 shooting against heavy barreled varmint rifles.. [A Brief Guide to Feckless* Rifles]

WMHunter; the old mod 70 trigger is one of the best made. they are easy to hone out the machine marks in the contact points and to adjust, and of 300+ that I have reworked, I have never had one returned, and one of them has been re barreled twice since I did the trigger. $40 to a competent gunsmith and you will have as good a trigger as you can buy.. [Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1]

I find it difficult to isolate an all-time favorite, but a heavy-barreled Sako L461 "Vixen" in .222 Rem., purchased in 1968, was one of the most accurate and delightful rifles I ever purchased, and every trip afield or to the range was a positive experience.. [what is your favorite gun of all time and why? Thanks!]

"I had barreled a few balls the last couple games, and not many hits to show for it," Norris said.. [The at-bat that produced Derek Norris's walkoff hit]

But live television footage showed scenes from the north in which waves as high as 20 feet barreled past any defense mechanisms, moving faster than anybody could try to outrun or out-drive them.. [Japan devastated by 8.9-magnitude quake, tsunami]

But what does old Susan do, but get out an old, long-barreled Kentucky rifle.. [CHAPTER II]

Hurricane Irene barreled toward the Carolina shores.. [What's News: World-Wide]

As Hurricane Irene barreled toward the East Coast, New York City officials prepared for the possibility of evacuating hundreds of thousands of residents in low-lying areas and a full shutdown of the city's transit system.. [Evacuations, Transit Shutdown Eyed in City]

It began four years ago, when New England barreled into Arizona 18-0, on the edge of perfection and history.. [Are the Patriots Really Doomed?]

Brees barreled by Marino, finishing the regular season with 5,476 yards passing while Brady ended with 5,235, and picked up where he left off Saturday night, throwing for 466 yards in a 45-28 Saints playoff win over Detroit.. [No Offense to Great Defense]

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  • PronunciationsB AE1 R AH0 L D
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation bar reled


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