Definitions and meanings of "Basslines"

What do we mean by basslines?

The low-pitched instrumental part of a piece of popular music.

A bassline is musical notes and chords for a bass instrument that is put together in a song.  Urban Dictionary

A pattern of notes in a musical composition which support the main melodies and harmonies. often a sawtooth in electronica.  Urban Dictionary

Dat booty; usually one of generous proportions. Can also refer to everything from the knees to the waist, but always with the thickness. Stems from many references to the butt as bass, see Nikki Minaj's song, Superbass, or even pale ass Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass  Urban Dictionary

What u say if something is cool or awsome. only, it replaces all those old words and is much cooler.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who doesn't need drugs for a high they only need a big dirty stinking bass. They may be seen dancing eratically and fist pumping like there's no tomorrow in clubs. They can be misinterpretted for a bass junkie but they are infact bassline junkies that only get high off music.  Urban Dictionary

A sub-genre of garage music that consists of dirty sounding bass sounds with emphesis on the low frequency and bouncy 4x4 beats with reversed kick drums and rolling hi hats. this genre of music is often seen as chavy by the stubborn strain of metal heads and they insist that anyone who listens to 4x4 or bassline are chavs. some people like variation in their music and like to party, ya know what i mean? prsonally i love metal and rock but not as muuch as i love a dirty bassline banger. most moshers are massive legends though!  Urban Dictionary

Also called niche music, and popular in the north of england, it's like old skool speed garage with filthier basslines and influences of electro, 2step and drum and bass. several RnG/Grime and UK urban tracks have been given a niche remix.  Urban Dictionary

A Person Who Listens To "Bassline" Music ( SpeedGarage) I.E Niche, T2, DJ Q.  Urban Dictionary

1. the best bassline in the world. 2. the most outrageous super heros yet. Super Rican, Freshmen Bitch, White Girl, Derty Bitch, and White Boy,,,,OOOHHHHH  Urban Dictionary

A woman who wobbles when she moves. Can be a compliment or an insult depending on where the wobbles are.  Urban Dictionary

The word "basslines" in example sentences

How to use basslines in a sentence? Example sentences with the basslines, a sentence example for basslines, and how to make basslines in sample sentence, how do I use the word basslines in a sentence? How do you spell basslines in a sentence?

Rumbling along with cavernous dub basslines, the music was accompanied by a pulsating light show and some stunning visual effects. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Just heard John Entwistle died today: his basslines were my favorite part of the Who. ❋ Badger (2002)

They present their debut album together for Nang, collecting thirteen Balkan disco grooves spiked with sparkling spacewise synths, cosmic guitar licks and dubbed basslines for the connoisseurs. ❋ Unknown (2010)

This style-skipping is reflected in The XX's music, refusing to sit still they play with dub basslines ( 'Stars') and juxtapose them with pop hooks and electric guitars all woven together by a hushed sense of tranquility. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The band experimented with dub basslines, tribal rhythms and dance music over the years.

The result is an album that follows a deliciously free-associative logic, veering wildly between bursts of perfect, fizzing pop (the chattering skip of 'Carbonated', with its talk of "basslines", is strangely reminiscent of Puretone's 'Addicted To Bass'), glowing ambience ( 'Ruby') and buzzing ❋ Unknown (2010)

Hynes picks apart his influences – the chiming guitar tones, staccato basslines and pumped-up drum patterns – and gives them room to breathe. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Next door the boys have band practice, mostly basslines and wandering loops, they are nomads in white grommet belts and black jeans. ❋ Christopher Cocca (2011)

The latter re-release their self-titled debut album next month through Island, and it's a record that positively brims with hedonistic thrills – piano stabs, bouncing basslines and, in Reckless (With Your Love), one of the most irrepressible pop songs of the year (and that's despite the fact it first showed its face in 2009). ❋ Unknown (2011)

But having already ransacked dubstep and garage for his sensational run of 12-inches on Hessle Audio, he's now looking further back for inspiration, lashing the industrial Hoover basslines and cut-up ragga vocals of old-school jungle to a furiously swung beat. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The sound of this great awakening is a suitably starry-eyed riot of colourful synths, rubbery basslines and playground-pop vocals – opener Utopia's warp-speed punk-funk gets things off to a hurtling start; between here and the melodious toy-town piano closer Shangri-La lies plenty more ear-bashingly catchy disco-pop and a couple of moody mini-epics for good measure. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Although the Detroit producers made free use of 'hydrofluoric acid', the metallic ping-pong tone wrested from the Rolf Harris Stylophone, they also often based tracks on funky basslines; acid techno, in contrast was predicated entirely on the Stylophone. ❋ Gordon McCabe (2009)

Living in an overly-saturated, underly-differentiated era of mass music production, I have started to get more and more concerned about the distractions: auto-tuned vocals, laptop-manufactured basslines and piles upon piles of remixes. ❋ Taryn Haight (2011)

"Bassline" is not an [adjective], [you fucking moron]. ❋ Rockin' Ruler Of Metallic Meyhem (2007)

[fucking epic] bassline. ❋ TranceCrafter (2018)

[Ohh], you see the [bassline] on [that one]!? ❋ Tre916 (2018)

dude, did u see [that girl] [emily]? she's SO bassline! this [game] is fucking bassline. ❋ Emily (2005)

[For example] - “did you see those girls in garlands last night” - “yeah they were [going for it]” - “yeah [proper] bassline junkie” ❋ Bassline Junkie (2013)

some artists: DJ Q k-orse & [Basshound] the squire of gothos Phatworld (quite Alot from off me nut records) 'oi fred. did u go off me nut last neet? they dropped [bombhead] [riddim] by squire and everyone went mental!' ohh yeah... 4x4 bassline :) ❋ Gala Bingo (2014)

[Look at] [T2] on [youtube], they make bassline house ❋ Shizzle-ma-nizzle (2007)

"[Yo] [Tom], Your A Bassline Skanker But [We Love] You" ❋ Sam (2008)

look theres the [amazing bassline] ruleing [the band].. [OHHHH] ❋ Derty Bitch (2004)

She's [got] more [wobz] than a [clownstep bassline]. ❋ Chester Lovein (2014)

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